Mtg: Exclusive Masters 25 Preview Card!

Dev is back with his exclusive Masters 25 preview card!

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TheRealDeadmanshand says:

Great video. This is going to be so much fun to draft, I agree!

shiki8 says:

I would be stoked for the set if only the card stock issue had been fixed. The fact that Masters sets are 100% printed in the US really worries me a lot. As it stands, regardless of how sick your pulls were (monetary or nostalgia-wise), they are not worth much if the cards will end up warped and bent. ><

Edward Feldman says:

This looks like an amazing set

Luke Lowry says:

Masters 25 is going to be soooo goooddd I’m so pumped

Jesse Laplante says:

In my top 5 favorite cards of all time much love dev

N Maple says:

Never was ‘kill the elf’ more true.

ma5ticore says:

wow, when I opened the video, there were 77777 subscribers!

Stefan Parcalabescu says:

Masters 25 is a pyramid scam :)))

SecretShotgun says:

I run an Elvish Piper in Cradlehoof for Canadian Highlander and I have to swap in this version for the old one. XD

sloth9669 says:

I have one in my mono green cmdr deck. I love this card.

Photo Hound says:

Nice one!

Stefan Willison says:

This set is so dope!

B Berry says:

You got a preview? Finally 🙂 Awesome.

Ovcharka says:

Damn 1999, I wasnt even born untill a year after and my brother was only 2. So can’t wait to open up masters 25

Fredrik Jönsson says:

Best thumbnail

Kevin Frieden says:

omfg i rarely wanted a foil version more than of elvish piper.. :O

Tom Padget says:

tbh I think the set is looking dissapointing. we have 7 mythics worth less than $10 (the price of a booster) and many rares too. some of them aren’t even played in constructed in any format. they should have packed in more cards that need a reprint as mythics/rares. glad other people like it tho.

ceracen says:

Seems like an insane card…

Willy Golas says:

So far very happy with the set. Especially because Chalice of the void is in it. I really need em

Ocara115 says:

Last time I was this early I hadn’t been born yet.

Sean McClung says:

Dude congrats on getting a preview card you deserve it! You’re content is awesome and im glad wotc is hooking you up. Good up the good work.

Road Rage says:

Congrats on the spoiler. This set looks great for draft. I like wotc new directions

Kajemby says:

Chuffing hell you are 4 years younger than me!

Ironocy says:

Dude! Piper! That card was always fun. Even at a young age I was a spike and had to pass on piper to run the Opalescence + Replenish deck with Parallax Wave and Tide. I didn’t have Attunements so I ran Academy Rector instead to find the Opelascence. Such a fun deck.

Troy Stuart says:

I had this box of commons and uncommons. It was filled with any cards I though could see play or be worth something at some point. And boy was I right. The box has 100 spell snares, 75 – 100, rift bolts, 100 bolts, kird apes, 50 elfish pipers, 100 of each signet, 100 ghost quarters, 20 foil boomerangs, 20 of each of the dicession or guildpact guildmages, and much much more. I lost the dam box. It might be somewhere at my parents house but who knows? That box is worth anywhere from $1000 to 3,000$. Crazy return on investment if I can find it because the spell snares were a 10cent card and now its what 8$. And a lot of these spiked in price like that. I had no clue a card would shoot up in price like that though. Name an expensive common or uncommon and I prolly have 50 – 100 in this box. I forget the card but some uncommon went from 20 cent to 14 dollars and I have 100+ of that card. I’m still hunting for this box lol. Its a tote though, and much have been thrown out….

James says:

I was 8 in 98!

Walter Deshazo says:

This card so appeals to everyone’s inter Timmy. How can you not like this.

crashfellow82 says:

I used to love playing Elvish Piper when i started playing magic during Mercadian Masques. I had a green/white deck with a splash of Red for Tahngarth, Talruum Hero, had Armadillo Cloak and Charging Troll. Ohh how i miss that deck. The best part is i build it all myself, and at the time it was shutting down everything. Control, Black Discard, was a power house! i miss that deck.. wish i still had the deck list.

Dev odden says:

Piper gives the good succ.

William Simkulet says:

This is a fine card for a core set, but underwhelming here. It looks beautiful… but I would hate to open it in a $10 pack.
Generally speaking, I wish Wizards would take a bit more interest in making each pack awesome. A good rare can often make or break a pack, and while this would be a great rare for a core set – tradeable to casuals and combo players – it’s an absolute slap to the face in Masters 25. Then again, it is “iconic’… 😛

TMS Wedge says:


Purin1023 says:

Oh man that story hit so close to home. Urza’s was 2 or 3 years before I started playing but when I was 9 years old and my neighbor showed me Elvish Piper in his binder for the first time I just lost it. I don’t think I would have even realized Metalworker and Opalescence were good at the time, but dropping dudes for 1 mana was totally mindblowing for me lmao. Eventually convinced my neighbor to trade it to me and I tried to fit that single copy in every deck I could lol.

Twistedlittlesmile says:

Who would bolt you to the face if you have an elvish piper on the table

Scott Oatley says:

nice resolution

C Mac says:

EDH Laughs

Russell says:

Ah, good old Elvish Piper, I slotted this into as many decks as I could back in the day. I think I still have a few, didn’t realize it was so expensive.

jguitar151 says:

damn dev I always thought you were early thirties

Justin Ritter says:

How much is masters 25 gonna be?

Nate Little says:

I am going to draft this set as soon as it shows up on my doorstep with my friends!!! Definitely dig the broken ELVISH PIPER! I have the old school Elvish Piper in my commander deck and can’t wait to get some more to make more decks! Stay cool Dev and thanks for the vid.

Keenan McCracken says:

Clicked because of the thumbnail

Ken Jensen says:

I run this card in my Scion Commander deck. Leaves the field immediately but I love the look when i drop it and put lighting greaves on it.

Andre Gulbis says:

So this just lets you put any creature in your hand on the battlefield? Every turn? Ive had no experience with this – is it very broken, or kinda just nice, or i guess it depends on what you have in your hand… and DTR of course…

T H says:

I love you man.

Duncan Ellis says:

that’s fantastic – what a wonderful preview!

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