MTG – Top 10 Best/Most Powerful Magic: The Gathering Decks of All Time!

MTG – Top 10 Most Ridiculous/Crazy/Chaotic Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed! –

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rookandpawn says:

Thank you for putting up Trix (UB NecroDonate), MonoU Palinchron HighTide. Also worth mentioning is Psychatog dominance in Legacy, Vintage, Standard, and Extended all at the same time. Other mentions: Stax, Survival of the Fittest

Geometrik says:

Surprised faeries were not on the list 😀

The Major says:

I wish I played Magic back in those days. I mean the worst I’ve done is played OTK Elves and Turn 1 Emrakul, the opponent scooper.
Ok I also played stupid combo decks such as Lands, and Dredge.

But let me just write down, the most horrible deck imaginable, even scarier than the newer Flash Hulk(AKA win turn 0 deck).
It may kick off 1 turn to late to compete with a lucky Flash Hulk player, but at least it’s a lot more consistent. Aka Quit the game if you don’t win before your opponent has had their turn 1 or if they started, their turn 2.

7 Swamps, 4 Black Lotus, 4 Mox Jet That’s all the mana..
4 Time Walk, 1 Channel, 4 Regrowth, 4 Timetwister, 4 Wheel of Fortune, 1 Fork, 1 Fireball and that’s all the off colored cards.
4 Sink Hole 4 Demonic Tutor, 1 Drain Life, 4 Dark Ritual, 1 Lich That’s the fun touch to the deck…
And for the really scary part, here’s the reason why it will never see the day the last 12 cards.
4 Jeweled Bird, 4 Darkpact, and yes it’s Ante cards so 4 Contract from Below.

I’ve heard of a similar deck in the past, that was slightly better streamlined, but never played officially in the records, which instead of running regrowth just ran 4 ancestral recall instead. for more Draw.
And trust me, I’m not allowed to play this deck against my friends. They seem to dislike it a lot. And of course, we just don’t care about the ante as being an ante, but just treat it as exile. so it’s even more broken. I mean we do play against each other with other decks that have ante cards in them for fun, with the same rule, but this deck is just too powerful. The best hand to open with just wins you the game without any need for card draw, being Double lotus channel fireball.

So you may notice that the deck is scary, with a lot of recursion, and that it is very similar to eggs, but seeing as how easy it is to just draw 200 cards in 1 turn with it, which won’t happen in most cases, seeing as you will be able to burn them to death long before that.

Think of it as an Eggs deck that is as fast as dredge.
Mana->Draw->More Mana->Draw->Even More Mana->Recycle everything->Take another turn->repeat->Channel->Fireball.
Annoying to say the least.

gumbilicious1 says:

As an aside, the tooth and nail deck from Mirrodin standard had a lot to do with skull clamp getting banned. It out performed affinity for a while before the banning

Affinity had far more long term impact across more formats, it also caused another round of bannings, but I remember “elf and nail” quite well and feared it more than affinity at the time

dani silva says:

ichorid, superfun deck 🙂

Pika PlayZ says:

these are good deeeecks. there are some great agro deeeecks, I really like magiiiic, and i say it as magiiiic

Diego Jiménez Tamame says:

And TurboDragon was pretty sick too

Diego Jiménez Tamame says:

Psiqueatog and The Rock where a pain in the ass back in day in Extended. I also remember giving a hard time to people during Mirrodin standard (funnily enough, I started playing with Mirrodin) with my Krark Clan Ironworks + Myr Incubator/Triskelion+Disciple of the Vault combo. Freaking Tooth and Nails (or Kiki-Jiki + Darksteel Colossus/similar bollocks huge creatures) where also a pain in the ass for quite a while.

AreUSureItsRelevant says:

Mana Jar is now $31 today when I watched this!

