MTG – Is it worth it to buy a Starter Cube for Magic: The Gathering?

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This channel is sponsored by Card Kingdom. As always, while Card Kingdom’s support of the channel is appreciated, my review and my evaluation are just that: my own, Card Kingdom did not even get any advanced screening of this video prior to it going to air.

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Many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a starter cube? Cube is quite possibly the apotheosis of Magic: The Gathering, the greatest expression of the game in the ultimate format. Unfortunately, Cube is also extremely expensive, with even non-Power cubes often costing in the high hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Now, Card Kingdom has released a Starter Cube, designed and refined by Magic pro and game designer Chris Van Meter, and priced at only $99. But is this a genuine cube experience of balanced yet powerful Magic gameplay, or just a strictly worse cube that can’t hold a candle to the real experience? Let’s take a look!

But first, I quick word about this video. This channel is sponsored by the maker of this product, Card Kingdom, a Seattle based brick and mortar game store with a growing online presence, but my review of their product is just that: my own. Card Kingdom neither instructed me to make this review, nor have they even seen so much as a draft of the script for it. Although I am indeed sponsored by them I want to keep my evaluation open and honest as I would for any other review.

And thus along those lines, I am posting the entire deck list for the Card Kingdom Starter Cube in this video’s description. You do not have to buy this product from card Kingdom, there is no mystery as to the cards contained within, and you may assemble the components yourself either from your own collection or other sellers as you see fit. I am reviewing the construction of this as a Starter Cube, in other words, I am analyzing and evaluating the CUBE itself and asking if this gameplay experience is worth $100, but the complete list is yours for free and you may do with it what you wish.


Twin Tides says:

That beard is beautiful and I’m not sure I would want to invest into a cube.

Abraham Gomz says:

New TCC vid on my birthday? Best of all, it’s based on what me and my friends have been itching to try for a while. Thanks Prof. C:

Harry Wheldon says:

Digging the beard

Tibalt, The Fiend Blooded says:

Buying 500 bulks for $99? What a rip off for beginners who has a limited budget and doesn’t know what product they should buy.

Justin Breedlove says:

Great video as always

Jarrod Acquistapace says:


Wil Banner says:

Ive been working on a Theros cube as it is my favorite set

Robert Wallis says:

Was this review inspired by LRR’s stream playing the Starter Cube?

Jeff Hawthorne says:

This is a great idea!

Redemund's Guild says:

This appears to be an excellent starting point for a Commander collection for new players.

FearOgre says:

I’ll stick with one of (could be the) largest cubes in the world.

Ryan Stewart says:

I saw that Duke Ellington reference. I appreciate it.

Diremid087 says:

Prof, your titles for “Sacrifice Matters” and “Blink Matters” showed up at the wrong time. Each one showed up for the other one. I thought you might want to know.

Alex Nastuk says:

a friend of mine makes cube to be very close to a real pack(only taking out useless jank cards) and uses blocks to make cubes, even combining two different blocks with 8 players can be fun too, an 8 player Ravnica block and RTR block was a very fun cube experience because most of the packs felt like a regular pack. i feel i had the most fun with that way to cube so when i make my own i wanna make it as close to real drafting while cutting the jank cards, i love the traditional cube decks but i found only the more serious players can enjoy it and the casual friends who play have a tough time knowing what to draft.

Michael O'Brien says:

Cube has always been super intimidating to get into so I think I’ll actually pick one of these up.

amdnable says:

I’d buy that if I were an english for non-english speakers teacher. could be a great tool for teaching.

TheR3aper5 says:

I appreciate your honesty. Ive been wanting to make a cube, and a starter Cube would be amazing. And for such a cheap price, I just might have to.

Jeremiah Galli says:

Prof your beard game is on fire right now, keep it cookin

Justin Veron says:

Awesome! Will get this if, I choose to get a cube!

Dylan Weaver says:

I see this as kind of lacking, if your lazy and don’t want to build it yourself then that’s fine, but if you have a dedicated playgroup it isn’t hard to piece together a good cube.

Tim Boehm says:

This looks wonderful! I have always found playing at my LGS or with my local friends to be disheartening as they have often shown to have extremely powerful decks that are more win focused than play. It’s sad but understandable that they can’t ship sealed product internationally or I would save and buy this in a heart beat. Perhaps I’ll visit the Seattle HQ next year and see if I can pick one up, this looks like literally endless fun at a nicely balanced level.

Matt Mullaney says:

I’ve been meaning to make a cube but haven’t bothered starting it because the cost is very high and it can be quite hard to get the singles where I live. This looks good. I think I know what I will use my next paycheck on. Thanks Prof!

