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Is your Magic collection too big for a fat pack box? Are your cards in dissaray? Many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question, “How should I store and organize my collection?” This is a question whose answer will vary depending on what kind of collection you have.
For the purposes of this video, I’ll be talking about organizing and storing larger, long-term collections.
Please remember: this is meant as a guideline, and not an absolute rule. The precise nature of how you organize and store your cards will be personal to you and your needs.

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RMQuarter says:

I got a 1600 card box and I am going to use it for old cards and then use my origins and amonkhet builders tool kit boxes to store standard cards, because I dont usually have large collections

Snotcrawler the Dead says:

If you have a lot of cards, sorting by CMC can help with deck-building.

10101010101010101010101010101010 Xd says:

Thanks this really helped

dungeonmaster16 says:

At 3:55 for the ad card part what I do is I get penny sleeves (if ppl don’t know it’s literally avg 1 buck for 100 loose sleeves, mainly use to sleeve common/uncommon no to low value foils to keep them in good condition but good to sleeve ads and make as tabs) for them and put between them. Helps a lot for my sorting ways.

Daniel says:

Are there alternatives to BCW cardboard boxes? I can’t get my hands on them where I live, or I would have to buy them over the internet where they’d cost me 5€. It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic

E Snethen says:

This was useful! Thanks!
I just got a large box of magic cards from amazon, and I need a good storage solution. 🙂


yet have you made the other video for sorting the smaller collection

RzorFox says:

I’m curious to see how the new BitBox and Bitbox Mobile would work with organizing magic cards. You can order add-on foam for protection. Has anyone tried these yet?

Jamie Sydney says:

instead of dividers, stick 2 commons together so the colour protrudes above the rest by half an inch, you will go to your colour instantly rather than reading it all.

Theo the Greek Thunder says:

Honestly even though no one will see this I just wanted to say that watching old mtg youtubers and their old videos give me such nostalgia

Lonely Soul says:


Michael Brintz says:

I love your channel. Recently started playing again and I find all your videos helpful, fun and engaging. Thank you!

Roofne telvin says:

How can i do for common and uncommon card who cost many money like aether vial, lightning bolt or path to exile ? I put sleeve or i take a binder ?

Bosko Jal says:

Careful when storing your cards in sleeve sheets binders, if you store your binder vertically, the weight of cards will bend the sleeves and also your cards

rojoshow13 says:

I sort my Pokemon cards by type, and alphabetize, and also keep the evolution cards with each other. This has proven challenging since some sets have a Pokemon as one type but another type in another set. And some Pokemon evolve into multiple different Pokemon​ of different types. It’s a constant and neverending effort of moving a card from one place to another.

ShawnTD says:

I’m not into Magic the Gathering but this applies to all card games. I collect yugioh cards and the way I store my bulks are in a regular collection binders with binder sleeves. Don’t ask why I did that cause I started doing that like 13 years ago. I really wanna remove the bulks and separate them in sets, but the fact is I have so much binder sleeves that I have no clue what to do with them since I store my rares and holo cards in actual quality binders. I store everything on my little desk where everything looks so clustered. It requires a lot of room if you wanna build a big card collection. Obviously if I purchase a shelf like that my room will be full.

Firewolf4412 says:

I am putting my whole Ixalan series in my binder

Staine2009 says:

Nice way to sort and store. Here is my way to sort my cards (rare and myth). I sort them by colors and then by type. For example : Black card.

Enchantment together,
Creature together (only rare)
Legendary creature (for commander purpose)
Mythic (Instant, enchant, whatever)

For multi-colored card I sort them by “Guild” such as all the azorius goes together and I separate mythic and Legendary again. In multicolored I don’t sort by card type. I donc have enough card which still justified this structure for now.

For 3+ colored I put them together without any sorting excpet for legendary and mythic (for commander purpose again).

Then I separate my lands card by “guild” colors or duo-colors. I also put common lands which are ofter used in commander in those binder.

Oh and I forgot, planeswalker are regroup together. I dont look after their colors too.

For the common and uncommon, I sort them the same way you do Tolarian ! 😀 I just wonder if it’s valuable to keep a playset of each common/uncommon ? :/ (some are usefull… some are just useless). How can I process with un-wanted common/uncommon which are ofter worthless ?

OwnLawyer says:

Am I the only one who penny sleeves commons just so they don’t get edgeware in the boxes?

Money Mona says:

Where did you find the set symbol templates?

dexter morgan says:

glad i found this video,i finally decided to short my cards but i have litterally two full trash bags of common and uncommons and i didn’t know where to start.I got back in mtg after a few years of absence and i am so excited!!!!

Faerie Hearthwitch says:

I am brand new at playing Magic and just starting out collecting cards. How do I know what is considered common or uncommon? Thank you!

Travis Bottoms says:

Honestly, I use the bundle (fatpack) players guide and sort cards by print/collector number, but still put all rares/mythics in their own binder with same rule of collector number. I used to go by Alpha, but yes it was a time sink hole…

Jessaaayyy says:

if you always played draft, wouldnt you have a ton more cards because youre always opening packs?

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