MTG- How To Build Pauper Zombies – A $13.00 Magic: The Gathering Deck!

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Thanks to Alex Ullman, who served as Script Supervisor for this deck. Check out Alex at @nerdtothecore on Twitter.

-Pauper Zombies-
3 Carrion Feeder
4 Festering Mummy
3 Gempalm Polluter
1 Gnawing Zombie
3 Ghoulraiser
2 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
1 Infernal Caretaker
2 Shambling Goblin
3 Shepherd of Rot
3 Sultai Emissary
1 Cemetery Recruitment
1 Chainer’s Edict
2 Ghoulcaller’s Chant
2 Sign in Blood
2 Geth’s Verdict
3 Nameless Inversion
2 Tragic Slip
20 Swamp
2 Barren Moor

3 Duress
2 Cuombajj Witches
2 Gutless Ghoul
1 Sylvok Lifestaff
3 Choking Sands
2 Wrench Mind
2 Oblivion Strike

Looking for a deck that’s cheap, fun, and packs a powerful, tribal punch? Well then shamble on down to your local game store, because have I got a deck for you: Pauper Zombies

Costing only $13 to build, Pauper Zombies offers a fun tribal strategy that approaches the metagame from a slightly different angle of other black and aggro decks. Zombies is resilient. While not the fastest deck (it is firmly in the midrange camp) it can recover from removal rather easily.

Zombies thrives in metagames rife with creature decks. It can take them out rather effectively while also establishing a board state where your Shepherds and Polluters will win the game in short order. If you’re looking for something different and something that is sure to get new cards every few years, you can look into Zombies. Let’s take a look!


Stavros Nik4 says:

3:52 wait if I used to decrease the life of an opponents creature but the original life of it is equal or less than 3 what happes?
Life is 0… so the creature is destroyed?

BuriedFlame says:

Sigh. Why beat a dead issue, Professor?

Passed Judgements says:

Horned Kavu next. Abuse that wonderful burning tree emissary, mog warmarshal, kelden marauders, and even blastoderm. Toss in bolt and rift bolt for removal and sweet delecious gruul kavu goodness

nathan Mangion says:

this reminds me so much of my Odyssey / Onslaught / time Spiral era zombie deck. Good memories 🙂 nice work

The Dynasaur says:

After watching enough of your pauper videos I think I am gonna try and build a pauper deck and go to some events! Thank you for your awesome content. Has really helped me along being so new to the game. You’re awesome!

LyricBent says:

Zombie deck costing $13 = flavour win.

Jared D. says:

What would you think about finding room for Aphetto’s Dredging & Pack’s Disdain?

MancaveMTG says:

I like this deck, as its very similar to a deck i posted up over a month ago. Its not the same, but very similar concepts.

Tristan says:

Why does everyone run Carrion Feeder? You sacrifice all your creatures to make one big creature and then your opponent removes it and essentially did one for five… I might understand using it as a removal trick and sacrifice a creature that has been targeted to be destroyed but is that really worth a place in the deck? Especially being that you are running Shepherd of Rot and Gempalm Polluter you will want as many zombies on the battlefield as possible. Carrion Feeder kinda sucks is there anyone else who feels this way?

Han Daimond says:

Is Chainer’s Edict legal in paper?

Denis Pellerin says:

Pauper slivers? Please

Leinad Tafom says:

Prof, unless I am mistaken but on the full deck list you have Chainer’s Edict well it is a nice card I cannot see when it was printed at common. I found this when I was going buy the deck.

Ashton Brockway says:

Interesting includes, prof. In my build I play more agro cards like Carnophage, Sangrophage, and Dark Ritual. You can check out my build here:

Connor Coultrup says:

13 dollar deck? Now this I can introduce to friends

Language Learning Lounge says:

I’ve been thinking about trying to get into pauper! I love zombies. Maybe I should build this.

Renato Perez says:

I can say with proud that this is my brew prof. When i made a 5-0 in a mtgo league just a few weeks ago the deck went from 3 tix to 14ish. I´m very glad this called your atention…. there´s still a lot of ground to innovate in pauper. Greetings prof!

