Mtg: Top 20 Dominaria Cards!

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Javier Fernandez says:

you don’t belive that “Muldrotha, the gravetide” don’t deserve a spot there? :O

Man That Games says:

I was screwed over by a seal away last night when I tried to swing in with a 10/4 flying vigilance lifelink yargle. I think you can guess what happened.

Philip Lemaster says:

Went to my first prerelease and had kind of a janky deck but placed 3rd and ended up packing a foil Karn. I still have no idea what to do with him

Richard Britton says:

Shalai splashed in constrictor could be gross

Indomakio says:

Seal Away a Steel leaf Champion, next Standard staple.

Arghore says:

Even though the set still needs to proof itself, i think from the on look it deserves to be said that: *”This seems to be the set worthy of a 25y celebration”* … it packs so much into a set, for so many formats (and thus different players) and within that for so many different strategies, that i hope they manage to do something similar for the next core set, and after that we ‘return to return to Ravnica’, which, if you look at this set already promises something as deep and interesting for a lot of players again…

countOfHenneberg says:

Will green be a thing with Dominaria? Humour me awhile…

T1 Forest, Llanowar elves
T2 Forest, Scrounging Bandar
T3, Forest, Marwyn ( holding 1 green for blossoming defence
T4, upkeep move the 2 +1/+1 counters on the Bandar to Marwyn. Cast Larger than life on Marwyn. Tap for 7 green mana. Rishkar’s expertise, draw 7 cards, play Regisaur Alpha for free. Two green mana for Galta, primal hunger. Forest, Ornamental courage on Marwyn, tap for 8, Rishkar’s expertise, draw 12, another Regisaur alpha, swing for lethal?

Lichang Cheong says:

fast mana is always good

Richard Britton says:

Scriptures and traxos!!!! Also add scrapheap and karn and mox amber

99% GAMER says:

I’m swapping my harbinger of the tides for merfolk trickster in modern merfolk

Billy Richardson says:

The last colorless card that could be jammed into any deck got banned…..once enough of the set was sold. Long Live Karn…..until 70% of print run is sold………..

Martin Taylor says:

Totally with you on the Time Spiral call dude!

Jaded_one says:

Fast mana is always good…

JohnSmithKing says:

Damping sphere may be kind of a nightmare in modern not only to tron and storm but things like snapcaster that will have increased pay to bolt and other one mana drops. Rip bolt snap bolt ⚡️

Taco Timmer says:

pucas mischief + lich’s mastery bam

Yurikan says:

… Also, people were thinking that steel leaf champion wasn’t good?

Steve jenkins says:

I did crap at my prerelease, but I got a foil phyrexian scriptures

Jack Bell says:

Question; if Karn exiles a card with a silver counter and you put it into your hand and then play it, and it is then exiled by Seal Away or something, can Karn’s -1 return it to your hand again?

Dirty Grape says:

Tron in standard!!!! I don’t know if I would like that or not…

99% GAMER says:

Please do a Abzhan tokens deck in standard I’m building one but struggling to make it competitive enough

Jeremy Davis says:

Sqee is the closest well get to a commander in standard play from exile even if its a 2 power 3 cmc and that it kinda harmless in that way.

Claudio Cavalcante Bomfim Júnior says:

you know that sagas trigger revolt in the third turn

420oak says:

Used your info for pre-release and took Dominaria by storm, thnx for the insight!
Won 1st place and brought home extra 7 extra pacs thnx again for the info

kamakazi339 says:

got 3 teferi from 2 booster boxes…. was nice

Gatorbait 2 says:

Lich’s mastery fits well in the Primal Torment Deck

Max Pheby says:

I still dont get why Karn is the best card good yes but the best? The +1 and -1 is draw a card thats all just draw a card. Ixalan Intro deck Jace has +1 draw a card. I understand he can be played in any deck but that’s not enough to make him the best card is it? After all The Immortal Sun draws a card every turn and much much more and that gets zero play.

Taco Timmer says:

I’d like to see a deck with voltaic servant and Traxos

Corey Kline says:

Is there a way to break approach with Naru Meha? I know approach is worded “if you cast from your hand” but can’t you just have the copy resolve first? Or are all effects contingent on being cast from hand

BBrecht says:

1:19 Ask yourself Dev, can I kick it?

VaevictisStarCraft says:

For all the commander players who care Squee is another combo piece with foodchain

Optimator7 says:

20:20 “Coup de Grace” has an ‘s’ sound; there is a letter after the ‘c’. ‘Gras’ is pronounced “grah” and means lard.

Chad Doucette says:

I’m a merfolk player and I can confirm that merfolk trickster has definitely found a home in modern

DeadlyDerp says:

i packed Karn in my prerelease 😀

Sam Farr says:

I traded to pick up a set of goblin chainwhirler at prerelease Saturday was a blast..Lyra is stupid good in sealed and will be just as good in draft..our lgs isn’t huge..It sold out it’s 36 spots for the 1 p.m. I was able to go undefeated 5-0 with Mardu essentially riding Lyra with fair amount of removal, value and other flying creatures. I love this set..It is def very powerful. Shivan fires and Gideon reproaches really really put in work as well..

ERRORx says:

I don’t understand the mox amber but I am a noob, Fast mana is always good.

Crafting Inner Balance says:

I recommend checking out bant historic midrange using shalai, Raff, Lyra, tatyova, and sisay 2.0

Alex Hayden says:

Forebear’s Blade + Squee is sick nasty.

Curtis Prewitt says:

Traxos goes in Affinity

ShadowTitan831 says:

Dev im on the boat of people who dont like karn. If your playing approach. You would rather have any other card draw like glimmer(instant speed is important). B/R gift has enough draw and doesn’t want to use karn cause it would take too long. Literally any aggro or red deck would rather use chandra. U/B midrange utalizes its graveyard and creates card advantage with champion of wits.

TheRedGauntlet says:

I wouldn’t call Mox Amber fast mana honestly

Michael Stewart says:

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria did some fantastic work for me in the pre-release. Definitely going to build a control deck around him now. You don’t even need the ultimate to have your opponent pulling their hair out.

Gold Slinger says:

I got a Lyra as my promo, not realizing it was worth $40. Played with it unsleeved on a table. A little bit damaged, but oh well. Never gonna trade it anyways.

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