Mtg: Dominaria Leak Analysis: Gold and Colorless Cards!

Dev’s back with the final analysis of the Dominaria leaks! We’ll be covering all of the Gold and Colorless cards today, and there’s a LOT to discuss!

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Grammaton Talon says:

Forebear’s Blade + Rat Colony?

Paul Titze says:

Helm of the host + Stoneweaver Giant

Fatih yolcu says:

Explore decks will rise up to the top decks bedt way to cast all those big dudes with journey to etnerity and explore or tomb robber helpf filling the graveyard.

HeatIIEXTEND says:

karn looks insane

Joshua Ghan says:

I don’t play standard at all ever. I’m fully a commander player. With that being said, you really don’t need to apologize to me for this being a standard channel and you not being excited for things that I’m excited for. I will still watch your channel because you are pretty awesome. Keep doing what you do.

F H M says:

I think Mox Amber wont see much play out of commander, I just think it’s not worth putting in cheap legendary creatures just to get this thing going. But in commander it’s obviously great

jacques taljaardt says:

Teferi looks like Eddie Murphy.

Andrew Melson says:

How do you not mention Mox Amber and T2 Baral. It works so well and let’s you have so many counter options t2

F H M says:

Navigators compass looks great in pauper

Zoeila says:

i’m imagining putting blackblade reforged on a carnage tyrant or a heckproof merfolk token. XD

Scott Horn says:

As a Commander player, I am super excited about this set. It may even get me into Standard if I can build me a solid Izzet Wizards deck.

Nachodaddy0828 says:

I’m absolutely loving this set so far. It’s a brewers paradise and the the nostalgia is nice. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

Plain says:

Double Mox Amber + Teshar, ancestor’s apostle + Restoration specialist is an infinite loop. The only one in Standard as I guess. Add in Aetherflux reservoir and Reckless Fireweaver for the win!

Ferrain Gan says:

Helm of the host on zacama, cast on the same turn you cast zacama would be interesting…

Adam Cazinske says:

PGR should just be a one of golden comeback card

Random Name says:

I dont understand Mox Amber at all.

FocusBeam says:

Really hoping the art is NOT black and white for the final card. I know a lot of magazines and publications do black and white mockups until they go to final production. I really hope that is what’s happening here because, to me anyway, the black and white art looks washed out and horrible.

Sebastian Machlin says:

Legend ruling your darigaaz becomes an added layer of protection :o. Slimefoot goes infinite with ashnod’s altar and training grounds.

Tom Padget says:

agree that many of these cards are overcosted

Jazon Jalapeño says:

I really need to get a couple of Firesong and Sunpeaker in my naya colored deck … Lightning Helix + Tamanoa + Searing Meditation + Channel, plus that F&S … that’ll be just super crazy!

Joseph Fernandez says:

Let’s not forget mox Amber will go in every single commander deck till the end of time unless they ban it.

Louise Drake says:

Muldotha works well with sagas

matt flood says:

darigaaz + flash?

Sheila Lucka says:

Dev……new karn ….possible replace galvanic blast in affinity. And i liked the jund vehical list thanks……also i really like bestisary with the mox and 1 drop eleves. Lanware and the death touch. Can make that green white with the new green white legend

bigdking1992 says:

navigator’s compass replaces springleaf drum in modern affinity.

Terrance Knighton says:

Dev, Are you from the Baltimore area ? I swear I can hear the accent in your voice….

Brandon Bibee says:

i missed construct tribal?! hopefully we will revisit for Dominaria.

Andrew Golubiewski says:

Archmage eternal; no recursive effect… The lengend with “eternal” in it’s name dies once without outside help.

VampCoffee says:

deck tech for b/w knights !!

Andrew Golubiewski says:

Oath of Teferi, you can bounce a land. Blue wants that Mana free for counterspells. Makes it cost 1 less and lets you cast it on turn 6 leaving up a number of control options. U/W control should have the time to play this well.

David Kadonsky says:

I’m looking forward to Dev’s video at rotation when he has to re-review this set, because Ixalan is relatively slow and 6/6 for 6 mana could be eminently playable.

Theorak says:

Karn prints Affinity contructs? Love it.
I see your Gleaming Barrier and raise you by a Juggernaut!
Shield of the Realms really helps Sram, but exile removal is strong on the following turns anyway. The rest of equipments seem ok as well, but we would need Sigarda’s aid. Speaking of, that is exactly what I wanted for my Modern Deck.
Teferi untaps to have a counter open? Control might adopt white, he is really nice.
Do you believe Firesong and Sunspeaker are actually a pair of creatures? Sounds like it.
Joda, meet Dragon Engine, match made in heaven.
Make Darigaaz better with Yahenni, dodge Exile on purpose.
Yep Commander has fun with these Legendaries. Is odd that Legendary meant reduced cost for powerful creatures, but now normal creatures are so busted that Legendaries just cost a nonsensical extra, just that they are ‘use in commander only’.

Nynja Gaming says:

Helm of the host. agreed the cost to use, but if you are in a blue white control that’s setup like the old caw-blade and equip it to a Gideon planeswalker!

FocusBeam says:

I think that mana may flow more than usual in the upcoming meta. I think that the high casting cost cards will not be so out of reach.

Dan Østenkær says:

Miss your face and your cat! 🙁

Dick Johnson says:

jhoira is so disappointing

Yurikan says:

It pays to wait on preordering until the set releases unless a card feels really playable.

RaginKavu says:

At 57:54 you said “pens”. But I’m positive I heard “pants”! Hehe
Jokes aside, great videos as always, Dev! Go get some rest dude, you sounded really tired in the last couple of videos…

Kurty King says:

With muldrotha, you have to pay the mana cost for the cards you reanimate right?

sven weidemann says:

Do you say Spiel in the begining or have I not heard that correctly? (the german word Spiel)

Christopher McCutcheon says:

I feel like there might be a big Gruul deck coming.

Tre Williams says:

Msr will see play in Modern Affinity. The ability to go wide and drop a huge Master of Etherium or go super wide. Or in standard with Hope of Ghirapur and Heart of Kiran. Never mind running it with a Module.

Douglas Smith says:

You can get lands as well with muldratha, right?

Corey Hagen says:

Shield of the realms hoses magma spray. Seems good.

Riley Stepaniuk says:

Helm of the host could potentially lead to some nasty shenanigans in edh as the token doesnt leave

Kazzong says:

I feel like Shield of the Realms might be a very good sideboard card against burn based removal. gets around “dies to shock or magma spray”.

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