MTG – Top 5 Best Amonkhet Modern Cards for Magic: The Gathering

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Robert Ortiz says:

I wanna be a winner pick me.

superjeff14 says:

Can anyone tell me what music is playing when he talks about glorious end? Its between 5:00 and 6:00

Gawain says:

I can’t handle all these Gids

Anakin Skywalker says:

As foretold?

birdman22b says:

I actually haven’t even heard or seen bone picker looking through all the spoilers or drafts I’ve done. May not have even made it to me in draft. I’m gonna look into it more and may try to run it in my decks. Here I was thinking grim strider was the “speculated jewel” for the set. Although still think Harsh Mentor is definitely gonna see more play immediately. We’ll see on Bone Picker

yuto shun says:

Okay this is gonna sound noob but why not but both anger and sun? I mean put a reasonable amount of them

Astrolonim Deimond says:

I love the gideon deck. New standard deck?

DatsVatSheSaid says:

I don’t know who this Gideon is.. and you kept showing Chad.

Th3Cr4fter says:

LIES modern has gideons i play 2

Chickens are Awesome says:

I have made oops all Gideons an actual deck, here it is

Jon Calvert says:

I’m sorry if I’m blind but I keep looking for your give away link and its not labeled, what gives?

Laurenz Reichelt says:


Wesu Maru says:

I’m running a one of Cast Out in my Mystical Teachings Esper list. It’s been nice to fetch an O-Ring at instant speed.

Sidney LeVine says:

I really like Bone Picker, in theory. I really wish that it was viable in modern, and I have put in so many hours testing decks with Bone Picker. My conclusion? Bone Picker just doesn’t have a place in any Grixis deck. You see, the deck that most Grixis decks struggle most against is Tron. The mana efficiency and raw power really defeats the Grixis strategy. Now, imagine a Grixis deck with 2-3 copies of a card that you can’t play until your opponent commits a creature to the board. This can be turn three if your opponent runs out a Matter Reshaper (Eldrazi Tron), but it can just as easily be turn 4, after your opponent puts down a Karn and gets Tron online. If Tron didn’t exist, Bone Picker would be tier one, however, Tron, along with combo decks, make Bone Picker a card without much place in modern.

SuperAbleTie says:

I think as fortold will have a good spot in modern. its a slower ather vile but it be used for all spells

Los Jukes says:


Zach Geraets says:

Sorry Prof, but your Gideon tribal joke isn’t funny anymore. With Ixalan, this is a legit standard deck now.

Davide Ranieri says:

I also think Harsh Mentor is really good…But hey, where’s Hazoret? Jund would love it in my opinion

phlash12 says:

Which link? There are four links in the description.

Gayle Brown says:

Tbbhe? Prof?

Christopher Meyer says:

Hi Professor, what are your thoughts on the Amonkhet God cards? I think Bontu has potential, but I can’t see a point for the others.
Thanks for all the cool work you do!

Zérodaim says:

Multicolored decks will appreciate the colorless option of By Force, but Shattering Spree is much stronger against counterspells. One counterspell will protect all the artefacts targeted by By Force, but only one from Shattering Spree. And you can spend extra R to replicate multiple Shattering Sprees on a single artifact, which guarantees it.

Zach_Attack says:

hey I’m fairly new to magic and got some lucky finds in some boosters. I got combat celebrant and hazoret the fervent but I have no idea how to make a deck around these cards. any suggestions?

Martin Trotter says:

Top 5 Amonkhet Pauper cards????

Ronnie Corporon says:

“tbbhe” is the Prof’s covfefe?

Tolarian Community College says:

Who else is excited for the upcoming Archenemy: Nicol Bolas? An Introduction To Archenemy, if you need it: #mtg

Rebecca Henrich says:

In tbbhe comments……

Joel Johnson says:

I want to see the Gideon Deck

FunnyFunFunTime SadlySadSadSpace says:

If Modern is 8th Edition onwards, then I got a feeling the new blue god Kefnet is an absolute powerhouse. I would try to give it haste with Hall of the Bandit Lord (or Lightning Greaves) followed up with Eater of Days (also hasted from HotBL or Greaves) I would try to deal 1 point with the new Sunscorched Desert totalling 20 by turn 4 in mono blue this is pretty dangerous. I think Sol Ring is in Masterpiece series so is that Modern legal? I think if Eater is too risky and want to slow it down then use Ancestral Vision (the Suspend 4, draw 3 cards). Speaking of Blue , I also want to try a silly brew that uses Ornithopter & Sol Ring to Surge Crush of Tentacles/(Recast Sol Ring to cast Lightning Greaves hasted 8/8 Octopus then recasts Ornithopter(s) to get around Edict effects, has Snapcaster Mage to do it again…

HoboChris says:

Best intro ever.

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