MTG Top 10: MOST Confusing Cards

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Waffletigercat says:

Raging River is a really interesting card. I like it a lot.

mike long says:

I had an illusionary mask as a kid. Pretty sure I probably just looked at it and left it on the table at the lgs lol. Also I’m pretty sure Edwin the magic engineer is main decking 4 sharahazad

CaryTrottVEVO says:

Shahrazad does have ante in it

Fernest says:

All of those cards are not too hard to understand. I wish they would print more of these unique cards instead of the copypaste ones today. Only Shahrazad is a bad card, but it is not confusing.

Ricky Hurst says:

Im calling lim dul’s vault b4 i watch.

TheKalaxis says:

I was expecting to see Knowledge Pool, a card that had several of my local judges baffled with some of the interactions it throws up.

Fernando Banda says:

Fun fact: The Spanish version of Dead Ringers actually added reminder text to explain what the hell they meant. I don’t know if this was true of any other translation but it was a nice touch.

Piotr Skutecki says:


Jami Salama says:

I love illusionary mask, it’s sometimes played in oldschool. Super cool effect. Unfortunately they’re pretty expensive, otherwise I’d probably play it in mono blue. Want to take the risk of attacking to an efreet? Didn’t think so 😉

TheBiggyJMan says:

You completely misunderstood what ice culdron does. Long story short, it puts a spell on layaway. I could pay 5 mana for its effect on turn 5 and exile ulamog, next turn I tap it, add 5 mana and cast ulamog tapping only 6 lands this turn. It’s a pretty cool card, with a really cool effect.

Luxcannon Yosafani says:

If sorrow’s path isn’t number one, I don’t know what is

theunwelcome says:

pre-watch, will edit after: I’ll guess we see Sharazad, Naked Singularity, Oubliette, Chaos Orb (maybe), and Raging River on this list

edit: 2-for-5, man I had forgotten some real doozies here…

Breaze says:

chains better be on this list.

Владимир Королёв says:

Most of these cards are pretty clear. Getting confused by river, seriously? I’ve understood that card by reading only 1/3 of the text and looking at the picture.

Alphax says:

I’ve actually played around with Ice Cauldron, it’s actually pretty easy to understand once you cut out the procedural text so it basically reads as an artifact that stores a spell on the board rather than your hand AND can (but doesn’t have to) also store mana to play that spell. What makes it neat is that you can do this at ANY time (or in response to anything) so for example putting a ton of general mana into casting an X spell at the end of your opponent’s turn to put even more mana in the next turn or putting in specifically colored mana to keep it free the next turn and so on. But if you don’t want to / can’t pay anything, X can of course be 0 and you can still store that spell.

IMO it would be a much more valued artifact if not for the confusing procedural text.

Joey zucchini says:

Shahrazard bounce deck =ez win

RickL Awrence says:

What’s with all people saying Goblin Game? Not even close to this level of confusion

Danjuron says:

No Lifeline?

Magnum Piorizanni says:

Isn’t illusory mask an interesting way to give a creature “flash” since you may cast it whenever you want.

Nate Holt says:

Possibility storm would be good for this list.

Magnis884 says:

No snowblind? Shame.

j smith says:

Love to see more subjective list…this one gave me a head ache.

Pvt. Parts says:

The letters on my “goblin game” card are starting to ware off from all the ppl reading it over and over again

howlinglotus says:

Raging River is hilarious in Locust God EDH.

Joshua Merry says:

I’m I the only one working on a Korn & Shahrazad deck with the intention of forcing people to play multiple subgames within each other with the risk of subgame resets? All in and effort to force people to forfeit out of fatigue and frustration? Just me ok cool lmao

leo wheeler says:

shahrazad is pronounced like shah / ra / zad
youre adding extra As behind the second h and the d .

Stefano Fagiano says:

I am sorry but.. GOBLIN GAME???

