MTG Masters 25 Previews! 30 More Cards Revealed Including Coalition Relic!

In this video we recap and analyze today’s preview cards from the upcoming Magic the Gathering Master’s 25 Set. We look at thirty new card reveals including Coalition Relic and Stangg.

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Cristian R says:

I really hoped more for a 25 years aniversary set, it’s ok but not that special. I think this a booster box set (you can evetually recover the inversion) , but buying just a few pack to get a Tree of redemption or/and akroma for 9990$ (almost 15 usd) is a turn down for me.
Also I’m thinking that they unbanned Jace at last moment when they notice that Iconic master was not selling that much, and wanted to push this set.

CrankedEDH says:

Imo i dont think this set is worth buying packs, its all over the place , many duds at the 9.99 price point.
Now there will be a small window to tske advantage of. At msro 249 a box pick uo the singles you want or need.

neoepochx says:

These packs cost $10. I’d damn well be concerned about the mythic spot if I get a $1 mythic in my $10 pack.

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus says:

Dang Stangg

Cody Watson says:

Notion Thief, ugh the Spirit Monger of m25

CrankedEDH says:

How come Heroes and Legends isnt receiving preview cards #H&Loreviewcards

brandon wheeler says:

Still not understanding all the complaining about value in this set. Yeah there are some mythics and rares not worth much but if every pack had an ev of 50 bucks who would be able to afford to buy any? There is a lot of value in rares and uncommons. Not to mention foils. If you are paying 10 bucks a pack you are doing it wrong. As for limited playability it looks very good.

Cody Watson says:

I’d rather see Bloodchief Ascention than Luminarch. Is this a huge set or what?

John Lawler says:

You’ve never seen a goblin in real life?? were you sheltered as a child?

Jared Lindberg says:

Honestly I think the set is really shaping up. Got some great reprints, and looks like it’ll be a really fun draft environment. Not to mention the art, so much great stuff. Love the alts and promo arts getting used. I also really like the watermarks with the original set symbols. Cool little touch that’ll look sweet in constructed decks. I hope on foils they foil the watermarks like they have with promos. Looking forward to this coming out.

DeathBeam SupperCannon says:

I want to see “Desolation Angel”.

Tee Jay says:

YES!!! I got Akroma!!! #wishgranted

Melo Dotty says:

MM25 drinking game: Take a shot every time he says “This is not a high-value reprint” or any variant of said statement.

Rafaust MTG says:

Even though there’s not tons of value, I’ll still have fun opening this set for the nostalgia if nothing else. Thanks for the video!

Trevor Knight says:

Does anyone know why Survival of the Fittest is rising in value all of a sudden?

Stalker Stomper says:

The color of rarity in this set’s symbols is insanely ambiguous. I honestly can’t tell any difference in the rarity of ANY of these cards by the symbol color alone. I watch your vids on a large tablet, yet I wouldn’t be surprised if people on large PC monitors can’t tell it’s rarity color either. Anyone?

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Let me know your thought’s on today’s Masters 25 Preview Cards. There were a number of additional cards this afternoon so I updated and reloaded this video but even so there was another card reveal after I finished the video. It looks like Plague Winds will most likely be the last Rare in Black.

Matt Merenbloom says:

It was the onslaught set symbol.

jaggededge11 says:

Honestly not too excited for this set as far as purchasing packs goes. There is just too many duds (And not even in the “Well, at least it’s good for Commander” sort of way). Honestly, I’m just going to save my money and purchase some Spirit Guides and call it a day.

burdickd2 says:

MM25 is just rancid.

dolfo10564 says:

Going to fight every fiber of my being and not going to buy a box. Going to start dumping my money into dual lands and masterpieces.

Franklin Cromer says:

Ole Phill Collins,Dont Care Anymore!!

Allwebco Design Corporation says:

Yes Yes YES, for sure Wizards should be giving preview cards to “Heroes and Legends MTG”. So I emailed the Wizards press department to tell them just that, and invite all your fans to do the same. Search wizards contact at Google and send them an email, call them, send them flowers or fruit, softy toys… or whatever. Let’s get John (er… from Heroes and Legends) some preview card love.

I also want to thank you (John, not your fans) for all your excellent content. Your previews and other videos are always so positive and insightful, you obviously love the game and it shines through. I think you are far and away the best Magic Channel out there for both previews and price reports. I hope you can get this channel to the top of the card pile.

SaiiiX says:

I hate this set

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