Andrew 5375 says:

Another great video

Kevin Schneider says:

Polluter spiked because of you prof 🙁

thekrimsonkiller says:

Why you no comment on Dominaria cards ;-;

Sheriff K says:

I just spent $600 making Pauper Decks.. T_T

Gta 500 says:

Rudy from alpha Investments made a good point about pauper is that people have thousands upon thousands of common cards put away in warehouses And and now all the sudden because of pauper people who have these cards can make a huge profit off cards that in the future will be worth anything and they can turn around and buy Liliana of the Veil or power nine cards from selling Commons who will not hold their value for an outrageous price

HalfSunGaming says:

Ahh yes, the Professor effect. It probably was like 13 bucks this morning, but going on TCGplayer to check, the cheapest optimized cart I can find is 30.

Joseph Ruiz says:

Can someone explain pauper to me? And also professor please do deck techs for mtg arena the NDA drops soon and there’s going to be new sets meaning new META

Hedgehog Madness says:

I love seeing new zombie decks in any format. Go zombies!

Gabriel Davila says:

For gray merchant it says $.16 x 2 = $.36 lol

Jolly Lumpy says:

This deck looks like it could be fun

TreesandLeaves says:

empty the pits as an exception?

Josiah Leis says:

So, as someone who is a total noob to paper magic, supposing I did want to get this deck and join a pauper league or something, how would I go about it? I assume there isn’t anywhere you can buy the complete deck all in one place, so are you having to buy cards off eBay like one at a time? That seems…..time consuming and far more expensive than $13. Where exactly do people go to buy decklists like this for paper magic?

Reok Turner says:

Really enjoying all the pauper content, Keep it up!
Also, just ordered this list online (From Canadian retailers) and it’s closer to about $30, but may be cheaper or easier if you’re able to find at your lgs!

RDeathmark says:

No soulless one?

OOM- 32 says:

Not a single indead servant? I think it would be a great inclusion here.

NaySmith says:

This may be a noobly question but: Why not Lord of the Accursed?

Moose says:

Hey prof! Love all your videos especially since you’re the one who got me, who got my play group, into pauper 😀 do you think you’ll ever do gameplay videos of your pauper decks or pauper matches in general?

Stefan Ellrodt says:

Got Pauper Elves, got Pauper Goblins and now Pauper Zombies. What will be the next tribe? 3 more to go for my Pauper Battle Box.

beaker4251 says:

Deck List.
I watched the video twice and keep coming up with only 59 mainboard cards, not 60. Can anyone tell me what card I missed?

Swamps x20
Barren Moor x2

Sign in Blood x2
Ghoulcaller’s Chant x2
Cemetary Recruitment x1

Nameless Inversion x3
Tragic Slip x2
Geth’s Verdict x2

Shepherd of Rot x3
Gempalm Polluter x3
Ghoulreaiser x3
Carrion Feeder x3
Festering Mummy x4
Shambling Goblin x2
Sultai Emissary x3
Gnawing Zombie x1
Infernal Caretaker x1
Gray Merchant of Asphodel x2

Cuombajj Witches x2
Duress x3
Choking Sands x3
Wrench Mind x2
Oblivion Strike x2
Gutless Ghoul x2
Sylvok Lifestaff x1

Mangocopter the Tonitrus says:

Can someone that knows tell me how to properly do random effects in Magic?

David St-Pierre says:

do you own a card store or you meant at a card store near you? I wish i had help from someone like you in my neiborhood store haha

John Kravich says:

Really sick deck!

Albert Fajarito says:

I’m building this in paper. I wonder how white black zombies/token version of this will work.

Crosswalk says:

I built a Shepherd of rot deck 15 years ago out of a box of commons for $11, I won’t pay a dime over that!

Dougalmaas The DeConqueror says:

Hey prof check your price math. 0.15 x 3 = .45, not .60

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