Vaknuva says:

I think I figured out ice cauldron!
Ok, so since you can activate ice cauldron’s first ability at instant speed, it serves two purposes:
First, storing the leftover Mana from your opponent’s end step, at the cost of declaring what card you’re going to use it on. This can be a card whose Mana cost is more than what you paid into X. Think, you play the cauldron on turn 4, on turn five you draw Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, play a land, and end turn. On your opponent’s end step, you pay 5 Mana for X, exile Ulamog, start up your turn, play a land, and cast Ulamog, on turn six.

The other purpose is to temporarily protect a card in your hand. After all, it can’t be discarded or exiled from your hand if it’s not there when the spell or effect resolves.

OOM- 32 says:

Goblin game is pretty wtf too

Will Farrell says:

7:01 Haha Camouflage would be soo fun to use, and for only one green. Ohh but what about a Raging River Camouflage Combo!

Metalisha says:

that river card could actually be really really good

Herp McDerp says:

#1 Rules Lawyer (Unstable)

Professor Utonium says:

Another idea you could do is a Top 10 list of cards whose original text does not hold up well nowadays.
One card that comes to mind for me is the original Rukh Egg printing from Arabian Nights that needed an entire paragraph printed on the card to basically explain what a token is.

Mystdragon says:

I think NO 6, raging river, is quite straight forward if you are imagining your battle near a river. The river impedes the non-flying creatures and the defender must set up defenses on each side. The attacker then gets to choose how to engage.

Stormy Baker says:

the thing about ice cauldron is…it is really good with X spells like braingeyser or fireball. at end of your opponent’s turn you can set it up for your turn. if you put a braingeyser with a charge counter for 5 mana on the cauldron at the end of their turn, during your turn you can geyser for at least 3 cards, but usually 7 or more (you can add more mana to X when you cast the geyser). not exactly amazing, but not entirely useless either 😉

Mystdragon says:

Most of the cards on here seem pretty straight forward to me, but of course I started playing g magic in 1996 and have felt with paragraph text many times.

Drew Jackson says:

6:17 River is capitalized because it’s referring to a specific, nominal river (i.e. the Raging River)

Aaron E says:

Goblin Game, anyone?

20x20 says:

If camouflage isn’t on here…

SMAXZO says:

Wait..there’s a card that forces you to play ANOTHER game and the only reward is just halving your opponent’s life? That’s not a stall, that’s a goddamn cubicle.

Keegan Pogue says:

Top 10 most expensive cards from M15+

tochoXK3 says:

I’m disappointed that Word of Command isn’t on the list.

Also, Animate Dead has a ridiculously long Oracle text.

TacoMan14798 says:

Ice Cauldron is low key cool.

Dominic Mako says:

Raging River looks like a fun card. The first thing that popped into my head was have some Menace creatures on the board. This would be a great way to stay aggressive in commander.

Matt Lynn says:

Ice Cauldron the piggy bank.

Jaxzan Proditor says:

Genuinely surprised Animate Dead didn’t make this list. This are some very interesting cards and I’m glad you made this video.

NerdimusPrime says:

Shahrazad existed when magic was actually fun.

Stephen Carroll says:

No Old Fogey? I mean I guess it’s an Un card but it’s still a fun card to try and figure out wtf is going on

Anthony Delfino says:

Personally, I don’t think of phasing as that confusing a mechanic… but maybe that’s just me

Here’s something I found helps to understanding phasing. When a creature phases out, it’s not going anywhere, it’s traveling in time to the future, and when it phases back in, your time as the player has caught up to the time of the permanent that phased out. That’s why it never leaves or enters the battlefield, from the creature’s perspective, it was in play the entire time, but since it time traveled into the future, it was not present for any effects that might have otherwise impacted it such as wrath effects or targeted removal.

Hope that helps.

Simon Derb says:

Now I feel dumb because I understood 9 out of 10 cards without problem, and I wonder why. Maybe cause I don’t not mtg slang that much ?

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