Mtg: Top 25 Ixalan Cards!

Dev’s here with the Ixalan hotlist! There are so many exciting cards in the new set that Dev is bringing you not 10, not 20, but TWENTY-FIVE cards he thinks might have a real impact in constructed.

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Dan Bolger says:

I really like this guy!

Sonny Svendsen says:

that ripjaw raptor is broooooken. i want it

Ryan White says:

Verdant sun’s avatar is a solid card. Won my first ever game at a prerelease thanks to it!

André Fosstvedt says:

I have to say someone forgot dimir pirates

That exile ability will be NUTS!

Eliya Selhub says:

I got my first prerelease 4-0 this weekend with a Gruul Itlimoc deck with a bunch of cheap explore creatures and big dinos including Thundering Spineback. I’m all aboard the hype train for Itlimoc… it usually replaces itself with a creature card and it’s explosive if you can flip it.

DH Zero says:

Bro wizards put this video in their most recent email sent out! Recognition!!

Retro Nerd says:

Still look forward to see new videos after a few years by you. Your content is brightening a rather slow day in the hospital where I’m at. Thanks again for all you do.

Dylan Mooney says:

I think Jace would have been really good if his +1 ability did something more game changing. and if it was -1 or even 0 to make the token. He literally does nothing until you can make copies and start looting and making multiple tokens.
I have been hoping for a long time now that would see a three drop Jace that was actually really good.

the token production is how he wins, but it’s just too slow to make them unless you manage a million copies.
even if the +1 was something like new Tamiyo but watered down. and then just make the ultimate harder to reach.

this honestly could have been a blue tibalt if it cost UU.

Claire Redfield says:

Growing Rites of Itlimoc can transform on turn 2 in Modern Elves. Turn 1 Mystic, turn 2 Heritage Druid, second land, Dwynen’s Elite (+token), tap Druid + Elite + token for 3, put out Growing Rites. You have 4 creatures out, Rites transforms on the end of turn 2.

Random Fan says:

Dev, I love you but you’re smokin some dank shit with this list. My list would be almost the reverse of yours. Have you played against t1 Shaper’s Sanctuary yet? I had a game where my opponent played it on t1, I looked down at my hand and saw two gideon of the trials and almost conceded on the spot. Settle the wreckage is also going to be massive in standard, because carnage tyrant (criminally underrated in your video) simply shits all over certain decks. No spell pierce or strike? Please Dev stahppp.

Edward Atkinson says:

25. Desperate Castaways
24. Desperate Castaways
23. Desperate Castaways
22. Desperate Castaways
21. Desperate Castaways
20. Desperate Castaways
19. Desperate Castaways
18. Desperate Castaways
17. Desperate Castaways
16. Desperate Castaways
15. Desperate Castaways
14. Desperate Castaways
13. Desperate Castaways
12. Desperate Castaways
11. Desperate Castaways
10. Desperate Castaways
9. Desperate Castaways
8. Desperate Castaways
7. Desperate Castaways
6. Desperate Castaways
5. Desperate Castaways
4. Plains
3. Desperate Castaways
2. Desperate Castaways
1. Desperate Castaways

Robert S. says:

Hey dev, could u leave the cards you present up for longer? Especially for growing rite of itlimoc and ruben raider it was hard to read (for a non native english speaker) before it fades out. Sure pausing is an option, but its kinda annoying to do that and it hinders the flow of watching the video.
Keep up the good work, greetings from germany

Jake Hageman says:

I’m surprised Snapping Sailback didn’t make the list. It’s a 4/4 for 5 mana with flash and a great trigger. You can wait for an opponent to attack you with any creature power 3 or less, more than likely kill it then get e +1/+1 making it a 5/5 and it’s on the battle field so next turn you can attack with it and untap your mana.

Cxxvii says:

Jace + Doubling season btw

Michael Harbach says:

Overall great video. Constructive criticism: On two occassions you briefly flash the card on the list, then take down the image. First was for the 3 mana black pirate and second was for the #1 green enchantment flip land. I had to rewind and pause the video to read the cards. Next time please keep ALL of the cards on the screen longer, which you did for all but these two.

NattixOMG says:

chart the course on this list but not on your prelease top 5 of blue? quartermaster over chart?

Melting Sky says:

Field of Ruin is better than Ghost Quarter.

Melting Sky says:

Settle the Wreckage may even see eternal play. It is that good.

Scary Gary says:

wtf is with all the 2 drop mana dork

Angelus Nielson says:

I thought you said “cyborg” Instead of “sideboard.” >< I need to go to bed.

rygelistic says:

Was really into this set when it first came out but it’s pretty underwhelming TBH, the flavor is cool, but the cards pretty much suck.

Floap Max says:

i like ur Ixalan ranking, its very well quality crafted, thx buddy!

Singularity says:

Everything you said about Huatli contradicts everything I’ve heard you say about planeswalkers in the past. + ability does not protect itself. Only has 3 loyalty so if you 0 her and she gets hit with lightning strike (not on the list for some reason) you just spent 5 mana for a 3/3. Its – is irrelevant as there is just better cheaper board wipes. She only comes with 3 loyalty for 5 which isn’t in and of itself an issue except that it doesn’t go well with her abilities. A cool character but she definitely is not better than Vraska.

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