Mtg: Exclusive Rivals of Ixalan Preview Card: Mastermind’s Acquisition!

Dev’s back with his exclusive Rivals of Ixalan spoiler card: Mastermind’s Acquisition!

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franklindude says:

This makes game one like side boarded games

Aksel Hansen says:

Ehm legacy storm?!?!? Ditch burning wish and play this instead right!?!?

Colin Jones says:


toothpicks205 says:

Legacy storm could use this to get tendrils of agony out of the sideboard

The Real Plato says:

cat video please

Randy williams says:

Can you wish for a card that doesn’t share your commander’s colors?

Isaac Ybarra says:

I Loved playing The Rock deck and the Living Wishes wayyyy back when extended was a format.

Steven Gallie says:

is there a single black card from unstAble that would crush if pulled into the game of standard?

George The skeleton says:

here’s a fun janky idea: 4 master wish main and every other card is a one of in both main and side. all of the answers, all of the win cons and all of the specific hate

F&A MtG says:

Thank you Dev

Noah Llorens says:


Arghore says:

Would need to find a spot in the game to actually cast it though, although, for 5 mana you can get that ground seal grave artefact. That sounds ok, guess there are more 1~2 mana things you might be interesting in getting and leaving mana open for when on 5 or 6 mana, given you get to that mana early or you have already build up some sort of boardstate.

Aaron Orbik says:

I’m glad Dev got a spoiler card that wasn’t garbage and he is genuinely excited about.

naejin says:

Does “Removed from the Game” qualify as “Outside the Game”? In other words, can you also use Mastermind’s Acquisition to tutor a card Removed from the Game (AKA Exiled)?

GreenMonkeySam says:

Came here for the spoiler, stayed for the kitty

Billy Kiff says:

do you play video games?

newshoe4x8 says:

my wife loves your cats.

Very Tarta says:

So how does this work in limited?

StepForward Entertainment says:

So before posting my reply, I had to go and re-read Diabolic Tutor. This card HOSES D Tutor forever. Way more versatile, same CMC and spell type, it’s good. Now is it standard playable? Well, D Tutor isn’t, so probably not. But Commander will have a field day getting another copy of D Tutor to use, since Vampiric is STILL 40 bucks. Nice card, Dev.

Michael Perry says:

best dev shirt yet

Kyle Savage says:

I’m really happy about your preview card deck but i was kinda sad that there was no skit or anything of the sort. Guess i will just rewatch Prof’s preview card video which was freaking epic.

Jeancarlo Acosta says:

Damn came for the card stayed for the cat

No One says:

How great would it have been if it was an instant.

lokone303 says:

wotc things the same about balanced “global tutors to the hand” on EDH than me 😀 , only beseech the queen and diabolic tutor are balanced enough to let the EDH casual tables play combo without ruin games on turn 3-4. in general IMHO any global tutor to the hand never should cost less than 3 mana. (world tutor, long term plans, mysical tutor, and transmutes are perfecly balanced for EDH, and the black cards that exile like doomsday, necropotence, plunge into darknedss or ad nauseam are balanced from a fun match perspective). Nice one! 😀

Jason Gray says:

Thanks Dev, I always check your vids first! Keep up the great evaluations and brews!

Dirk Walbrühl says:

Congrats to the great preview card! You deserved it.

strip MTG says:

I love your cat. Dope preview man, youre the only deck buklder i watch cause your knowledge is on point

Jesse Tablebeast says:

What is with the printing at the bottom of the card, “Story Spotlight 3/3”? What a terrible idea. Who gives a fudge about their hack story anyway? ANd even if they are, they don’t need a reminder ad ON THE CARDS.

JasonBFleece says:

EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH EDH………Did I tell you that I think this card will be good in EDH?

Cory Culligan says:

I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but, in standard, modern, ect.. the sideboard card needs to be format legal correct?

weirdproq1 says:

Did everyone forgot about the wish from a year ago called Coax from the Blind Eternities? Anyway, love seeing a better Diabolic Tutor.

JR Vaughn says:

This doesn’t get exiled cards? Cards that have been exiled this game?

Jonasz314 says:

The cost alone makes it a straight up control-only card. You can’t play this even as a one-of on a midrange deck, it’s not going to do enough for you. The first mode is Diabolic Tutor, that card did see play a while back but was never a front runner. This feels a bit better, but hard to tell if it’s going to be a very good card.

TheRickRoller says:

I like the card but if this is my prerelease foil I might be salty

Geoff Sarlo says:

Use mastermind to get wish , then use wish to get another mastermind, and so on

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus says:

I got 4 on it:P

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