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Have you ever wanted to learn Magic the Gathering, but don’t know where to start or where to go? Has it been years since you picked up your last Magic deck, and you’d like to get back into the game? Then Magic Open House may be worth attending for you and anyone else you know who might love Magic!


First, let’s explain what Magic Open House actually is. Magic Open House is a free, casual event that takes place at local game stores right around when a new set comes out, and is specifically designed to welcome new and returning players to Magic. All Magic Open House events take place on a weekend that’s announced well in advance. For example, the next Magic Open House for Rivals of Ixalan is on January 6th and 7th, 2017. You can check the Wizards of the Coast store and event locator to find a participating local game store near you, and see if they’re holding a Magic Open House. If you’re unsure, it doesn’t hurt to contact them and ask!


Every person who attends is given at least one free, mono-colored 30 card welcome deck. Welcome decks are a great starting tool for beginners, and each one does a great job demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of each color. They’re also well balanced against one another, and the interactions between cards are kept as clean and uncomplicated as possible. You can even combine two Welcome decks to create a 60 card deck, which can be fun to show beginners how different color combinations influence gameplay.

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Vanessa Moser says:


Izaak says:

How to play Magic if you don’t have a local game store?

Richard DeRusha says:

Hey professor, your videos are so informative, the work you put into them are well appreciated and I’m sure it isn’t easy, but to keep them entertaining like you do must be difficult. Thanks for your hard work and all the great videos, I really enjoy them!

DaddyDeath says:

I Was told I cannot enter open house unless I brought someone new. So I missed out on Walk the Plank from 3 stores.. this is fucking horrible!

Blaze XD says:

I did the ixalan open house and got a free nissa planeswalker deck

Chilly Jack says:

“Ok, let’s just have a fun, no stress game.”
Turn 1: Island -> Hedron Crab

Jessica Schweinsberg says:

I had no idea this was a thing! I really hope my game store is doing this. I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend involved for the past 6 months!!! I think if he’s surrounded by other new players it would be much less overwhelming 😀

Donny Lurch says:

I got into Modern this year with Merfolk, so I’m very pleased to not only get a full-art promo for one of the staple cards, but to see it in Standard again!

Joe Momma says:

You should tie your tie in an Eldredge knot for a video. Just a random suggestion.

o8R3D33M3D8o says:


De4dPoo1 says:

Here in Guatemala the community is kind of small. Toxic as all fuck and elitist. So.. when my cassual mono black deck got raped by this guy tron expensive as hell deck he actually felt like a well earn victory just occurred. So the community thingy is not true prof. At least in here.

Christian Reinagel says:

Silvergill Adept is sooo good for Merfolk in standard! Maybe we’ll get Cursecatcher or Merrow Rejerey too.

Suvisak says:

this open house a common occurrence at local shops? if so, Yu-gi-oh should take note of this.

free style says:

any Magic Open houses or players in east coast area?

Daniel Montgomery says:

A merfolk/reprint reveal for a viable card? Could this have gotten any better for you Prof?

M Lienau says:


Denyan Crowther says:

have to say i learned at kitchen table first. playing casual games before i decided to attend a fnm. glad I did as getting smashed your first week can kind of deter you. But I stuck it out. 2 years now.

allan oca says:

Hi, I’ve just subscribed to your channel few days ago, I find your videos helpful, good job and I hope you continue doing these kind of videos.

Phallus Dominus says:

LOOK AT HIM. Look at the ”professor”. I mean for real. LOOK. This is what 1. Alcoholism 2. Socialism 3. Losing your job 4. Making your job out of a hobby looks like. It’s pathetic. To add to that: you became political AND a corporate sell-out AND you’re e-begging. That’s tbh the sad thing about the MTG community. Too many AUTISTIC society drop-outs who feel like a victim. Too many sad, sad people who are clearly virgin and take out their rage and anger to the game. And you, ”professor” (he’s not a real prof anymore so stap calling him that) are the king of this SJW ridden shit community. Look at him… Just fucking look at him.

Squidward297 says:

Did anyone else notice his great thumbnail making, he had the promos art with the name covered so you can’t just search the card and the oracle text was also covered so we couldn’t read what it does. So it made us click to know what the card did

Critical Games says:

As an owner of a LGS, thank you for putting emphasis on us. We here appreciate it, and hopefully so do others out there!

ThunderGunZ1976 says:

I literally picked the best time to start playing Merfolk! Now…if they just reprint the lords in Rivals…lol. (But seriously though, that new art is beautiful and this will make the transition to modern much easier!) Also, as an educator myself, I would love to teach someone new how to play magic.

Seavaydivenis says:

Hey Prof, nice tie.

JLTProductionsSA says:

I filmed the Ixalan Pre-release for my local games store! (South Africa)

Pierre Morin says:

my LGS declares they do all sorts of events to get the promos and foils but do not actually do any events for us players, then they sell the cards received this way for a profit

juan vasquez says:

Reading the card explains the card

Scott Winston says:

your channel has incredibly helpful as I try to get into MtG after playing Hearthstone as my first real wizard-poker game. Is it me or does WotC make starting MtG incredibly opaque? For example, I was so confused between Magic Duels, Magic Arena, and Magic Online. Your videos are actually useful where the WotC site is almost inaccessible.

