MTG – Top 10 Worst Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed – Part 1!

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TothBrush says:

One with nothing is a good card.

Fan Commander says:

when North Star?

Flare RT says:

Scornful egotist is great with puca’s mischief

Jackson Wald says:

Okay I THINK I get how banding works. If I’m wrong please correct me:
When you attack you can select any number of creatures with banding AND up to 1 non banding creature to attack in a band. For that attack they attack as if they were a single creature with power and toughness equal to what they are added up among the creatures. Now you may be thinking, “that sounds really dumb my opponent could chump block an entire attack with a 1/1 if they wanted to, this makes my board state weaker”… and you’d be right. But lucky for the 3 people who still play banding in some format there is an upside. Instead of opponents choosing where the damage goes on your creatures normally, YOU get to choose where it goes. That means if you band a 1/1 and a 5/5 and they block with say a 6/6 creature. You can just put all 6 damage on your 1/1 and your band takes it out. Now you may also be thinking “but that’s such a specific scenario and there’s better removal for those types of things why would I ever use banding?!”… and you’d be right again. And also when you attack in a band if one creature has a keyword like flying it doesn’t attack as if it had that keyword unless every creature in your band has flying. Im pretty sure this applies to flying but does it apply to any other keywords?

Parkour Guy says:

actually i played juju bubble and tapped a gyre sage for 1000 or so mana (from vorel of the hull clade) and gained 500 life

Sean Hunt says:

Misdirection plus one with nothing makes the card valuable

Todocogog says:

One with nothing is good? I mean i built a deck around one with nothing mostly focusing with madness

Thom Poz says:

Does this guy even know Magic??

Ben Hoogendyk says:

Disliked just to round out the 799 to 800 and because these are bad cards lol

ciarn smith says:

One with nothing is a good card, it throws your opponents off, and with cards from shadows, it can gain you so much value

mom's spaghetti says:

snitch prog

CLArgonaut says:

As of Amonkhet, Camal got slightly better.

The vonsscout show : Reviews and analysis says:

Banding: Like soulbond, but bad.

ChaoticTCGandgames says:

1. its funny becuase there are more deserts now, and camel still ain’t gonna do feck all to help
2. i mean i guess it CAN give you a few +1’s for pridemate?
3. also madness now, and enbalm/eternalise.
4. i mean its probably a side in some obscure format to counter some obscure thing?
5. unless your opp is playing manifest… *sarcastic giggle*
6. someone has probs made a strat somewhere
7. scornful is designed to work with cards that work with mana cost- like the ‘sacrifice, draw equal to converted mana cost’. i run it in my blue vintage- and its brilliant actually.

Bradley primeau says:

One with nothing works with Geralt’s masterpiece.

minecaft new stuff says:

I only got to 3:30 and I feel sorry for you!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

flisnoo shaboo says:

juju bubble is leet

David Savage says:

Scornful egotist is the most powerful card of all time

corrackisdead says:

Thank you for talking about Cephelid snitch now I can murder animar, I know it’s a stupid out but can be fun in commander, or if you are playing Dimir

Katie Zientek says:

These can be good cards if you cut them into a sharp point and then stab your opponent until they run away. You win the game

Fan Commander says:

egotist to birthing pod

posajnejkwahb says:

I think One with Nothing actually got sideboarded in Standard tournaments against Ebony Owl Netsuke or something

Xavier Hoppersmith says:

Lmao my opponent got a scornful egotist is a game of momir

Fleur Apeldoorn says:

I would make the snitch a rare but I would change it so you can sacrifice it an a creature loses an ability

Wade Corless says:

camel is too

Tyler Johnson says:

One with nothing is a bomb fucking card

Sean Donaldson says:

Wedge I love u

Sandy Cheeks says:

One with nothing isn’t terrible, think delve on a heavy creature and while it’s on the stack play one with nothing

EraseDiskNow says:

Cumulative upkeep is best when the card has an effect that gets stronger based on how many age counters are on it.

LiliVessPlays says:

Aaaaand Scornful Egotist is reprinted in Masters 25.


DM says:

Wedge should change his name to cringe

ToasterInABath says:

Thanks to Madness, One with Nothing is now playable

TheBlackdragon936 says:

You shouldn’t have ever made this video lol.

Xavier Hoppersmith says:

Your biggest mistake was calling it “Part 1”

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