MTG Market Watch: 15 Undervalued Magic the Gathering Cards

In this special edition of the Magic the Gathering Market Watch we look at fifteen undervalued cards that you might want to pick up sooner than later.

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David Corneau says:

I bought a playset of collective brutality at 12$ total on release date and another for 40$ on the very next week and now each singles is worth 30$ around here in canada! My best investment last year

dolfo10564 says:

What deck is kindred discovery in?

Bad Boy Gaming says:

I run two copies of obliterator in my black devotion deck ^^

Rafael Carvalho says:

Well, Teferi’s protection is almost $46+ here in Brazil! Huehuehue (reference )

John Lawler says:

Eldritch Moon was such a good set! The first pack of Masters 25 I opened had a foil Bridge in it! Hadn’t had any kind of luck since.

Mr. Variant says:

How does kindred Discovery keep up with this draw meta? Karn, champion of wits, and chart a course are the gold standard, and don’t require 2 blue; I remember what I said in a previous video and forcing a colorless Mana probably won’t make a difference as you can use the color fixing lands to choose colorless. Plus who knows when those will be power crept?

Kess is pretty cool, flying with inalla haste and a possible double sorcery/instant for late game, sign me up. No point with me dealing with grenzo/talent of the telepath variance. They miss a lot honestly, especially as cheaper creatures and Planeswalkers become more useful/consistent.

Scott D. says:

There’s a store near me that still has some wizard commander precons, maybe I should pick one or two up.

Trevor Williams says:

I’ve been saving up for Leovold to finish the last card I need in my conspiracy 2 cube. Hopefully this doesn’t cause the price to suddenly jump before I can buy it.

RhysToot says:

Yasss my boy rhys needs a re print, i can’t afford a copy but i have a proxy hes my main commander

Johnathon Hiner says:

In my humble opinion Last Hope is CRIMMINALLY….and I said criminally underpriced….I completely agree with you bud.

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Did you get any good MTG deals recently? I will be back later today to go over all the upcoming announcements from Wizards of the Coast.

IconoclastXVII says:

Picked up a couple Liliana’s for a modern deck I was trying to build. Hopefully I’ll get to use it some day. Since I moved to a new city half of the LGS’s near me have closed down.

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