MTG – Iconic Masters Preview Pack Opening of Magic: The Gathering Cards

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Unboxing Iconic Masters Booster Packs from Hascon, here is a pack opening of 6 packs of cards from the brand new and exciting Iconic Masters special Magic: The Gathering set!


Arrich Lee says:

been wondering how much it will cost for a box booster ?

BrYaN.5555 says:

Mtg is the best card game I everd played I love mtg

RevanOrion says:

I only got 2 mythics but i did pull Mana Drain, Horizon Canopy, Aether Vial, and
Cryptic Command + Ancestral Vision all in the same box. I’m satisfied but i still wanted that Avacyn.

Dab Master says:

Can’t wait till it comes out

Claudia Owczarek says:

So hyped for the giveaway. 🙂

Dj Comardo says:

I feel like Wizards missed the target on this one. Iconic Masters is terrible. We should have seen Mana Vault, Grim Tutor or Imperial Seal. I was so disappointed with the cards in this set.

CardTyrant says:

Hoping I can win. I’ve done so much positive the last few days. Can something positive happen to me, Karma?

John Igoe says:

When is Ixalan BBG?

Shwift says:

This set doesn’t have any iconic cards. More like ironic masters.
Am I right?
I’ll see my self out

Conner Quester says:

I want Kokusho, the Evening Star.

Hayden Hayden 3113 says:

Nice video

Liberal MGTOW says:

No Reserve List Printing = Fuck Masters

PointingOutObvious says:

So, you got into your Tardis and went to the future and got those packs?

BlackMadKing says:

Raging Goblin!!!! <3 love that art!!! i WANT that playmat!!! :O

Ravel C says:

I “was” a life time player.. and over the years.. I saw the prices for staple cards explode to “bat-shit-stupid” prices. The price increases, although justified by someone in a basement or warehouse who horded certain valuable cards only to resell them.. has for me.. killed the player in me.

So, despite officially quitting magic I am relieved to see these reprints in an effort to stem hoarders and price gougers so that the newer generation can enjoy some moderately powerful cards for a reasonable price.

And remember… it’s only cardboard.

Jose Henrique de Almeida Pontes says:

Professor, you forgot the praetors

Brett McPherson says:


michelangelo caltagirone says:

profffff !!! hi from italy !!! you’re a great mad professor ! keep going ! i will support you ! how can i know that i have win the iconic master box ?

Danks Shepherd says:

bring back crack a pack

Paul Gaither says:

Bladewing the Risen is a Legendary creature at Uncommon?! Wow. I know Kamigawa had some uncommon legends, but this doesn’t feel the same as that.

Jason Tan says:

“Win some of the professor’s booty”. That was so deliberate.

Miguel Cruzmora says:

praetors are iconic!

michael smith says:

I’m still waiting for a Mox Gems set reprint even if its in some special Vault thing it would be nice to be able to get these cards like Mox Ruby and Mox Sapphire with having to essentially take out a loan -.-

Orange Rightgold says:

Iconic masters is a dub. How they reprinting ktk set already

sorvian25 says:


Rizki Aryandi says:

no Emrakul, no Lightning Bolt, no Karn, no Sliver, bunch of DTK reprints
yeah, very “iconic”
:/ :/ :/

Jayden Evans says:

This is a cool set

Joseph Brun says:

Who ended up winning this epic giveaway from the prof

Andrew Kammerzell says:

WHere is Ixilan booster box game

Voyager7 says:

How do we know if we win the Ixalan giveaway?

Samardžić Filip says:

Somethimes i think that you are sarcastic..

Tiffany Boncek says:

I love how you didn’t advertise the giveaway that’s ligit

2Steppin4Chaos says:

Wow this set looks like it will be great! Thanks for the sneak peak Mr. Tolarian.

Omar Guzman says:

Kard kingdom that bought out all the commander products…? Your suppose to be smart, but you left out the truth. This set is Iconic Garbage. A seven year old can tell you this. Who cares for a few reprints that anyone that has been playing mtg for a while, already has. No thank you WOTC.

Jonathon Knite says:

wow!! epix video!! Really nice pulls too..
would like to enter giveaway if still going on

Ryan Stucke says:

that opening music was god awful

Omar Guzman says:

Iconic Garbage, except for some cards. Anyone that has been playing mtg for a while already has most of these cards.

Andrew Fagence says:

I recently started watching all these videos but I don’t understand were some of these previously released cards. Is there a list off all cards in existence? I need help I have the collecting bug

Dylan Anderson says:

Soo the subtype construct is iconic… to magic

Ace D says:

Yo! Rudy here

Drew Pierce says:

Guess we’ll have to pull those Masterpiece cards if want something truly iconic. I mean 1 out of 216 packs isn’t THAT bad right? Right??

Andrew Fackenthall says:

We need OG duals reprinted smh…wotc needs to forget thesr damn collectors and give the players what we deserve…smh main reason i stopped playing magic is because the caards r way to over priced for no reason…awesome vid tho

james bucci says:


Wil Pol says:

Can’t wait for it to come out in November. It’s like an itching feeling of just waiting. Aaaaaahhhhhh. Lol

Jorge rodriguez says:


AL AZUL says:

can i win pls^^ i only have one Ixalan booster pack hehe

Alex Silver says:

its honor to meet you sir,you are my favorite singer,oh how lucky i am
I’ll Wait For You is by far my favorite song you made
all best for you,make some new album for new year that would be the best present 😉

troll level 125 my naame ha ha
troll special ability instant spell brain confusing distorsion

TarolinSchofield says:

Wizards failed so hard on this set. Made to many mistakes lately

Michel Devost says:


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