Mtg: Top 10 Cards That Get Better When Ravnica Allegiance Comes Out!

Dev sits down to share 10 cards he thinks will be much better when Ravnica Allegiance arrives!
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Hayden Lucke says:

You’re my favorite YouTuber and I’ve never once played Standard. I pay for clairvoyance, only because you’re a cool dude. Thank you for the content!

Christian Smith says:

I think it would be cool to see 5 color jodah or 5 color legends

Alexandru Vijeu says:

Chamber Sentry is incredibly slow

Anaverageguy41 says:

Knights should get a lot better with Orzhov coming in

With a B/W land
More B/W Knights
B/W Angels
And shit loads of removal I would hope

Nick Little says:

I hope he used royalty free music, lol,

Aaron Conlin says:

I hope there’s a decent 5 color deck just because I’ve always thought it was interesting. All the shock lands, gates, Llanowar Elves, chromatic lantern, etc. not really sure what would be done with it to win but it’d be cool

BoomBoomBatty says:

Music choice seems off

Josh Leonard says:

Not Nullhide Ferox or Zacama or Lyra Dawnbringer. Out of all things to be number 1 u put Chamber Sentry as the top card to get better lol

Jamey Farmer says:

Thousand year storm in a Jeskai build is going to benefit from pretty much anything abzan brings to the table but probably gets insane in a temur build with the addition of whatever nasty burn spells gruul brings. Experimental Frenzy can also dip into temur and add more jumpstart cards to the pool to make land clog less of an issue with it

Bruno Costa says:

I think we need to keep an eye on Gruul and Rakdos aggro. Experimental Frenzy allows Rx decks to be viable against the top-tier control decks. Gruul already has access to Wayward Swordtooth and Dryad Greenseeker to make Frenzy even crazier, and Rakdos has Angrath for even more control hate. They already have some pretty decent stuff, but they’re being overshadowed by Boros and Izzet, which have way more pieces in GRN, obviously.

ladev91 says:

Rakdos burn will be a playable deck and knights might be a thing.

Burden82 says:

you dont belive spirits would get better like supreme phantom. azorius should get more spirits so cards like supreme phantom will get lot better

KoptaKam says:

Anyone know the song playing while Dev was talking about gift of paradise?

Montero says:

Top ten decks that get better after RNA?

Kattywagon29 says:

I swear that I forget all about Chamber Sentry until Dev mentions it. XD

Arghore says:

Due to how WotC ‘hides’ decks in sets, basically by spreading out cards over multiple sets, i think there are likely some more gems in there. Mainly the cards that seem to ‘entirely not’ jive with the set, or where art is just entirely differently themed… Somebody mentioned that spirit lord in a set without much spirits to talk about, well, that card has a clear chance to become better… will say though, that due to people knowing how WotC hides these decks, they also put in ‘duds’, to sort of obscure what will actually get better and perhaps foil some speculative buying… so be aware of that!

BingBong 1234 says:

Love the cat bro

mike long says:

Vampires always wreck me on arena. I was able to get a tefari and ajani and made a blue white control with big angels and concaves, warleaders, and I was able to actually able to level up. Keep in mind I’ve only been on arena not even 5 days but I didn’t have a big library to choose from. That combo got me going

Cristian Martinez says:

The music that starts when you’re talking about the cards is very distracting and makes it difficult to hear what you’re saying. Maybe lower the volume on the music or maybe it’s not needed?

Taylor Gaspard says:


McFats says:

I still haven’t given up on Mox Amber!

Turtle313 says:

While i agree with u on most cards on the list i´m also not convinced on the CS Lewis pick. In my opinion there are too many ways to exile things to rely on Lewis stepping out of the grave and do some crazy stuff.

I bet all Decks playing red cards will get another push, they are quite dominant now (Izzet, Boros, RDW…) and with the addition of Gruul and Rakdos there will slip in some cards which will make them even better. Maybe more the Boros and RDW Decks, Izzet seems to not have a lot of space to change the core of the Deck, you can already see their consistency dropping down when they sideboard in to heavy on removal spells. They really rely on their draw cards and can´t swap out a bunch of them.

So with Boros and RDW i can see Gruul being quite dominant too. They already have some stuff to make experimental Frenzy better, Sarkhans unsealing won´t get worse and if we agree that the Format will get more controlly then Carnage Tyrant will still be there to ruin the opponents day. The fact that green ramps the best won´t hurt either. The more i think of it the more i get stuck in my opinion of Gruul having a nice time. They have a lot of cards which just need to get some help to get together which they probably will.

Sean McClung says:

Ruin Raider gets very playable when blood crypt comes out. Pirates have a good matchup against Izzet. The big problem is, pirates are bad against golgari , anything with defeaning clarion, and the 2 giants angels. That being said pirates can be faster than mono red and surprisingly resilient against the more expensive board wipes.

Robert Brentzel says:

Spread what??? Fake news

mike long says:

My wizard! (Denzel voice)

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