MTG – The Worst Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed – Episode 14!

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Chief Briand says:

being overweight can be deadly….

zombie hydra says:


Jefferson Derrickson says:

That alliteration was killer

David Reetz says:

did someone forget about Jandor’s Ring?

Spencer Kruse says:

Thank you wedge

Royal Collectables says:

Wedge has hit his breaking point.

adam hewitt says:

Lets make a new MTG format where the aim is to lose first

mom's spaghetti says:

malicious advice hivemind?

Omar Guzman says:

WOTC has been printing them for the last 7 years.

Evan Azzinaro says:

Wait, has Wedge always been black?

Gobsnachaz says:

I liked the video 5 seconds in.

Charles Moreau says:

So happy to get another one of these

Flippo ! says:

We are sorry for having you go through this every time again Wedge, but these videos are too good

Noskcaj27 Feggestad says:

I hope the pt goes well for you

I love your videos too

Arthur Kimes says:

sophic centaur is so bad you wouldn’t play if if they took 3 mana off it’s casting cost.

plazmasoul says:

Wedge, you ok buddy? This about the most nihilistic I’ve seen you

Tiger Warrior says:

Wedge, couple of things.

1: Glad you’re on the mend and recovering well enough, even if it’s to do this video, much to your immense displeasure.

2: At least there are a few more proxies to use in home-building in paper. That is their ONLY use. Plus Chaos Confetti… love it.

Viola Reimu says:

Malicious Advice actually kinda works with (Transcendence? You lose if you have more than 20 life, and can survive into negative. You take damage by getting +2 life for each one.)

Jarrod Nolan says:

So…..who else is inspired to build the worst deck ever with the goal of making the worst plays and losing in the most moronic way ever?

Aether Veilborne says:

I actually like that 1st card. Tap down blue control’s lands at their EoT. At worst, you lose no life as you burn one of their counter spells and at best, you’ve got a full free turn without blue meddling with you plays.

MTG Strategist says:

So funny.

pa yu says:

I mow my lawn at 8am every Sat cuz it’s the only time I can

Jordares says:

I’m putting Bargain in my Group hug deck. Fight me wedge

Noskcaj27 Feggestad says:

Wedge, we all love you <3, plz keep doing what you're doing :))

AbuRat913 says:

Glad your doing better wedge

Fj Berry says:

Root Cage can actually mess with part of my deck as my changelings are forced into remaining tapped

Eramiserasmus says:

Wedge, you’ve recovered enough to get angry and give these cards the roasting they need.

TheManaSource says:

Don’t post here. Leave me alone.

Lord Xtheth says:

Bargain actually IS NOT a real card. It’s Starter, a fake set for n00bs, portal was also a fake set. They’re both bigger jokes than unglued.

lietz13 says:

Bro, I’m sure your doctor mentioned it, and you brought up the health problems so I don’t feel like a dick for mentioning it, but you need to lose weight. It’s hell on bones and joints, as well as organs and even sleep. Things will get worse without a change. Get well soon.

clubby78 says:

So wedge, when’s episode 15 of worst cards?

William Schaefer says:


Aleksander K says:

not playing magic anymore, and yet I click this instantly

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