MTG – Top 10 Best Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed – Part 1!

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Glad1atoR says:

8:13 uhhh… infect?

Eli Girouard says:

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nikojnemavakvo says:

man this is list of broken cards , and not the “best cards” , i will put Terminate as a “best” card for example or wrath of god, birds of paradise, Skizzik. Flametongue Kavu, wild mongrel or even bloody disenchant, you just mention broken cards that are mostly banned not because they are the best but because they are IMBA, am i right?

Maximum Borkdrive says:

I don’t think you explained why the Mox Gems are good. The only reason they are good really is because they basically allow you to put down a land + any of those artifacts.

Patrick King says:

I disagree with banning cards no matter how powerful. Who’s to say what/when a card is too powerful and should be banned? No one. In my opinion, only the creators of the game who print the cards should have that authority.

And if I got really lucky and got an awesome card that I paid for then some jealous people said I wouldn’t be allowed to use it, I’d be a little pissed to say the least. At a minimum I would demand that they couldn’t play a specific card or cards that I deemed bannable. If they disagreed then I wouldn’t play with them. It’s a two way street.

dsd says:

these cards are part of some kind of game??
am I guessing right, what’s the name?

Adam Alward says:

What about rolling thunder?!?! Gad damnit

Sebastian Knowles says:

Lol I had the mtg SOI ad come for this video

Nathan McKenzie says:

Nice who’s line is it anyway reference.

Shawn Davis says:

4 time walks in a deck with 4 restocks and other fetch cards from graveyard plus all the mox(4 each) arifacts and you have a single player game of magic XD

Jovan Tomic says:

What about Ghostly Prison? Card is too strong for fer play

Warren Brooks says:

Before I got to the top five I was hoping the Door to Nothingness would be one of them.

Eric Dietz says:

Some counterspells are awesome considering how common, uncommon they are.. but they do require good timing. Or for your opponent to be out of or very low on mana.

PewPew_McPewster says:

So I proxied the Power for my Powered Cube. This happened:

T1 Island, Mox Sapphire, Time Walk
T2 Land, Tinker for Blightsteel

We have a banlist for a reason folks.

Julie Holcomb says:

Beats being a pedophile – – I guess?

higglyjuff says:

I could honestly use the 1 mana discard your hand for one of my decks. It uses a lot of madness, empty hand play, flashback and revival techniques. I’d prefer it if every player had to though.

Harry Mcgowan says:

how is the field creeper not on this list

Jasper Tolhurst says:

No Mana Drain!???!???!??????

Havanuf MTG says:

Force of Will… FTW!

GoldCobra/ Arima says:

what about geas credle?

TwixtheWizard says:

so why are the mox so good?…they look like just land to me

Andrew Cleary says:

Prediction: It’s the power nine and library of Alexandria
Result: Pretty much, yeah, with a few more lands, Yawgmoth’s will and a “Ha-ha! We only said we weren’t including un-cards! We never said we weren’t including other completely illegal cards never designed for competitive play!”
Seriously. The number one card is not only illegal in magic, but flat-out illegal to play, because of gambling laws. Yup, you dun fooled us.

DesolatorMagic says:

So the “best” magic cards are all the banned cards that were unfair and broke the game. You have a different idea of “good” as I do.

Laurent Binette says:

mental misstep is in the top 3 in my opinion

Local WeedMan says:

magic is so stupid…

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