MTG – The Top 5 Best M19 Core Cards for Modern! Magic: The Gathering

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Timbojones Underwood says:

Sovereign bite

Savien Z says:

hey ummmm, professor? did you sac the ruby for that?

TheLoneDart says:

Yo Arcades isn’t that good dude….

Consul of Rome says:

Dredge is back baby

Keith Weidner says:

7:08 Remorseful Cleric is not all graveyards, it’s target player’s graveyard. Which is probably better, really.

naichiuolphi says:

best beginning ever!!

ben kram says:

This guy doesn’t know how to play Magic.

Bobby Corwen says:

Arcades is male dawg

Austin Wilburn says:

I run defender combo!!! i love defender tribal. (also have a defender aggro build but i dont love it as much)

Michael Krumholz says:

I don’t think Alpine Moon shuts down Tron. It doesn’t change the name of the card named with Alpine Moon, so the other lands still check the name. If you named Urza’s Tower, for example, your opponent would just need a 4th land to reach 7 mana instead of 3 lands (Mine and Power Plant would each still tap for 2).

Corbin Higgs says:


danekarl says:

Arcades defender EDH seems fun as hell, lol

Humberto Fraga says:

I’m not a Modern player, but I needed to give you a like for the video poster.

NetherWorks Costumes says:

Gotta love that intro haha

Leo Cestari says:

Rocking that beard my man!
Awesome channel, keep up the good work.

Joseph Wong says:


brine ryte says:

Can “Smell the Hate” please be a T-Shirt?

Ewen David Hendry McGregor says:

I honestly didn’t notice Tireless Tracker was a female until I heard the prof say ‘herself’.

Lord Deer says:

The side effect “inclination towards mono red builds” sounds like it could have potentially catastrophic effects

Jonathan Young says:

Metamorphic Alteration could be decent in modern – 2 mana to either turn my Dark Confidant into a Tarmogoyf… or turn YOUR Tarmogoyf into a 1/1 spirit with flying…

Over-Rated Gamers says:

I think Infernal reckoning will see some sideboard play against tron, eldrazi, and possibly affinity

Mike Pancake says:

Stitcher’s supplier is my pick for best modern card. It has lots of potential.

keegan cavers says:

But prof! You forgot about bugler!

Melissa Rohrbaugh says:

Nexus of fate might have made a splash IF IT WASNT A BUY A BOX PROMO

James Stevens says:

Isolate isn’t very good; it’s pretty much a worse version of every 1 cost removal because it does nothing except exile one-drops. Where push, bolt, and path can have later relevancy Isolate does not.


TheLoneDart says:

Tron lands still produce Tron mana aside from the one that’s named with alpine moon….. You know that right dude?

Teo Verogs says:

I laughed my ass off at the “sweet alpine scent” part

Joseph Carter says:

The start was this was funny and I so could see Alpine Moon being an Old Spice brand

Robert Wood says:

Really like the smooth cool alpine intro.

Hyoneff Gruñón says:

M19 is stronger than expected in my opinion.

John Mraz says:

I don’t at all understand the Alpine Moon hype. Tron can deal with it in the same way that they can deal with Damping Sphere but it does less. It’s only benefit is 1 cmc but that’s it. If it did that and did a damage or something I would like it for Burn or an aggressive red strategy but it doesn’t. Am I missing something?

Kane Benjamin says:

Yayyy! Spirit players rejoice!!

Paolo Tedesco says:

WOTC, please reprint Alpine Moon with “Smell the hate” as flavor text as soon as possible…

Cyyko says:

That beginning “commercial” is the only commercial I’ll ever listen to on the radio

Reok Turner says:

I am -very- excited about Chaos Wand in modern control mirrors. I may even try one in Merfolk. The ability to tap 3 and take the top board wipe to the bottom of the deck, or use one of their counter or removal spells against them?
Also, while I know it’s very unlikely, I’d love to see a B/R dragons deck in modern with the new Sarkhan!

Jack DeMarco says:

Hey professor I wanted to know if you have ever considered doing a video on pauper edh? I think that would figure in perfectly with your wheelhouse

John Derington says:

One of your best videos Prof! That attention getter at the beginning was hilarious. Great job!

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