MTG Guilds of Ravnica Previews: 25 Cards Including Mission Briefing

This is the fourth day of official Magic the Gathering Guilds of Ravnica previews and we are back with another video to look at more preview cards including Mission Briefing.

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LandOfForeverSummer says:

Truefirr captain + star of extinction seems like a good starting point for a deck

Cobweb Recordings [Retrowave ] says:

I love the way the planes walker cards look

Andrew Cullen says:

If you can get of vraska ult with ochran assassin ans a second attacker you can get a creature through.

darkchiron says:

All this surveil stuff is going to be super fun for any reanimator decks. Looking forward to updating my Sultai build.

EDIT: It may not be anything, but Lazav is a way to have 2 copies of the same Legendary creature in play, since he keeps his name and thus doesn’t trigger the Legend rule with the other creature.

xan kriegor says:

hola, otro buen día de previews affectionate indrik es lindo me recuerda a mis mascotas

David Fields says:

I like Erratic Cyclops with an all in Invert

Isaiah Butler says:

Idk if it’s just me but most of the cards previewed seem to all be Boros and Dimir support. Izzet every now and then, and Golgari and Selesnya are getting the short end of the stick when showing their previews

Lance Yanosky says:

I kinda like the venerated loxodon. It can easily be a 6/6 on turn three, really nice with the Guild mage

Arcdemon44 says:

This set is making me finally want to dive into standard, after a year of playing only EDH. Current plan is to homebrew a Simic deck with several of the buy a box promo wurms, green for creature power and blue for card draw/removal.

FluffyFractalshard says:

aurelia looks awesome but i think it should have said “..gains haste if its red” because with her as commander i’d prefer that (also trample is more green than red)

Mr. Variant says:

2:00 venerated loxodon lol a sluggish cleric who gets everyone tired to hopefully do better next turn; life gain would have helped. In the sports world they would call it better luck next year.

julio cesar parker says:

oh yes man,,,i love this cards!!!! very good…i like the video!!! i am very happy and wating for this ravnca colection..thanks …by by!!!

Friesens Diecastcollection says:

I play an Izzet-Burn deck around Young Pyromancer and Guttersnipe. I played alsoSnapcaster Mage in this deck. But now we have a card that triggers Guttersnipe or Young Pyromancer and cast a spell from Graveyard with Mission Briefing. Two triggers for two blue mana. That’s better than Snapcaster Mage! Snapcaster itself don’t trigger Pyromancer or Guttersnipe. Only the recastet spell from graveyard triggers with Snapcaster Mage. Have a Guttersnipe on board and play Mission Briefing on Lightning Bolt from a graveyard. That’s many damage for two blue mana, more than with Snapcaster Mage. And casting a Mission Briefing on a Mission Briefing in the graveyard makes more triggers and is interesting for Storm-decks

Drake the troll says:

I think the power of lazav is I can turn it into invisible stalker, then before damage turn it into some ungodly monster. Also, it avoids etb drawbacks like the hunted cycle

Paul Stewart says:

Mission briefing gets my vote for overhyped card of the set. Save yourself some cash this card is a huge trap. Snapcaster mage it is not. Maybe they could do something useful, like reprint Snapcaster Mage???

Ezee mtg says:

Who else wants to build a deck with true fire captain and star of Extinction

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Let me know which of today’s preview cards stood out to you?

Mox Avenger says:

Thanks for the integrity joke! Another very nice video with great insights, I look forward to the one tomorrow.

Shill for Science says:

hey i have to hand it to you… you definitely don’t have to resort to clickbait to get people to watch your videos, and that is pretty hard to do.

Deceit says:

Mission briefing isn’t a 2 for 1 like Snapcaster is. This card is way more similar to something like Jace, Vryns Prodigy. Filters cards like Jace did, mostly Jace got 1 flashback before he died most of the time. But even then Jace still was more of a 2 for 1 than this card is. Still that is high praise to be compared to those cards. Seems like a pretty good card overall.

Ismael Cisneros Cano says:

I think that Lazav can be a trival card, can be a extra lord or one pay off in that kind of deck

Moose says:

Am I the only dummy seeing Lazav in a 5c Dimir deck?

Cristiano Godinho says:

I love Doom Whisperer. My pet name for it is Baneslayer Demon.

The MechaNick says:

The loxodon would work well with the boros swarm play style.

Alex Kendall says:

Doom Whisperer is insane for EDH. It’s Griselbrand power level in the right decks.

prdamico says:

save mana, and use lazav’s ability on your opponents end step, then untap and swing in !!!!

deathByStupid says:

I’m pretty sure it’s not wo”j”ek (“like j for giant) it’s more like woi-ek (woi like toy), and that is like warlike bodyguard, cos wojna is war.

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