MTG – Best & Cheapest Ultimate Masters Cards to Buy NOW – A Magic: The Gathering Finance Guide!

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ROHAN W says:


Joel B says:

More.boxes will be opened over Christmas.
I’m going to wait

friedpinnapple says:

I opened three boosters from ultimate masters for $35 and got a dark depths which is pretty nice

Edit: I recognize that its only 20 bucks now but with all the other cards its nice

Dragoneither says:

My advice
Do buy boxes, but only if you can get them at ~$270 USD or under $400 AUD
Box toppers are still waayyy too valuable and EV is still higher than afformentioned prices.
Saying to not buy boxes and instead singles only helps *enter sponsored sites* to sell loose stock

R L says:

Creeping tarpit.

Sromotny Kobziarz says:

I miss “to your mana pool”

Steampunk Dwellr says:

Thank you Wedge.

Packs On Packs says:

Is a 40 buck draft of ultimate masters? It 4 packs by the way.

Patrick Vermaas says:

Loved this vid. Thanks, mate! And I loved the energy!! 😀

Bobby Fasciano says:

Anyone think I should wait on Lab Maniac? I’m scared it’s either gonna go way up or further down…

Jay Bennett says:

Might want to not produce a video like this after being wrong.

mattfoley99 says:

Leovold is tanking because Czech pile is dead in legacy without DRA

Ignacio Troche Martinez says:

Sounds like a salty blue player who can’t handle a real color of magic.

hayden Taylor says:

“any format that requires strategy”

Good to see standard getting the respect it deserves

Christian Heesch says:

Thanks wedge!
For blowing up spots

CTG says:

I knew this video was coming, glad I bought before people saw it 🙂

MaceWin Dont says:

Buy creeping tarpit… buy them for $20. Just buy them

Chris Winslow says:

You basically just mentioned all the jank I pulled from my box and re-affermed how crappy it was. Ugg

vemynal says:

So will prices be at their very lowest now or will prices continue to drop a little bit before we get into January?

Draken Polska says:

So if I have back to basics you suggest to keep it and don’t sell it?

KingJohn says:

This makes me so happy and gives me pants feelings! So many cheap eternal staples!

Manuel Moreira says:

What about Fulminator Mage and KARN LIBERATED?!?

TheManaSource says:

Don’t buy sealed boxes. Buy singles!

The eternal lesson remains eternal!


I think I will take your advise with a large grain of salt. Creeping tarpit

Basically Spider Man says:


Cody Watson says:

What a set, am I right?$? I really don’t think all these cards have seen their low points in price however, I think we all have at least three to four weeks before prices on most of these goodies begin to rebound in earnest and permanently.

cassio oliveira says:

back to basics in selling for almost 30 dollars in brazil converting our currency to dollars, daybreak coronet is almost 6

Drokar LDMM says:

the only demand for lili is people trying to buyout the card to keep their cash on high, we need to burn these people at the stake

Kiefer Baker says:

Wait wait wait…so you’re telling me that Selesnya Hate Bears EDH is much more affordable?

Thomas Stevens says:

Thanks for signing my mana source playmat at gp liverpool ur one of the nices magic player ive met

Infernoman64 says:

At last, I can finish up my Burn deck with a set of Lava Spike…that have spiked up again in price from the 1 dollar you mentioned…

DragonmasterSK says:

Its a shame Lily still over $65

Lucas Bareis-Golumb says:

Is it just me or is that goyf art terrible.

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