MTG Market Watch: The Market Reacts to Ultimate Masters and Commander Cards Heat Up

In this episode of the Magic the Gathering Market Watch we check in on all aspects of the secondary market and also take a look at the influence Ultimate Masters has had on card prices.

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Daves GoldenDuck says:

I thought Lliana of the Veil is $60.00

Paul Stewart says:

There was a thread on mtgfinance about 2 weeks ago about Chancellor of the Tangle, playability, and reprintability
Keep in mind that unless they do ‘Liliana Masters’ that the Last Hope, and Veil, compete for reprint space (I think it’s unlikely WOTC would put both in the same product). Therefore if one gets reprinted, the other will rise.
I spent ~3k canadian on a timetwister this year…excellent condition card

Ampherocity says:

The one thing I will continuously beat myself up about is not buying the enemy fetches when they were reprinted in MM 2017… they were all about half the price they are now

dolfo10564 says:

I bought two playsets of teferis protection around $18 each. Seeing them at $30 is cool but I legit want it reprinted. Too good of a card, and should be in every deck running white. I’m not going to stop building decks any time soon and I dont want to spend that much on the card.

Wilfulbuckle says:

Command zone recently talked about expropriate? Don’t they every episode?

bl8catcher says:

Why are quite a lot of expensive modern cards only worth 1/2 or less in Europe (noble hiërarch= €34, goryo’s vengeance = €8, engineered explosives = €21) ?

hydra66 says:

how are the checklands so high in price point? they were all 5 dollars or so when they were in the core sets a few yrs ago. I’d have expected price to have gone down, not up

Mattman324 says:

Rused again by the great Oubliette!

batman94 says:

Help me out…Mishra’s Workshop is spiking to $2,000? Why would you think that’s going down anytime soon? It’s listed at $2,800 on Star City and $4,000 at ABU games for near-mint copies. Why is there such a discrepency in these prices?

Cavemantero says:

The fact that star of extinction is even viable in standard shows you how broken blue’s card draw>landfixing>control is right now.

T. Evans says:

Vivien has a 23-19! We have a 23-19!

CraZEEElife says:

John what do you use for a stand for your box opening?

Ascended Ninja says:

Amulet of vigor surprised me! I bought it for cheap years ago! Still use it in my Scion of the Ur Dragon commander deck.

Landon Labonte says:

I guessed oubliette.

I was wrong.

Jedi Sith says:

I built a mono red artifact deck in 2013 and got all the fast mana for so much less than they are now!

James Ruzicho says:

Glad that I bought an Iconic Masters Horizon Canopy for $39 when an lGS was having a Black Friday Sale! Thanks for all the hard work with getting us this info.

Jamie Wilder says:


Ryuu Bryan says:

My boy Niv playing good. .going higher..glad I got one before it went up. ..time to use him in Wedges. Niv- parun. commander deck

Mr. Variant says:

Yeah Vraska golgari queen is a slow abrupt decay for 4 Mana. It’s hard to use.

Daves GoldenDuck says:

Enemy fetch lands will NEVER be reprinted

WeswardBound says:

My soul hurt when I saw the price on Mishra’s Workshop.

Ryuu Bryan says:

I dreading the day the Ugin goes up in price. I hope I can get it for cheap before it goes up. Even the Ugin’s Fate version. .I hear that the regular is 45$ not sure the for Ugin’s fate version. 100$?

What source is these prices? If Ugin goes up at one site. .will this site go up?

Quint Clobo says:

jadelight ranger wears shorteralls

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Many of the cards that are being reprinted in Ultimate Masters are dropping fast. If you shop around you should be able to find better deals than the current market value but prices will continue to drop in the coming weeks. Let me know which cards you are thinking of picking up this week.

Corrie De Beer says:

What vintage deck playx noble hierarch?

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