Mtg: Top 20 Cards in Core Set 2019!

With all of Core Set 2019 finally revealed, Dev sits down to give you his top 20 cards!
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Top 10 Sleepers in Core Set 2019:

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mike long says:

Rip the blue horse’s future

macguy4321 says:

Realized that the Remorseful Cleric is going to make Golgari players unhappy

Özkan says:

I haven’t played mtg for many years and bought a couple boosters today and got tezzeret. Really happy to find out, that it’s such a good card 🙂

mike long says:

Last comment..maybe. was that a white knight riding a savannah lion?Lol

Tenfey says:

Top 10 Grey Cats that climb on you during a Top 10 MTG Card list.

InfernoBoy8 says:

Random things Ifelt like I needed to say for some reason:

Core set was awesome, but Kaladesh remains my favorite

Sarkhan is a Milkshake!

10:33 Falkenrath Reaver!

Tezzy will go amazing with my blue black red artifact deck.

Patrick Allen says:

IMHO Vivien Reid is such an amazing Legendary card, if your playing Arena? using Mono Green deck etc? Vivien Reid is a MUST have.

Garry Smith says:

Im surprised death baron wasnt in there, besides an honorable mention with liliana. 3 cost for a 2/2; decent. Gives skeletons and zombies both a +1/+1 AND deathtouch? Meowchie!

Whoa says:

You have the dopest cats.

EJ Creeper says:

Dude. Where is death baron

Stephen Howe says:

As a brand new player, glad some of my top picks hit the top 20.

Edwin McDonnell says:

Aw man screw this, Demon of Catastrophes is where its at!

Zeltos says:

Can someone helpme with understanding chromium? Im new to the game and i dont see whats so good with it

Hybrid Stalker says:

That Liliana is my favourite card in this awesome Set

sam zerk says:

i just opened a sealed pool in arena with crucible, scapeshift and omniscience. needless to say i went 0-3 🙂

Sesshomaru Daiyokai says:

I know it’s not a great card but I’m salty Vaevictis didn’t make the cut. It’s a wildcard but I’ve enjoyed playing with it more than any of the other elder dragons

Lucas Sudduth says:

WHAT ABOUT VAEVICTIS ASMADI, THE DIRE!!!!! I totally thought that that was going to be #1. I have him and if you make an amazing deck with him, it could be really OP. (I love him so much that he is my profile pic). Nice vid though.

Kavin Keenom says:

I bought the Tezzeret plainswalker deck and pulled Tez from the pack lol I did the same with Nicol Bolas from hour

Gambit Sok says:


Prince Mononoke says:

Yeah that 1 drop eldrazi killer is ridiculous. Definitely a sideboard must.

Olly Wood says:

Title: “Top *20* Cards in Core Set”
0:05 “Top *25* Cards in Core Set” 😀

Bandanna Dee says:

At 23:38 ziggy looks high

iamComplete Confusion says:

I have a tezzerret if anyone wants to buy

40Kfrog says:

I didn’t hear what you had to say when Remorseful Cleric was out because I was too busy saying KITTY KITTY KITTY over and over again.

yubel uchiha says:

I use to play mtg and get a lot of the decks back in the day. Can I still use cards from back in the day up to 2019 cards since they reprints cards ?

mike long says:

Do we mean omni-science? Lol not ominessence. I’m not the pro here but I played ff7 and I’m pretty sure that is how it’d be pronounced

brian odorico says:

Hey! I just stumbled upon your video, haven’t played since like 7th edition, but would like to get back into it. Do you (or anyone else) have any recommendations on what sets to avoid, what to buy, what to go after. Any advice would be helpful!

Will O'Neil says:

Where to you get the pricing for Nicol Bolas?

Eaglefriendly 212 says:

guttersnipe is way better then the instigator….

DrunkenFool says:

thumbs up for cute cat

Kieran Pavlat says:

If you want Angel tokens, angelic skermisher and angelic accord. Add an anointed procession if you want

Kristopher Loomis says:

Planeswalkers are broken

Sangrex2 says:

would this be a fun draft set?

cross25011990 says:

that cat likes magic. 🙂

Ya boi Metal head says:

15:40 sai would be great for a sacrifice deck by just making creatures to sacrifice for a trigger

Gambit Sok says:

nicol bolas draw 2 cards, + 2 loyalty!!!

coooolibri says:

now every turd in mtg arena plays ajani pridemate…

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