DoctorNerd says:

Unstable, Unhinged, Unglued cube. Uncube. Haven’t played it yet. Waiting on super secret tech and to buy sleeves.

Chris Morgan says:

I’m just getting back into magic after many, many years and I want to say your channel has been a boon. You have a subscriber and patron.

Chase Warman says:

What is the best way to transport multiple playmates in container(s)

Earth says:

If I was going to make a quality proxy cube, what would be a good list?

Sam Bickley says:

I’m in the UK, and unfortunately it’s $60 shipping to get the starter cube sent out here, otherwise I’d really consider buying one.

Ville Niemi says:

What if? I have played magic for 4 years now and i think i have only scrap cards. Would this cube help me?

Infernoman64 says:

I never said it but ever since my co-workers got me back into MTG months ago, I have enjoyed playing again. Your channel was the first to help me get back in. Thanks! I may get a cube started to have a way to play with friends any time!

androkguz says:

I don’t really get *why* people seem to think a cube needs to be expensive. I don’t own one, and I’m too broke to play magic this days with that whole living-in-venezuela-thing, but it still puzzles me.

Why do you want your cube to be *powerful*? I mean, you are not making your deck stronger, you are just increasing the overall power of all the cards: yours and your opponent’s. And the strenght of cards is always dependent of their enviroment. So why spend hundreds of dollars making a cube with cards that are powerful in constructed just to dilute them. Specially when you could be doing the opposite, which is finding weak-ish cards and putting them in an enviroment where they shine!

I would be looking particularly for cheap cards that are or look very fun but don’t see much play because they are kind of weak. I would make a cube where they shine.

Or is it that magic really is that much more fun when everyone has very strong cards than when everyone has weaker ones?

Simon Choo Sze Shiong says:

Many Magic: the Gathering players ask the question – can the Prof. rap?

…..Heck Yea!

♛ Huffdaddy™ says:

I bought the rookie set. Nothing but trash cards but evenly matched against each other and good learning a new color you’re not familiar with.

Michael Litzau says:

I’ve been thinking about doing a cube for about a year but was a bit overwhelmed by it all, honestly. This is 100% will be a buy from me, thanks for doing this video and all your other content. Makes being a nerd that much easier and enjoyable!

Evan Moon says:

Aggravating to not play aggro

Dallas Larkin says:

Just want to say Prof. You are rocking that beard. Looking good.

Semper Ludens says:

From the perspective of somebody who owns a 360 powered cube and a couple other homemade draft formats; this product doesn’t look worth buying. I would suggest a new player to buy bulk rares and uncommons for that money and puzzle one together from that. With the help of some people at your local game store you can probably get a better cube for less money and find people to play with at the same time.

Omar Guzman says:

Starter Cube = Garbage.

Sean Lawson says:

Sorry to say but your opinion is so biased

Brendan Lim says:

Yargle sigh *likes*

JFK says:

Do an update on inner sleeves, thanks.

Thalarion says:

Cube is cheap if you know how to proxy correctly

Life Begins At 20 says:

Thanks for the video on this, while I like the idea of this, I’d have said a pauper cube would have been a better fit as a product. The gameplay would be more powerful and I’d say the price wouldn’t be that much different. After building one on the channel in my budget cube build a long series it’s been so much fun to create and play. Going through all the steps required to help a new player build their first cube and decisions they’d need to make. Plus let’s face it pauper is a fantastic format! And then it’s easily upgradable to peasant cube if you wanted to to increase the power level without too many of the cards becoming wasted.

Randy Randalman says:

If you don’t mind doing some work, you can proxy an entire cube for a fraction of the cost and it can include literally any card you want

megaturtle team says:

Love the video and the beard

ironic arsonist says:

I am drafting five color Podless pod!

Bankruptjojo says:

$112? Are you adding the price of cards that can’t actually be resold unless in bulk? If so sounds like a rip off…
most should have enough cards to make better cube and newer players don’t start with cube. not sure who this is actually targeting. I’d say go on eBay there are plenty of people selling great playable cube cards for cheap.
All that being said it’s a cool idea and getting everything in one package is very convenient.

Tolarian Community College says:

Check out the complete Starter Cube list here:

Watch Loading Ready Run as they draft then play the Starter Cube:

What Is a Magic: The Gathering Cube:

How To Build Your First MTG Cube:

Intermediate Cube Construction:

Advanced Cube Construction Guide:

dimebag5884 says:

Hmm, $99 to help them get rid of all their bulk trash. I think not.

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