MTG Market Watch: Protour Dominaira Weekend Market Update! Commander Cards Heat Up!

In this episode of the Magic the Gathering Market Watch we check in on the state of the Market during Protour Dominaria Weekend. We will also take a special look at Commander cards that are heating up with the impending release of Battlebond.

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Disafear says:

Love your videos! Keep it up 🙂

Hector Cobos says:

Definitely want vraska the relic seeker.

John Lawler says:

I picked up 3x Peacekeepers for 5 dollars three days ago…

Robert Simmons says:

I am watching goblin chainwhirler. That should be in several top decks.

ClexYoshi says:

I actually was flabbergasted at Wedge for doing that video. Not out of some desire to buy reserve list cards at low prices, but because such an endeavor is self-defeating in a market that is creating a bubble that CANNOT SELF-SUSTAIN!

Given the fact that trade wars are brewing on the global market and the same dangerous practices that crashed the global economy are being practiced again with reckless abandon by the wealthy who once again got in power? I feel like the legacy/vintage bubble might finally burst to coincide with the domino effect caused by other markets like the steel industry and other things getting tariffs getting thrown into chaos by recent moves via the Trump administration.

Sorry if this proves to make things a little firey down here in the comments section bringing in some good ol’ political positions, but it’s an interesting trend I see in both magic and life. Note that Lorewyn block was the block around the time that first crash and bailing out of the banks occurred.

ClexYoshi says:

Just to put into a seperate thing, An episode of game knights came out the other week where Josh Lee Kwai showcased his Shadowborn apostles build in an Athreos build and it looked really strong there along with a later episode deck teching it, so…

Lemoto Fuluvaka says:

What prices are you using for market watch? It won’t change wether or not I watch these videos, I’m just curious if you’re using tcgplayer or something like that

samtrue3 says:

Praise be the command zone

RhysToot says:

I was tempted to make that shadowborn deck its awesome

Derek Bradford says:

Thank you for your great videos and explaination on how the market works i thoroughly enjoy your videos and streams.

IconoclastXVII says:

Welp, been wanting to build a Shadowborn Apostel deck, but guess I won’t be now unless the price drops back down/they get a reprint.

Mr. Variant says:

Compared to assist in battle bond, I had to acquire a taste to sagas; it represents a 3 act story, with the 1st 2 acts slightly rewarding you, and the 3rd being the great finale should your opponent not destroy it. Heck, I even like triumph of gerrard (though subtle strike is a bit debatable to compare) with winding constrictor. Teferi has the removal aspect that is better than Jace, which a 4 mana unsummon makes me want to puke.

Karn does upset me though lol I find it is blasphemy for undermining the color wheel, lol I’m about as burnt out of it as you are with Mox Opal 12:53

Sorcerous spyglass at least isn’t as good as nimble obstructionist, not sure how many flicker type cards there are for cheaper (felidar guardian in standard is 4 mana), though cycling can get crazy when recycling your graveyard. Sideboard staple I admit for sorcerous spyglass, especially with vehicles, planeswalkers, and eternalize.

Ragarci2 says:

So, I might have missed it, but why don’t you use MTGStocks Market price instead of eBay? We see these discrepancies in that metric as it only factors in higher condition completed sales.

Zack Hodge says:

I totally called Teferi taking the place of Nahiri/Jace in Jeskai Control. Teferi is just awesome.

Francis O'Boyle says:

A few other cards for Jodah to watch are Kaleidostone Foil, Baneful Omen, Beacon of Tomorrow’s, Vial Smasher the Fierce and how about the spike on those Lorwyn Faeries Basic Lands, Island 287 the Swamp will fallow just a matter of time.

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

If you are looking to pick up some cards this weekend, what are you shopping for?

Reggaetonaldo says:

Once again Commander is helping raise the price of cards more than any other format.

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