MTG – Is it worth it to buy Masters 25 for Magic: The Gathering?

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Many Magic The Gathering players ask the question, Is it worth it to buy Masters 25?

Masters 25 is the latest Masters set, coinciding with Magic’s 25th Anniversary, it seeks to contain cards from across Magic’s 25 year history, including cards from every set, with an emphasis on nostalgia as well as the usual Masters aims of providing needed reprints, all while maintaining an enjoyable draft environment.

But like all Masters sets, it still carries with it the higher than usual MSRP of 9.99, and with a higher price come higher customer expectations. Masters 25 boasts big, but does the end product swing in for a critical hit, or fizzle out when opened? Let’s take a look.

Masters sets have always been designed with two primary goals: a great draft experience, and providing needed reprints for formats like Modern, and to a lesser extend Legacy and Commander. These goals however have often been competing with one another, with the requirements of a balanced draft environment often being the reason that unneeded reprints have made up the bulk of the cards in these sets. With Masters 25, the added goal of a nostalgia set puts even more strain on this product, and this review with examine each of these elements to see how well they have been accomplished.


chortlesinthecorner says:

I agree for the most part. I’d say these sets should be sold at the $6-$7 per pack range. That would put the box value at a premium, but with room for everyone to have opportunity to walk away a winner.

Mike Untalan says:

This set tries to be nostalgic and it does have some cards that we think of as stall worth cards but some choices seem lacking and only help the draft experience. I agree that a Masters set should have the power level and game play that of a vintage or legacy cube. We should have had better representation from Innistrad, Ravnia and Scars of Mirrodin block. That being said there are a few much needed staples of modern I’m happy to see in this set and prices for singles have dropped significantly on those cards. Thanks for the video and your analysis Prof!

Insomniac Kitty says:

if the packs cost $10 each, what i would want to see is $5 rares and mythics is a minimum, no amount of wizards telling me “ohhh but you could get a jace” is going to convince me to buy this knowing i could just as easily open tree of perditions, if i pay a premium i expect a premium baseline at the very least, i’m not asking for every rare/mythic to be msrp of a pack, i’m just asking to cut the junk which is expected to be gotten on a ratio of like 9 out of 10 packs.

i would honestly rather $25 packs that are only needed reprints than these sets based around draft with junk cards and occasionally they add a value card to impress an audience

make a proper reprint set, you make what 3 standard sets a year or something right? that is your place for drafts

aylamaiia says:

But… I like Fiend Hunter

A9OOlbGorrila says:

my mate is an idiot, every content creator is saying do not buy and he is still buying a box just because “he likes to open packs and he always buys atleast 1 box of every set”

isaac smith says:

worst masters set ever

James Mendoza says:

What masters sets were fun to draft as well as have its value upon it’s release?

Also which set in retrospect has gained it’s value?

Robin Ford says:

Okay, so I’m gonna offer a dissenting opinion…I feel like the magic community is getting into “Mob mentality” with the set.

First off…I agree that $10 packs for Masters products is ridiculous, and has been. That is not in question.

I think the problem is with the concept of “Nostalgia”. It’s inherently subjective, and offers nothing for new players….which is a market they can NEVER ignore.
I remember Maro and Forsythe talking about how they would never do something like Time Spiral again, because nostalgia looks nice in retrospect but at the time it doesn’t do well with established players and does even worse with new players. New players get nothing from the nostalgia, and invested players will be divided.
I know anniversaries are nice and all, but they went back on their thinking and did another nostalgia set. Big surprise, the issues are still there.

So I’m in general more lenient with the masters sets, since I like all cards, even bad ones. I generally have a pretty broad view. So when I was looking at spoilers, I was psyched. There’s that tournament staple, that kitchen table powerhouse, that fan favorite, that johnny enabler (looking at Tree, there), draft stars, the whole spectrum. But I’m not the norm….I have very few cards I dislike. So if you have cards that are targeted at the population as a WHOLE….you’re divided across the dozen of different games that Magic actually is. A Pro Tour player and a kitchen table enthusiast and a limited master will all have different cards they view as iconic or nostalgic.

For instance, you mention Murder of Crows. Well, I drafted Innistrad a ton. I loved the card for its power, its flavour, and mechanics. It fit Innistrad perfectly, in my opinion. Gothic, cared mechanically about creatures dying, made sense, and was powerful to boot. It’s pretty much never leaving my Peasant cube for those reasons. I was downright hyped they chose Murder of Crows.

