MTG Arena +M19 Preview Card w/ Ashlen Rose | The Command Zone #215 | Magic: the Gathering Commander

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Show Notes:
We’ve got cosplayer and Game Knights alum Ashlen Rose as a guest on this episode to talk about our experiences so far with the new digital form of Magic: the MTG Arena Closed Beta.

Plus, we’re unveiling our M19 preview card! It’s one of the the original Elder Dragons: Arcades, the Strategist. What does it do? Watch and find out!


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Joaquin Giles says:

How do I get them mats they have on the table?

Roberto A says:

start at 19:28

Chris says:

I think a cool future episode would be for you guys to revisit some of your personal brews or decks you have done deck techs on in the past. You could talk about additions or changes you have (or would) make with the release of recent sets.

Jonathan Williams says:

When is there going to be another episode of game knights? Pretty please…. ❤

Isaac Ricks says:

Is reported to most consoles if not all the consoles so now I got more people in to have guest accounts then you can set them up with the real account I going on the website it may console be a lot easier and make more people on the game

Kevin Spohn says:

@TheCommandZone Josh or Jimmy, can you please evaluate this version of deck you were discussing regarding the new Defender Elder Dragon? I took some of your advice and adhered to that and a budget idea w/ Kynaios as the 4 color for the mana ramp and stuff…. This is my take and I would very much appreciate your opinions if you can spare them.

Vininn126 says:

Eyy, Ashlyn. Who doesn’t like her 😀

Jordan Kratochvil says:

what about 4 cards of same rarity can be traded in for 1 wild of that rarity?

Drag EternalWereWolf says:

I personally, learned how to play via the internet, and eventually played at a local game store, which I got rocked at over and over, it wasn’t discouraging really for me, more like fascinating to see all the different ways the game can be played. Eventually I learned how to build a deck from youtube(this channel for Commander decks), and now I’m a competent casual player!

Cronos Joe says:

You can self tap Mana it’s kinda troublesome at times but it’s much more efficient for holding up Mana.

ValasaFantastic says:

Random magic card riddle for anyone who wants to guess; Q) which blue spell could also be called the Thundercats spell? Also I need this new set need those elder dragons with amazing art!

Liam Morales says:

I really hope they do codes in packs like Pokemon. It’d be really nice going to draft at my LGS then having the codes from the packs as a kind of bonus treat
I feel like it gives more reason to crack packs as well

Dean Johnson says:

i really want to play Big Bant Booties

Chaz Dillon says:

I would be happy if they stick with Standard and from the release at that point as sets fall off introduce a semi-modern play. I can’t see them putting in allllllll those cards to support full modern, but eventually support modern in the years as more sets fall out of standard.

Ross curnow says:

For commander in Auckland i recommend king of cards, monday is the main day for commander

Simon Choo Sze Shiong says:

Excellent point, Jimmy. I also love the game but how much more of the long-time players’ good will & love for the game does WotC want to bank on & take for granted year after year, time after time.
MtGA aside (agreed on most of the points you good folks made, by the way), all the past-to-present “nonsenses” like the spamming of (poorly compiled & poorly marketed) products month after month, poor card stock, sky-rocketed secondary market price (WotC’s be-damned reprint quantities & those be-damned speculators), that be-damned Reserved List, etc etc.
WotC, seriously, cut it out. I don’t wish for myself & loads of players to end up sick of the game.
Take care over there, under the down-under, Jimmy!

Ben Graham says:

I think that arena will make less people play paper standard but modern, edh, and highlander will remain in paper

Hakelous-reviews says:

Pokemon does code card for pack and code card for promo cards and there is market for code cards

Tetris master says:

For me how I got introduced into magic was durring middle school return to ravnika came out and my friends invited me to play and I saved up enough money to but 10 packs and in the first pack I pulled rakdos lord if riots and I knew right away I loved the card and I loved the guild and we really got into the guilds I was just in love with the game

Brandon S. Russell says:

It’s disappointing when “The Command Zone” produces content entirely unrelated to Commander.