Jason Carto says:

_The most powerful deck in magic was a Mill deck_
this pleases me

ReMeDy says:

What about the awesome turn 1 win of:
30 Black Lotus
20 Wheel of Fortune
10 Fireball

You have to spend money to make money!

flamingRose100 says:

mono green eldrazi back in of zendikar

Tim M says:

Your creepy valley girl voice inflections make me want to puke. Stop, just stop.

Kittenmage Bone says:

I don’t know if it was actually oppressive or if it was just that it was played a lot in my area, but the unblockable infect deck from new phyrexia was super rough

olaf jak says:

yes the Red Sly deck kicked my ass several times… but!!! en kor decks could fight back (-:

Duncan K says:

What about the old school unstoppable deck 30 mountains 30 bolts? back in the day when there was no limit to the amount of copies

Quinn Reynolds says:

Flash hulk better be number one.

Azei Azhar says:

i came here because i thought it was a video about a real magic deck of playing cards not this yugi oh type deck

gumbilicious1 says:

Trix was janky? Then it was far less effective after dark rit and mana vault?

Kai’s blue red version was certainly not anticipated, but players still sided seals against it and he managed to win a pro tour with that version

Rank 1 ARAM says:

My peak of MTG playing was during the Mirrodin block. I had a ton of fun with krark klan ironworks. Get a manavault and burn through an entire deck on turn 2. Ironworks+free cast affinity creatures+skullclamp+disciple of the vault.
I still use aether vials. too good.

Fourth Reich says:

I guess you’re not including the old broken decks before they had restrictions of numbers of cards per deck? The ones that win on turn 1 consistently.

The-Jaded says:

No Tinker though?

The Major says:

Still the most op decks, of the olden days are still the never saw the light, Black the first true control deck, never made, or played, due to ante being a thing people weren’t too fond of.

For info about Black, just check my other comment on this video. It’s a monoblack all alpha cards deck. I say monoblack but a lot of the cards are offcolored. Such as Timetwister and Time Walk..
The only weird part about the deck is that it’s almost only cards from Alpha, with the Exception of Jeweled Bird which is from Arabian Nights.

Mathew Kostewicz says:

The Jar deck is the one deck that is even more powerful than the Academy Deck but it was around for a single tournament and shit hit the fan! Using Jar and Megrim the deck consistently won on turn one and if your hand was not set up to win by turn 3 at the latest you should have mulliganed. Just gross.

Diego Jiménez Tamame says:

Also, Goblins, amirite? Fucking pricks.

BestFizz EUW says:

Theros world tour mono blue devotion ❤️

HecticWolf2000 says:

Uh… Where’s eggs on this list?

The Arkham Reaper says:

I’m not worried about eldrazi not being here my question is why isn’t Slivers or Infect either of them built proper is too strong almost all players know that they’re both very strong

roberto gomez says:

the only thing I would add to this is eldrazi winter…

The Legend says:

Everybody’s like “Eldrazi is not in this list?!” “wtf?, Eldrazi is not in this list???”.

Star Wars Savage says:

a lot of stuff isn’t op

Joshua W says:


Not Your Average Nothing says:

I tried to Flash my Protean Hulk, but I got arrested.

Peter A. Saltamachio says:

Strip Mine being called a disruption spell. Ha

scott dobney says:


John Waye says:

Tooth and nail, Channel Ball, Goblin Bidding, Dragon storm, The One, Opalescence replenish, Bargain just some that should have hit honorable mention.

michael gifford says:

not talking about stupid broken combos that wizards hasnt ruled aganst… like devoted druid/vizier of remedies. but vexing mage deck, flickering whisp, cop soldiers “lichking” the old kill card in that one was magus of mirror but now repay in kind, and artificers deck with master transmuter… i know in 99 spirit of the night deck was pretty amazing. just a few off the top of my head. btw aether viel is too easy to top, first with any mana theth early and alternating a few later turns if not on first draws by chalice of void,… killing a lot of those “overpowered” mirridon decks as you say, or even current infectous rush / death and tax builds

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