MTG Battlebond Previews: 26 Cards Revealed Including Last One Standing and Greater Good

This is the third official day of previews for Magic the Gathering Battlebond. In this video we recap and analyze all twenty-six of today’s preview cards including; Last One Standing and Greater Good.

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Cody Watson says:

Oh my sweet Lord the reprints!!!! Release day is the day after my birthday- its all for me! Lol the whole format this set is pushing interests me zero% but the cards in this set are shaping up to be holy Crap level goodness!

Mr. Variant says:

The art increased in quality as spoiler time progresses. It’s kinda like the opposite of the last 6 episodes of X-Men tas where the quality tanked. Hopefully there will be something competitive eventually for partner with, but yeah limited stuff.

Benjamin Taylor says:

So Goblin Vendors is just one more infinite combo with Deadeye Navigator and Purphuros God of the Forge is Commander.

Cody Watson says:

Cheering Fanatic!!! Omg! I love it! Unique? It seems very unique, its probably good its not going to be legal in Modern.

Mr. Cannabis says:

Can we all agree with wedge this set should be renamed commander masters

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Which of today’s preview cards stand out to you?

brandon wheeler says:

I noticed the pre-release foils but I have never done a 2hg pre-release. Can anyone give me some details about it like do you have to bring your own partner or is it random.

Tomas BeVirt says:

I cannot wait until Sat when we see how this impacts the market! This is the Masters set we asked for!!! (So far)

colton ellis says:

That Eye of Wisdom card could be broken in EDH/Commander because isn’t there a card that every time you flip a coin, it allows you to treat the result as heads? Maybe I’m remembering wrong

ringod123 says:

Whenever your opponent wins your coin flip Zndrsplt and Okaun still trigger, so you’re always guaranteed to get at least 1 trigger.

MegaLonewolf20 says:

Those basic lands are definitely Floating around….

Jason Kirkner says:

This set may as well be Commander’s Masters set….great reprints.

Runeserpent says:

spell seaker in inalla D: oh my oh myyyy

GM Freeman says:

Awesome content.

MegaLonewolf20 says:

Coin flip tribal commander…..I’m building it

Ty Hatfield says:

Good stuff

dolfo10564 says:

Do you see booster boxes going for more than $90? Holding, or even gaining value long term?

Rachel Peckham says:

A SECOND izzet pairing that’s not ONLY themed around janky coin flip strats but ALSO includes a legendary homonculus? WotC, you shouldn’t have.

onijirayama says:

If we ever see a card named “never gonna give you up”, we’re officially been rickrolled by WOTC.

Mars 88 says:

I can’t wait to play Cheering Fanatic and name a card I don’t have in my hand to play with my opponents mind. I love being able to bluff in this game.

Crystal Griffith says:

Why does Zndrspit and Okaun have date stamps on them?

Paxton Keskitalo says:

2 packs of battlebond and 1 pack of unstable could be fun

prdamico says:

wow, my commander decks are getting major updates on june 8th, lol

dp gaming says:

3rd! yay
Love your vids, keep it up

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