MTG – Top 5 Best Cards From Rivals of Ixalan for Pauper Magic: The Gathering

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Check out Alex Ullman’s original article on Dusk Legion Zealot here:

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Philip Young says:

no love for moment of craving??? mono green stompy and mono red burn are going rampant and this card is perfect for them!

MayorofAvabruck says:

That wordplay was rich.

Mitch no says:

After all the pauper hype I decided to attempt to make a pauper deck without knowing the format…

There’s no payoff cards and I’m completely lost send help

Quinn Reynolds says:

Hey Prof (or any other experience pauper players) I have never played pauper before, but I would like to! What deck do you recommend for me. I play mizzix is commander, control in standard, and storm in modern.

Nathan Mitchell says:

Always love the vids

Mark Pedersen says:

or yaknow, they play the dinosaur against you in a pestilence deck…

naichiuolphi says:

i’ve always wanted to play izzet blitz, but I still dont have the probes (just those, I think), and the pauper in my city is nearly dead so idk what will happen

Arthur Kimes says:

Frilled deathspitter is a good card against Pest decks?
It’s a great card IN Pest decks!

pepperonization says:

What? U forgotten about Mist-Cloaked herald, it’s one of the best common card, it will prob find its way into merfolk decks in modern and edh in edric.

reachcole says:

Imma get my first pauper deck. Duskwatch recruiter pauper edh. (My lGS plays and has special pauper nights.)

Quinn Reynolds says:

Omg, professor playing paper pauper at the grand prix. I love it!

Cozy Comic says:

Professor I just wanted to say thank you for being a pillar of the community. It is nice to watch good mtg videos that are not just someone spewing drama about what wizards of the coast did wrong that week. It was your videos that kept me going when I came back to the mtg world due to so many mtg channels just focusing on what wizards was doing wrong. It is really amazing to see someone helping the community grow. Is it better to have hard to block monsters or lots of small monsters for a control deck?

Joseph Buetikofer says:

Too much pauper. Not enough commander.

Dillon Highsmith says:

why does everyone keep comparing dusk legion zealot to elvish visionary instead of phyrexian rager? they are literally the same card except dusk costs 1 less and has 1 less power and toughness. Other than that they both draw you a card and lose you a life, and are in black.

Noah Szarejko says:

What about the 1/1 haste goblin that can tap and sac to deal one to a creature or player seems really good. Oh and I’ll be playing burn.

Jeremiah Bachmann says:

Looks like someone got a new camera.

jeremy wilson says:

Please come to North Carolina. BRING THE PAUPER PAPER WITH YOU.

micah feldman says:

Will you be at gp Houston as well? I’d love to see you there

KennEH says:

Why did no one post the top 8 list for the GP?

I really hope mono black comes back, mid range needs some love.

Anthony Gilmore says:

Is infect a deck in pauper? If so, Aggresive Urge could see play in infect. Being able to pump and replace itself into possibly another pump seems like what infect would want to do.

Man That Games says:

ARRRRRGH!!! I wish I could go! I even live in Houston. Dang it.

Naissol is here says:


NeoSamurai13 says:

So, are you a proper paper Pauper player, Prof?

Andrew James says:

Love the beard professor

Joseph Vall says:

why the beard though why!!!!!!!

JonaxII says:

That… poem? at 3:10 left me busted to the floor laughing awesome.

Nick Penner says:

i’m not sure about witchs in the same deck as x/1’s prof ….

grigoris fisikopoulos says:

Secrets of the Golden City

TheValorious says:

If only I wasn’t busy that weekend 🙁

Sir Vihelm says:

60+FPS Prof, is the best Prof.

Professor Rakor says:

The kitesail corsair seems a pretty solid weeny flyer. The continuing trend of common unblockables for 1 is enticing. I agree that grasping scoundrel really seems like an all-star for various formats.

Kramus Kramer says:

I appreciate the rhyming, Prof

MTG Review says:

Very excited for this set!

paTROLLINGxD says:

Dusk legions Zealots obvious comparison is not sign in blood… its Phyrexian Rager… just sayin

Joey Forman says:

Can’t wait to see you in Indy Prof!

Muttley lx says:

Now i want to do a BW Aristocrats/tokens with Gruesome Fate so i can have a alternative way to win.

Alex Oakley says:

The Guardian of Pauper has grown a beard!

Pieps says:

Who from wizards paid you to talk about pauper so much? Also, how do I get in on this money?

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