MTG Top 10: Scariest Cards

SeibenLore and ThatOKGuy take a look at the Magic:The Gathering cards which have the scariest art. Which of these cards do you believe is the scariest? What’s the scariest card you can think of from Magic: The Gathering? Happy Halloween Everyone!

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All credit for artwork and story used goes to WOTC, their original artists and writers!


servantman s says:

The living wall has a fetus in it

Soldier Butterman says:

Its a fetus in the living wall

LiliVessPlays says:

I don’t need the art for Macabre Waltz to wet myself. I’m 224 years old, which justifies it.

MC Crit says:

You are awesome Seiben

Cthight says:

Ad Nauseam is also creepy.

test name says:

marrow gnawer causes the most fear of any card

Hari Naicker says:

hey they reprinted macabre waltz!

Liam Hitchens says:

I also have a fear of old times Halloween photos

Mike Asterios says:

Fucking hell 3 is really getting there for me :O     In fact I would rank it number 1, it just gets really disturbing the way it has that dead stare on you

roxanabirtha says:

Macabre walts I have that card and every time I look at it I want to fkn burn it in a fire pit ugly piece of shit

Tyler Hughes says:

living wall also has a fetus in the middle. quiet creepy..

Gatorbait 2 says:

9 has a fetus in it

WOSML says:


Annetta Edgell says:

I would have to say, number 3 was the scariest card, and I saw it in person at my local Magic Gaming store and I went pale when I saw it.

Demonis AOH says:

And just shy of two years later, we can easily add “Brisela, Voice of Nightmares” to this list because HOT DAMN THAT’S SOME SCARY BUSINESS. I refused to show it to my friend when I was showing her the Eldrazi because I didn’t want her to be up half the night like I was when I first saw it.

Cole Turner says:

To me abomination always looks like it just told a really cheesy joke.

TCG Arsenal says:

#3 is scariest for me

TheEpicProgram says:

I have a playset of foil Macabre Waltz and I think they look awesome.

RetroLavaGaming says:

I couldn’t hear anything, you were too quiet.

Tariel Reckoner of Nerds says:

I like this kind of stuff that blood barin is so cute

ojteli says:


Ghost of Coprolite says:

5:52 holy shit, i didn’t realize trump was that scary.

UrGhost says:

When I was a kid I saw the #2 card and I thought about it many nights, I was so scared haha x’)

AlphaBetaRudyInvestments says:

Aven Trooper. Everything about that card is horrific.

Thomas Wilson says:

the fallen, I believe is actually the scariest, the rest of them kind of meh, that one was really scary for me.

Malachy Smith says:

1:23 you forgot the fetus that was resting inside the gelatinous substance in center frame

kartik mathur says:

what about mind scour from the jace vs vraska duel deck

LaBass666 says:

Holy shit the Fallen


Geist of Saint Traft was a good ghost.

Anthony Reep says:

Eaten by spiders for all you arachnophobs

Craynak Zero says:

Any card with a spider on it. X_X

Albin Käll says:

watching this before im going to bed :X

lennahc ruoy emaN says:

The third one scared the fuck out of me. The second one was also quite scary

Ms. Sysbit says:

No pestilence nor corpulent corpse? Surprised tbh


#3 and uninvited geist (not on the list) are the creepiest to me

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