MTG – The Worst Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed – Episode 13!

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openboosters says:

FANTASTIC!!! Love these vids!!! My favorite!!! So fun!!!

Joel Guerra says:

More color pie series?

Mathew Browning says:

First time discovering your videos. Didn’t really leave a good taste in my mouth. I like satire but this video to me was just too mean spirited. Made it not funny in the end. I’m all for bitching about dumb shit like in this video. But tone in back a bit.

Tzeentch says:

Wow when did Ray William Johnson actually become good

jon hu says:

Of all of these, the only one that *might* be defensible is psychic spear. There are a number of creatures that carry the spirit creature type, even in newer sets. Yes, that would require it to take up sideboard space, but if you desperately need something to complete a board (ha, right), it’s a last ditch choice.

Bog Wraith says:

Good to see you back in front of the camera my friend, it’s been too long!

You are the best!

Simto says:

What’s wrong with Battle For Zendikar limited? I like it 🙂 I got a Kalitas and dominated last time I played sealed, so that was pretty cool.

James Riley says:

!!!!! So happy to see Wedge in full effect again!

chance Ross says:

Hey, aladdins ring isn’t that bad

The Detective says:

The first card you show is pretty much a Yugioh card

Joshua Williams says:


Paul Rodgers says:

More, more, more toilet jewelry! We love your pain Wedge.

Connor Myers says:

Am I satisfied? Yes wedge. Yes I am.

So when’s the next episode of worst cards ever?

Robert Hoddinott says:

Aladdin’s ring curves really nicely into Aladdin’s lamp. So there’s that…..

TheIrregularGame says:

#=3 #RWJArmy

Amperman04 says:

Now I want more.

Warp Drive Fueled by Insomnia says:

Wedge!!! Welcome back.

Brett Nixon says:

I can’t believe there more of these videos I love this

Dapperghast Meowregard says:

Am I missing a meme? Most of those cards are pretty bad (Although I would commit unsavory acts to pull Ring in limited, which is also prolly why they bumped the rarity), but aside from that discard spell, these are all ostensibly capable of winning the game in a magic Christmasland scenario.

hydralisk102 says:


Spencer Ward says:

I’m surprised you haven’t talked about the original inception of Tolaria yet lol.

Damon Wille says:

This was amazing! Thank you! More please!

Allen Bowlds says:

Aladdins Ring was powerful at one point.

pepperonization says:


Spencer Jackson says:

YaY! Thank you for doing another horrible card vid. :-)… When is the next one?

Isiah Erika-Dickson says:


meoshi1 says:

no juju bauble!?

Jojo Barrientos says:

Anyone noticing…. the old… RWJ style? didn’t see that coming.

Jedi Sith says:

dislike, just for you dude

Peter Park says:

psychic spear was probably designed to be limited sideboard tech. just sayin’ glacial ray was a thing.

EE.Ray's says:

Little does he know, Billy the intern feeds off hate.

mellowbob says:

See? That wasn’t so difficult.

inusun says:

My hands down favorite video series. Hadn’t watched any TheManaSource videos lately, but when I saw this one. I had to watch it.

Edward Brambila says:

Got into magic 5sih months ago …. found out about mana source 3 days ago trying to learn more of the lore behind magic……this is now my favorite series…lol

DaiReith says:

You know…..when compared to the others the Psychic spear wasn’t THAT bad…..not that i’d ever use it either……

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