Ernest Guisset says:

SHOPKEEPER!!!!!!!! (anyone play vagante?)

Marty Troska says:

Wish I could remember the store name but there is a Magic store in downtown Auckland. Pretty nice place.

Dragonic Overlord says:

19:35 hearthstone was spelt wrongly

shiki8 says:

MTG Arena is beautiful interface (nearly plagiarism but I don’t care) and abusive economy. as it stands, no thanks

Dark Kitsune says:

Your acting like Pokemon TCGO isn’t a thing and they need to make a store like Yugioh Duel Links where they can trade cards and get certain stuff for it to trade for cards you want so Wizards step up your game

dalton kelahan says:

Are we getting stories and review about the gp vegas commander championship

Winken Smile says:

MTGO online should become this. It is probably different but looks like the corset game off the x-box and PS.

Leverd01 Plays says:

nice ending

jerrod lapham says:

i dont like mtga. the board is too busy, and its very difficult to get information on what is going on.

Tyler Williams says:

Lee-Kwai is startled awake at night, a dim lamp flips on, revealing a cloaked Gavin verhey seated in the corner. “Oh, um, hi Gavin, what’re you-” “I’m here to inform you that the next episode of command zone will almost entirely cover Arena, Josh.” “But Gavin, I was planning on doing actual commander content, eventually our viewers will realize the show has become nothing more than an ad piece for wotc’s latest produc-” “SILENCE! Your insolence will not be tolerated, pawn! If you want to continue to enjoy wizards’ support you will do as we say!” … “ok, ok … good night, Gavin.”

Snappy Meme says:

Hooray! You’ve covered arena now it’s time to never talk about it again!

Taylor .C says:

Ashlen rose sounds like the most made up porn name

Andreas Orphanou says:

I was expecting an army of people with kiwi pictures for their profile in the comments… now i’m sad

cuntos cunt says:

You two content lords need not a thot

Kattywagon29 says:

Been playing the Beta from the beginning and it definitely has always been a sore point to not be able to disenchant/dust cards
for crafting to try out new brews and such. Many people have expressed this concern of course, but I must say that I really like the idea of having a “shopkeeper” as well. I like the idea of a rotating inventory and bundles of whatever. Takes the game further into a video game feel.

bestimmaa says:

You sound like Peter Griffin 😀

Christopher Suganutz says:

Wall of nets ! My favorite wall ever !

Dalton Dee says:

The last little Final Countdown from Jimmy sounded like Herbert the Pervert

Bracer Plays says:

I think that cardboard magic will be fine. Pokemon has there online game and its fantastic. I also have gone to multiple pokemon events and there’s still tons of people that play at stores. I think magic will be in that same position.

Adam Schiedler says:

What will you be doing in New Zealand?

Dragon Of desteny says:

Sometimes i drifted into watching the gameplay and as the result i lost track from the conversation :/

Dark Knight Rises says:

You guys need to make more game knights

David Orians says:

I think I know Ben Bingham! There was a guy who went to my school who played magic, but I don’t know if it’s the same guy.

Language Learning Lounge says:

I can’t wait for foreign languages! some of the options we’re prompted with lately say “English: —-” so I’m thinking they’re working on the language thing! =D

nik700 says:

I need Eldritch Moon on MtGA… that and a beta key

Mike Brown says:

In response to the online game killing the cardboard game, I don’t think this will ever happen. I think people will always need a social aspect in their lives and I think magic brings that out. We have a great community here in Edmonton, Canada. I started just this past January and I’ve made so many new friends and have had such a great time. I’ve tried a little bit of the online games and to me they’re nothing compared to being able to go out somewhere and play.

TeamPhoenixDK says:


Roberto A says:

tooo late this episode, kaladesh is in the game, I´m out

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