MTG – Top 10 Best Reserved List Cards under $20 to Buy RIGHT NOW for Magic: The Gathering!

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Steve Morrison says:

“I don’t know Youtube sucks” lol I nearly died laughing, love the salt Wedge!

Lukas Schäfer says:

Cool idea and nice cards

Keovar says:

The reserve list is WotC’s mistake, not your fault. The ‘proxy’ printers in China will continue to get better, rendering the list irrelevant when it is no longer possible to tell where or when a card came from. The D&D IP is making them hold off for now, but eventually Hasbro will look at selling WotC off, probably to Disney, who will have no obligation to keep the reserve list policy, if they bother printing cards at all.

Jack Schumacher says:

What’s a reserved list?

Leifson Thewind says:

“now hes historic in multiple ways” ashubjkdnas such a fuckind dense pun

explosionate says:

peacekeeper is gone

Kevin Scott says:

Wedge, it’s fantastic to see you looking much better physically and emotionally! Thanks for the great content!

Ross F says:

lol all cards featured on this list have now spiked with very few now being under $20. Thank god I specked these cards weeks ago.

Lucas Bareis-Golumb says:

I swear these cards jumped directly after this video

Patrick Lewis says:

I don’t suppose the whole constant mentioning of “These will totally never be reprinted ever again no way” is a sideways dare to eliminate the money-grubbing absurdity that is the reserve list? I support that if so.

Wolfgang Baumgartner says:

Why the fuck would you make this fucking video says:

I own a copy or two of a fair number of these. I might have to get a few more that seem like fun Commander cards.

Fletcher Davis says:

Not under 20 for long. City of solitude and Thawing Glacier just spiked up to 30 each!

Although it sucked for the people who didn’t pick up a copy I think their spike was inevitable and this video just sped up the process.

But great video Wedge! I always enjoy your content!

Christoph H says:

I don’t think this video was a bad idea. It was informative and entertaining. What else do you want?
Stay positive.

Laurence Brown says:

I think I’m on to your Master Plan, Wedge. Spike all of these prices for paper cards, which will drive people to play Magic Online, where the prices for these cards are still affordable (As of me writing this, Peacekeeper was now $50 dollars in paper, less than a dollar for Magic Online).

Andrew Sellers says:

The increasing quality of fake cards from China, I am out of buying older cards that are expensive. Investment magic may be in serious trouble.

I am focusing on Brawl and Commander due to the singleton format being cheap to complete more decks.

Noah Rankin says:

Well at least I know to keep an eye out, and to dig up my Kjedorian Outpost I swear I have, also Shallow Grave is still under 20 I think, its basically Goryos Vengeance number two, good for highlander and cube and casual

Rattlesnakemeuk says:

I’m not a fan of MTG Finance either Wedge, but I have no problem with making this video. This is because your video is bringing it mostly to the attention of PLAYERS who want these cards to PLAY with them. There’s enough videos and content out there aimed at MTG finance types so they’ll be buying it anyway. Best to warn players to get in while they can before speculators drive prices up anyway.

Ronnie Geddes says:

Thanks wedge!

Stephan Wyrsta says:

Ooooh boy, you know what other list I’m thinking of. WORST CARDS LIST

T Glenn says:

Not cool wedge. Seriously not cool.

Spellbinding Circle Productions says:

Somewhere, creepy Rudy’s taco went crisp.

TheManaSource says:

For transparency, I don’t own more than a single one of 5 of these cards. 4 of them, I don’t own any, and #5, I own 3 because I run the beast in multiple Commander decks 😛

I hate #mtgfailnance. Most of you know I hate it. You could look all over the internet and you won’t find me selling any of these cards. Hopefully you can grab some before they go crazy. <3

D'Koda says:

Copy Artifact is my favorite budget RL card. Card is so good.

BlackRider Bob says:

well good job now most of these cards are double the price they were yesterday

edson torrontegui says:

And then wedge made a video about them so they went over $20

Lance Franklin says:

Love the beard Wedge! And good video too, a lot of EDH players simply don’t realise what affordable RL heavyweights exist out there to turbo charge their decks.

Tyler Kirschner says:

Stop making videos like this. Wedge, you are exacerbating the problem of the reserve list. You just spiked peacekeeper to $30+. No one wants to buy a $45 peacekeeper. Let these gems sit in bulk collections to be discovered. Hoarders will always hoard. If no one yells on a stage in front of a 180K audience that “Hey, this card could be an investment BUY BUY BUY NOW!!! DON”T MISS OUT!!” maybe the hoarders won’t buy every single last one. Go back to worst cards, we love jank that makes us laugh.

michael glover says:

I enjoy seeing this type of content, everyone hates on the RL but people ignored the sings for buyouts for years. like it or now, carts are getting snaped up and everything slowly ticking up.

Yeti says:

Sweet video

That One Person says:

Wedge why so many of these cards are now spiking cause this video, peacekeeper is in the 40s whyyyyyy think before you speak

Claudio Cavalcante Bomfim Júnior says:

isn’t opalescence just a worse starfield of nyx that was only good with the leylines?

beanslinger6 says:

Thank you Wedge! Great video. Happy to pick these up before the trends continue. I think people are unrealistic about the abolishment of the reserved list and even more unrealistic about the future of the game if it goes away. New cards that break the rules of functional reprint are coming. We see some in Battlebond!

T Glenn says:

Yup, this was the video that made unsubscribe….

michael jezus says:


I love your channel and videos for over a year.
But I HATE this one, all you are doing is making even more reserved list cards spike in price for no reason!
The cards don’t get played more, in Europ, 9 hours after your video released 63% of all peacekeeper on the cardmarket got bought.
The price went from €5 to 16€ NM…. Thanks for feeding the “hype” train, reserved list cards are feeling like freaking bitcoins a year ago….
Most reserved list cards don’t see much play (maybe in a few fun decks) and will eventually crash again in price since why buy a card if its useless and very overpriced and not even that rare…

Again I like your channel, keep doing the good work but this video is straight up cancer!

Der Bifi says:

I don’t get that controversy 😕

Carlo Andrew Sanchez Perea says:

Peacekeeper is now $43 in TCG median. Too late!

keetakitten says:

Good to see ya back, bra. But these prices have gone crazy since you released this video… Much sad

BIG T says:

Wedge I would like to recommend that you keep doing at least 1 of these a month to keep bringing up awareness to the reserved list cards that are relatively cheap

Robert Houtsch says:

Reserve List had its day, but that day was last week.

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