So basically, I think complaining about the set not delivering on Nostalgia is fundamentally flawed, because it’s not only subjective, but it’s almost impossible for them to please everyone, so no one is perfectly happy.

So I think we should consider that they took a risk by iterating on one of their biggest financial mistakes (Time Spiral) hoping to make some high ticket items and an interesting draft format sell boxes. Which I think could have been an interesting idea, but at $10, they’re already shooting themselves in the foot for sales.

I think we should give Wizards a break. They did something people have asked for forever (omg please do Time Spiral again!) despite saying it was a terrible idea. Then people are giving them a hard time for doing what people asked them to….but it not being THEIR nostalgia. It just…doesn’t seem fair to them. Let’s just enjoy that they tried to please everyone, and accept that the more passionately people care about magic, the harder they are to please.

TL;DR – They did something risky, people are lashing out, can’t please everyone. The price per pack sucks, 100% true. Still a neat set with a wide swath of cards from the last 25 years. Try to enjoy the diversity of cards! Try not to be too down on it for not being your perfect trip down memory lane. 🙂

Ryan Willson says:

Im getting a box purely because pauper is massive in my area right now and past that I’m big on edh

aztrak says:

I agree with you on almost all points, I think its okay if they charge a premium for master’s products I just think the premium is too high at the moment. If they increased the price of a normal booster pack by 2(?) dollars then I think people would be happier with this set.

John Miley says:

The worst part about this set is if you don’t live in america, the value of the set is even worse! In the UK retailers sell packs for £9 – £10 depening on the store. So imagine if all these packs are costed $13 Dollars instead. And in the UK we have a really shitty inflated cost of cards from our dedicated singles retailers. Either narrow card pool, or higher prices per card after conversion of cards. You have to import cards from other countries who buy english boxes but have less demand in their respective countires to have a good price. £30 is currently $41 dollars. So $41 dollars for draft with no prize support and terrbile draft themes at cheapest. Yeah no thanks.

Joel Kathrens says:

If the MSRP on these boxes was about $140, I think it would be fair. I got a couple of boxes for right around that and plan to draft them with friends. I may do one draft to support my LGS @ $40 w/ prize support. Even at around $80 over 3 drafts, if I don’t hit at least one of the top 5 value cards in the set, it’s going to feel like a bad money to enjoyment ratio. I prefer playing the regular sets and getting to know a limited environment for much less investment of $$$.

VARice22 says:

They should just make them 7.50 a pack

BuriedFlame says:

The odd part for me is I already have a JTMS and Chalice from previous sets. As a result, I see no additional value in spending $45 to get cards I already have.

Andrew Holka says:

$10… if only, in Australia it’s $15+

ajvasta says:

Unless you filmed this days ago, I wish you wouldn’t stay in your own safety bubble as much, and at least address even the possibility of the other issues with this set that have come to light the last few days as well.  Don’t be afraid to report news that you didn’t break.

JetFusion99 says:

Honestly a D- when the secondary market has it marked beneath MSRP then it’s just sad…..

Konstantinos Lignos says:

Ι’ve been wanting to enter the modern format for the last year but i just cant justify paying 160 € for 4 lands or other singles. As a fairly new magic player playing for the last 2 years im disappointed that the product intented to draw more players into the modern format fails so hilariously to do the thing its made to do

Josue Solorio says:

bad bad

J Will says:

Hasbro really need to start listening to consumers more. If they’re not careful, they could kill mtg completely, and that would be inexcusable considering how devoted mtg fans are . Hasbro, are you listening?

Lauri Maijala says:

I added 20 cards from this set to my MCM lists. All are commons. I understand that I’m not a typical buyer for these products but this is the lowest number of cards I want in any set. And I do play around five to six different formats.

Hitman GFX says:

0-1 sounds about right for the number of times I’ll draft this set. Probably rounding down, but FNM might summon me…

XyryuHyota says:

The only way WOTC stops selling packs at $9,99- is when we stop buying them. They know we are addicted and need to keep up with the most recent products. It’s a seller’s market. Also explains their product spamming over the last couple of years. It is a very sad thing indeed to see a company founded by a low income student lose the very audience they initially set out to reach because of quick dirty profit.

Matthew Mendez says:

Another great analysis professor.

Whatscuterthanajigglypuff says:

see ya guys, im just gonna go ahead and quit magic.

obviously im joking but you get my point. What with the utter GARBAGE that was kaladesh, amonkhet, Ixalan and THE WORST OF ALL RIVALS!!! This isnt even MENTIONING the masters sets? WHAT IS WIZARDS DOING??? Get the guys who did innsitrad and get them making sets.

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