MTG – Top 10 Most Ridiculous/Crazy/Chaotic Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed!

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Ultracity6060 says:

Dovescape. If it resolves, from the moment it hits the table, whatever game everyone thought they were playing is over. The game is now *make the most birds to win.*

you me says:

what about eye of the storm? your sharazard would be great if it was replicated every turn

ian says:

I wonder how well warp world would work for my krenko mob boss deck?

ok says:

Does throwing a massive sheet over everyone and pulling it away count as hiding and revealing?

Alex says:

I’m surprised timesifter isn’t on the list, that card is nuts

Nastard2 says:

I don’t feel like Shahrazad or Goblin Game belong on this list, much less as the #2 and #1 spots. I mean, there’s chaotic spells that’ll make a game more complicated yet fun and then there’s the dumb shit that nobody wants to see played and really should never have been printed. Make a better list, Wedge. Those cards are just a stupid cop-out for the top picks.

Jmeno Prijmeni says:

Me in the store: you guys have goblin game?
Guy behind the counter: what’s wrong with you?

Arisorio says:

Playing 4 Shahrazad Subgames at once, maybe 8 if your opponent has it as well.
Inception indeed.

ultor europae says:

Why are so many magic players so fucking obese??? I mean wtf????

Quinn Reynolds says:

Shahrazad was legal in commander for a while.

Alex Osterman says:

Confusion in the Ranks should get top spot, specifically because of what happens when there’s two (or more!) of them in play.

somatikos_alt says:

I have a Donald Trump Planeswalker card

Victor Delatorre says:

put all those reds in one deck and have fun RED, RED, RED…… argh.

ariel feldman says:

Amulet of Quoz?

KJ Goar says:

Want to really have some fun?
Play wort, raid mother.
Sylvan offering (conspired obviously)
Then conspire warp world.

Watch your opponent get really happy off etb triggers and their field state, then watch them have to go through all that again.

Giving them like 30 tokens, and watching their counter spells, exiles, kill spells, tutors, what have you, disapear or watching them get free crazy creatures, just to have to shuffle them back in is great.

Rice Bear says:

Title of the vid should be cards you should put in your commander deck

The Major says:

mm a playset of Shahrazad
Turn 2 I play Shahrazad…
New Game. 52 cards in deck
Turn 2 I play Shahrazad…
New Game. 44 cards in deck
Turn 2 I play Shahrazad…
New Game…. 36 cards in deck
Turn 2 I play Shahrazad…
New Game… 28 cards in deck…

At tournament so how did it go Steve? Well I won a lot of games, but sadly enough I lost 2 of them so I lost pretty quickly.
What do you mean, Well do you know the card Shahrazad… Well I played one match with a playset and lost the match yet I won 13 games of magic…

Lachlan Barling says:

Omen Machine and Crumbling Sanctuary, NONE IS DIEING TODAY!!

Xander Fedewa says:

I know he said that he wasn’t including un cards but the most chaotic card is Gleemax.
enough said.

TheJackMouse says:

Takes Goblin Game, and just enters the torunament with pockets filled to the brim with pennies or something like that

connor ingram says:

Goblin game isnt about hiding anything at all. If fact it should just say each player picks a number and losses that much life. Its about punishing greed. If you only wanna hide one thing you loose half your life . Really it can be used in a political game as a way to punish those who play slow decks and need a life cushion. I could try and make you loose half your life but to do so id have to gamble away a decent chunk of my own life in order to make sure you loose. But if my opponent picked a larger numer suddenly hes ahead on life. Truly chaotic but in a political way.

Augie Watts says:

Falling star

The Major says:

Worldfire isn’t Chaotic, I mean each time I’ve played it I’ve won. After all, my opponent will die the same turn as I play it.
Thanks to the little guy known as Keldon Marauders, which when it enters or leaves the battlefield deals 1 damage to target player.

Taiuã Pires says:

Eye of the Storm + Hive Mind
…now add Possibility Storm and Knowlege Pool

Setharious12321 says:

And to think Worldfire is no longer banned….

Gerben van Straaten says:

Eye of the storm should have been on this list

Peter Leary says:

Wheres omen machine? That card with possibility storm is some funny stuff.

Hayden Menges says:

Where is Timesifter?

Fake Gmale says:

1: gutshot on the stack
2: quicken
3: worldfire
4: ???
5: profit

James Terry says:

Teferi’s puzzle box has left me laughing at alot of fucked up games of commander in the past.

Fleming Nick says:

I run 4x Goblin Game, 4x Battle of Wits, 4x Master of Predicaments and 4x Liar’s Pendulum in a deck just because these Mini-games inside a game make it so much fun. Just need 4x Game of Chaos or a coin flip based deck in general.

Quinn Reynolds says:

Someone played whims of fates in a game of EDH and 3 of us (including me) went all in on one pile and 2 people lost everything and I didn’t and it was really fun.

Messi #Goat Milan says:

No no and no the most crazy Magic Cards ever is any card ever with the mechanic Storm apart from Flusterstorm

Markus Pollack says:

Ahh the fun of grip of chaos, made a russian roulette deck with door to nothingness for group games.

The Pokenoob says:

Once I played against this card in Commander. We were 6 people. This took way to long…

nils175 says:

I Basically slammed all of these, minus worldfire and sharazhad, in a Yidris CMDR deck, it’s absolutely hillarious

Daviz Buxaderas says:

Confusion in the ranks+grip of chaos+possivility storm+Norin….

Cole Evans says:

Feel like im playing hearthstone!

The Pinnacle says:

I run Worldfire in m burn deck. It’s a great “Fuck It” card.

Akhental Version Zero says:

Lightning Bolt -> Quicken -> Worldfire = Win

Steven Randall says:

I had a red white and blue commander deck entirely based upon grip of chaos and contained all the enchantment search I could find. The commander was Ruhan, so my attacks were random, and it contained such beautiful cards as confusion in the ranks, pandemonium, eye of the storm, some targeted exile spells, etc. and my whole strategy was to search for my enchantments and let the rest of the game be decided by the dice… IT WAS A GLORIOUS DECK

All time best experience: Friend plays a massive Mycoloth to try and capitalize on the bullshit, the ETB trigger from pandemonium ends up targeting him for lethal

perfectMustache is so fabulas says:


Aiden Sheffield says:

What about Grip of Chaos+Contract from Below?

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