MTG Banned and Restricted List Update: 4 Standard Cards Banned

We discuss the Magic the Gathering Banned and Restricted List Update that occurred today and the impact it is having on two of the biggest Standard decks.

Here is the link to the full announcement:

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Holiben says:

I don’t understand why they ban good cards that work instead of creating new cards to answer or cards that are just as good in their own respective color. seems lazy to me because it’s easier to just slam the ban hammer than actually get their act together.

Kieran Carline says:

Ramunap rekt amirite

Alex Nastuk says:

this is SOOOOOOO STUPID rotation comes soon and yet they banned these cards LMAO energy was good but come on its not like CAW blade or Feldar guardian combo, WOTC needs to stop listening to the whiners and let magic play out, if energy was in ixilan or Amonkhet, then YES ban it but it rotates out soon

Jammy says:

There’s only one thing i have to say

*BUT WHY* they did nothing wrong. I just got this temur deck up and running and get banned.

Spencer Jackson says:

I thought that the dino was completely out of left field and going a bit too far. Now those token/approach decks have not fear. 🙁

Tony Bayer says:

Print better cards instead of banning good ones. If a current deck is beating the rest, WotC should print more cards designed to compete with those other decks or make other decks that aren’t so great better.

gururaven says:

I really like these bans, as the two impacted decks are two of the three things I least want to play against in any given match up no matter what I’m using.

AlphaBetaRudyInvestments says:

Merfolks will be next.

Lewis Patton says:

So, Ramunap Red is back to just being Mono Red Aggro.

Delvon Anderson says:

The rampaging really hurt the most there was nok need and as a dedicated control player who plays BUR and always beats energy I find the banned card unessacary I think it’s due to the over flow of netdecks and players forcing the game into midrange only formate

ricky bobby says:


Martin Laguna says:

Hopefully it encourage players to build there own decks, makes it more pointless to net deck something that made top, spending all the money for cards that inflated

Claude Rodrigue says:

Print answers don’t ban cards. Stop printing weak magic!
Lightning bolt!
…..alright never mind I’ll just go play commander…..

Ernesto Brunton says:

what will be the meta now

The Qla says:

Metallic mimic is a good pickup because of this ban just saying it’s gonna spike

Captain Stash says:

spent 300 dollars on a deck found out 8 cards from it were banned

SPEAK! says:

Friggin lame.

TQDigitalMod says:

well great… I was playing with it in my dino tribal deck, and now I have 5 I can’t even sell

Michael Lightwood says:

For me, the bannings are bittersweet. On the one hand, I held immense ire for both of the decks that got hit, so I’m glad they got hit. On the other, though, I wish Wizards would have printed better answers, so maybe these bannings WOULDN’T have happened. The only card that maybe shouldn’t have been printed at all was Rampaging Ferocidon, as it hosed the only two ways to actually beat Ramunap Red and had to be answered IMMEDIATELY.

james clark says:

U/W Approach for the win every time now, at least until they ban Approach.
The folks at Wizards are just bad at their job lately. There should never be banned cards in a rotating format. If they keep this up, standard will die. And rightly so. Honestly, why would anyone invest in a top tier standard deck when it’s likely the ban hammer will drop on some precious piece of the deck? Sad, Wizards. Just sad.

joey s says:

just got all my cARDS for eenergy on mtgo….yay! maybe i’ll play fling-pummler

Joshua Michaels says:

I’m done with standard and this crap. Twice in six months my decks have been screwed.

JB wanttoplay says:

Good ban but they should’ve put Scarab god in there.

Fubnin says:

Ramunap red to be called red

The death of dagger burn

Mr_Dragon says:

Something I’ve been wondering for a while, what’s stopping MTG from using a ban system similar to Yu-Gi-Oh that allows cards to be limited (1 copy per deck) or semi-limited (2 per deck)? If having 4 of the Ramunap ruins in a deck was overkill what’s stopping WoTC from just limiting it to 1-2 copies per deck?

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus says:

(>**_)>Feels like WOTC spends more time researching why cards need to be banned then playtesting solutions within each set.<(_**<)

DarkApocalyptiaX says:

My plans? Not playing standard anymore.

ricky bobby says:


Justiferous says:

Thank you for posting a video immediately after the announcement and providing a summary for the reasons behind the bans. You were the first, and currently the only, content creator who has covered the bans thus far.

TJ 9465 says:

just like the flavor text from attune with aether: “I’ve never seen a world where wizards of the coast weaves through every aspect of the ban list. ” and rogue refiner’s flavor text exactly explains to us about this standard ban: “it’s natural, it’s all around us, and it’s there for the taking. Just try and tell me what I’m doing is wrong.” so as a result, we have the rampaging ferocidon’s flavor text:” all bans are aggressive, but wizards of the coast seems to enjoy their players’ pain.”

Cody Niles says:

These are great bannings.  Standard is going to be so much healthier following this, and the financial impact is tiny. Now let’s just hope they don’t make this mistake again.

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