MTG – Top 5 Best Cards For Pauper from Dominaria – Magic: The Gathering

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Just a Normal Cat says:

Did he say “Another card to compare this to is the sideboard staple of Gleeful Sabotage” or am I going crazy.

Game Sharkie says:

Another card to compare this too is the sideboard staple of Gleeful Sabotage
Another card to compare this too is the sideboard staple of Gleeful Sabotage
Another card to compare this too is the sideboard staple of Gleeful Sabotage
Another card to compare this too is the sideboard staple of Gleeful Sabotage


jake mccollum says:

Angry professor is best professor.

Túlio Leitão says:

Proffesor, can you please, tell us about Yawgmoth?

Sadman Shan says:

I have another chanell
“sadman shan”

Daniel Martín Ontiveros Vizcarra says:

prof: “buy in your local game store”
wotc: “now we are selling cards in gamestop”

Liam Binell says:

Losing to blue/black control, huh…sorry prof…

lomattic style says:

Really, no divest ???

Gammie says:

I’d love to see a top 5 or even 10 callback cards.

MakeRadMusic says:

I hope he talks about the most powerful dominaria cards for commander!

Boo Radley says:

I’m happy ramp is going to be doing better off now!

snorbatrox says:

As someone who plays UB control, I disagree about Dark Bargain. I don’t think it’s good enough to supplant Forbidden Alchemy or even Mulldrifter. Great video though, thanks for all you do, prof.

Zenith Wills says:

I’m surprised divest isn’t on the list.

Jonathan Crafton says:

Does anyone else really want to make a Slimefoot, the Stowaway commander deck? It just seems like a lot of fun to me. But maybe thats just because im a fun guy….eh? Eh?

Reok Turner says:

Love the list! The only one you didn’t mention that I think could get a little bit broken is Sparring Construct. 1 mana 1/1 which says when it dies, put a plus 1 counter on -any- other creature you control? Affinity, Stompy. Heck maybe even Zombies?

Starfury117 says:

Deck Tech pauper eggs please. =( I am interested in playing that deck.

Giovanni Prinzivalli says:

I haven’t taken a huge look at Dominaria yef, but goddamn if Unwind isn’t going to be a staple in Standard as well.

Claude Rodrigue says:

Adventurous impulse is like a mini COCO it’s so cool

J J says:

outside of pauper unwind is even more op when you consider the fact that some lands tap for multiple mana.
p.s. i don’t know if there r lands in pauper that tap for multiple mana if there r don’t hate on me just let me know

Alastair Jack says:

When will Wizards officially support the format???

oliasis says:

Pauper shall dismatle the bougois of legacy

Judah Bramantha says:

Sorry Mr. Professor, I prefer Bitter Revelation (KTK) rather than Dark Bargain (DOM).

Andrew Heilborn says:

Any chance of some new Pauper deck techs soon?

Graeme Gunn says:

LMAO you videos are the best… lol you always crack me up

Gene Chaloux says:

i want to make a deck full of rat colony and swamps and else

James Buchanan says:

Pauper? I barely even knower.

Slothling says:

Great video, super pumped for adventurous impulse as in include in my elves deck

Troy Laureyns says:

Your self aware cringe humor makes me smile every time

FluxxedGames says:

I think skirk prospector has got some potential as well

Tictactom and co says:

You messed up this video broken bond is an uncommon and you had an Audio repeat

QueenFiria says:

No red or white spells? I haven’t played magic in like 2 years. Pauper and limited is probably what I’d dip my toe into if it came to that.

AlphaWolvesGamer says:

Hey TCC – Did you notice that Rat Colony says for *each other Rat* you control, rather than requiring that it be other creatures named Rat Colony?

Trust me, that’s going to make a HUGE difference.

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