Thanks for being you.

Keovar says:

The decks are not mono-coloured. There are two 30-card mini decks in each, one of which matches the box and the other of which seems to be random. From the open house days my partner and I have been to, we have combined two mini-decks of each color and made a 60-card mono deck of each. Since each mini-deck comes with 13 land, that means the double is a bit much, so I’ve taken out 2 lands from each and replaced them with extra copies of a card which already had 2 copies in the deck, bringing it up to 4. They’re good for teaching new players, though I think Blue is a bit hurt by not having any counterspells or other control effects. While complex, those are at the core of blue magic, and having a few fliers doesn’t really cut it. Maybe if the merfolk had islandwalk and the deck included a few enchantments to turn other lands into islands…

Soul Care says:

Professor, can I use Royal Assassin to destroy a target tapped attacking creature before damage would be dealt?

Tony Quigley says:

Hello Tolarian College, i really love your videos. Me an my brother have been playing that game that came out in the 90s called Shandalar and we love magic the gathering the only problem is is that we can’t afford to buy magic the gathering cards as we live in ireland, and they cost 4.99 per booster pack (4.99 euro in dollars is about 5.70 dollars, its very bad. our mum looks after me and my brother and 2 sisters alone so we don’t get any pocket money to spend so we cant even buy any ones off the internet, like the left over cards people dont use from there packs. i know all of the people here are very generos as we have seen before. im wondering if you or any of your other subscirbes would be able to to help us to get a bunch of cheap cards so me and my brogther can play eachother with different decks (not only one deck each yu knjow?) would be awesm if we could get bunch of cards that you dont need. we notice theres always a whole bunch of cards left when you open boxes that you dont use.
anyway i know its probably not something you could do but we love magic like you do and its hard having not enouf money to buy any to play. as the game we have is only one players and only has old cards from the 90s/
thanks so much for taking the time to read it. anthony and jake

crazycid &t-baggins says:

Cant Wait to go teach all the new guys to play magic and get that sweet sweet silvergill adept and sponsor my LGS!

Regirex says:

Perfect for my merfolk unblockable deck. Someone better have an Omnath

Tolarian Community College says:

Learn to improve your MTG gameplay with these videos:
The New Player’s Guide To Drafting Magic The Gathering Cards
Tolarian Tutor: Learn To Be A Better Aggro Player

Maxustry says:

Thank you Professor, I found a local game store where I can start my new Magic career. Many thanks.

James Collins says:

Tolarian gave Rudy the experience. I have proof.

Omegaroth666 says:

I love your ties.

Kayzah Mausiboi says:

I really like that you still keep a keen focus on the audience which is new to the game!
In fact your videos for beginners where one of the main factors which put me into magic around 3 years ago.

topher208 says:

Looks like the Rookie Decks have gone up in price. It’s showing $6.99 each and $29.99 for the set.

Alison PLC says:

Afther 4 hours finally complete the portuguese subtitles

Loulis Koukledes says:

You re the man professor!! Please make more Tolarian tutor videos for us beginners!

Ada Norberg says:

Nah, I dont remember magic well enough anymore. Luckily while waiting till January I can play Pokemon tcg online 🙂

Derp Deer says:

Isn’t the promo Ghalta now?

Edward Metzinger says:

Didn’t know this was a thing.
I’ve been growing out of touch with WOTC.
I used to look forward to playing two events a week, and now I barely play once every 3-4 months.
I still love the game, but, WOTC has made buying packs for my favorite format (draft) a bad decision. :I

Marshall Poole says:

You can tell he really PLAYS the game, and doesn’t just “study” it. 5:50

Gary Petty says:

Thank you so much for all of your videos! You’ve made learning to play and collect mtg not only easy but fun. Thumbs up!

NerdimusPrime says:

Type Fun died a decade ago.

Joshua Kelley says:

So this is a little off the subject of the video, but it’s sort of related to it — every semester I was at college, my friends and I would always get at least one new person into magic just through their curiosity and our openness for them to witness what was taking place and explain to them what was going on. Semester after semester we had taught at least several people, that was until there was a time we had five people at one time ask us to teach them magic. And after going off one by one and taking an hour or two to teach them, we basically had two pods of ten people playing magic by the time I graduated. I still see some of those people and they always thank me for teaching them magic, because it gave them friendship and memories that they will cherish. I was just happy we had more people playing the game around my campus.

Matt Parkes says:

Disappointing, became a patreon to support the channel and have not received my signed card…
Emailed the Prof many times and got no response. I’m happy to pay you $10 a month to help the channel, shame you don’t have the same respect for your supporters.

NerdimusPrime says:

My Local Game Store Blue Sky Hobbies is pretty much Walmart as they have put the gamers in the basement. Discordia Games on the other hand smells like Gamer Funk half the time. Help!!!

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