MTG – Top 10 BEST Cards that NEED to be Reprinted RIGHT NOW for Magic: The Gathering!

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chuck stevens says:

I knew it was gonna be hierarch

ReMeDy says:

It almost sounds like WotC doesn’t know what they’re doing. Oh, wait. Anyways, let’s reprint Tree of Redemption.

What needs reprinting?… Old cards with OLD artwork. Fuck royalties and licensing or whatever. I’m tired of this computer graphic 3D crap. Get these artists to put brush to canvas and give us REAL ART! This isn’t Hearthstone!

Shawn Diaz says:

Oubliette spiked with the Pauper side event announcements, not when it wasn’t included in A25. It was $40 before A25 previews started.

Lefty the Salesman says:

Storm Crow.

Tridedge says:

Scalding tarn

Lilith Geisler says:

Reanimate and Demonic Tutor. I have 2 reanimates and 1 Demonic tutor. But Reanimate is quickly over taking spell slinger as my favorite strategy in commander(because they don’t print great spells anymore) and Demonic Tutor has been just a great include for my second favorite strategy. Spell slinger.

TheJoe3211 says:

wotc really needs to reprint food chain another card reprinted once and never again

Shawn Diaz says:

Printing Noble Hierarch was legit a mistake. Oh it taps for multiple colors, has an extremely relevant static ability, is strictly better than just about every other mana dork in the game, and what’s its downside? 0 power (obvs bad I mean look at how unplayable BoP was). Should’ve been legendary or something. So damn strong.

Jon Walquist says:

What about Scapeshift, or Through the Breach, or Goryo’s Vengeance? Too narrow?

William Stanton says:

Mox Opal!

apanapane says:

Enemy color fetches need yet another reprint.

musicalcacti says:


J Bell says:

I really hope some of these make it into the commander 2018 product

smmstev0 says:


FriendlyNewt says:

Damnation, and mana crypt

WoWawebb2010 says:

Where’s my free Ferrari?!?!

Warp Drive Fueled by Insomnia says:

Dat beard, bro. It’s awesome.

GameBoy 51 says:

I totally agree with this list but most on the altar and land need one of each for two of my commander decks

michael gregory says:

The high cost of Lilliana is the major reason I’m a degenerate Burn player in Modern. I think the entire deck cost me less than $200, and that was when Goblin Guides were expensive.

Viktor Amun says:

I really miss the times when Dark Confidant was like 8,50€ and Doubling Season around 5€ at the local game store….

Spear Breaker says:


TheManaSource says:


Asger Thomsen says:

Blackcleave Cliffs?!

SparTadepT says:

No No, there has to be atleast 10 more Akroma cards that are worth 25 cents that are at the top of Wizards’ reprint list.

Mach Speed says:

I had a MM15 draft last night with some friends to break in my new man cave, first pack someone opened had a hierarch.

Austin Tanner says:

Mox Opal, Snapcaster, and Cavern of Souls would be the ones on my list that weren’t on yours.

rob keate says:

If the comment section shows anything, it’s that wizards desperately needs to reprint far more than just 10 cards. Personally, I’d love to be able to pick up all the enabler cards like Goryo’s, scapeshift etc but all the modern staple lands are probably far more important to reprint.

Btw, the beard looks just fine.

Robert Brentzel says:

Look its Barney with a beard

James Elliott says:

Cavern of Souls should be on this list. Mox opal and Snap Caster also deserve an Honorable Mention.

Jared Sardella says:

As a Commander player I have to agree on most if not all of the Commander cards on the list.

Nimesh Chokshi says:

Also, please consider doing a Top 10 Unglued/Unhinged/Unstable cards. My personal favorites are The Cheese Stands Alone and Granny’s Payback.

Sage McGinley says:

Oh man! You could not be more spot on with this deck list!

Wit To wat says:

I want to be entered in the giveaway. I liked subscribed and turned on notifications

That Red Panda says:

Cards that need reprinting in general, I dunno, how about the reserved list?

J Bell says:

Does anyone know if WOTC sees any of this content that Wedge does?

Joe Cannavino says:

Cavern, Scapeshift, and Mox opal should be too. But yeah, Noble Hierarch 100% is #1

p1k4nurxp13sr says:

Looking at some other comments, among the unmentioned I see both Scapeshift and Cavern of Souls. Also, Living End, Kolaghan’s Command, Collective Brutality, Snapcaster Mage, Engineered Explosives, Leyline of Sanctity and Leyline of the Void, Surgical Extraction, Fulminator Mage, Meddling Mage, Mox Opal, Inkmoth Nexus, and Mutavault. Whew. Of the above, I say the most important are K command due to versatility, Cavern because $90 lands are nauseating, Snapcaster because it’s practically the blue control and tempo staple more than any other card, and Brutality to cut it off before it becomes a problem (as I can see that happening quickly due to the sheer awesomeness of the card). Overall, I think that you did pretty well with your list, as Doubling Season, Oubliette and Noble Hierarch are the easy top 3.

Feelosopher says:

Talks about Colonnade – “things have gotten out of CONTROL”. I chuckled a little bit.

Jeldert Boonstra says:

Doubling season fun? I don’t see fun in tamiyo or dovin baan ulting instantly

Aaryan Wilson says:

Chromatic latern 15 dollars for a mana rock thats only played in commander is ridiculous

WoWawebb2010 says:

Leave Lili alone lol

x1PMac1x says:

That Karn planeswalker card should have never existed, forget reprinted. Unfun card design.

Parker Stockett says:

What about fetchlands? That’s what needs to be reprinted into oblivion imo

Theo Hamilton says:


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