Mtg Top 50 Ravnica Allegiance Cards!

Dev goes through his Looooong list of the best cards in Ravnica Allegiance!
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shmerelize says:

LMAO. Best thing …
After marriage.
Love ya!

BrandlarAK says:

Congratulations on your subscribers !!!

Xero says:

Hey Dev! Went 3-1 @ prerelease w/ Rakdos, Ghor-clan clan wrecker & ill gotten inheritence were the MVPs.
Question: How viable is Mox Amber now with so many 2-3 drop legends & planeswalkers?

Lee Thorburn says:

Good save lol made me chuckle

Aaron Conlin says:

Any chance we’ll get a deck tech for a 5 color Gates deck?

RunningGriffin says:

What about smothering tithe D:

Michael Stokes says:

Electrodominance is literally Fireball that lets you cast another spell for free at instant speed. I don’t know how people are still doubting it.

Martin says:

Man, your cades will want to have a talk about important things in your life 😉

Burden82 says:

spawn of mayhem 24 best card of the set? turn 3 4/4 flample that activates spectacle every turn and starts to get bigger. i think this is the card that should be top 5 on this list

hbkblue37 says:

I didn’t hate most any choice. My biggest disagreement is how low spawn of mayhem was. It’s in my top 10.

jayfox1024 says:

i think zegana will be powerfull in the merfolk deck with ixalan and rivals of ixalan cards. Ill try it, definely, like that card. Dovin sadly is a big dissapointment, worst planeswalker for years.

Flo de Haan says:

Cool man!

Jackie Singleton says:

OMG!!! Teysa with the Afterlife mechanic in her guild looks SUPER BUSTED!!! Every afterlife trigger doubled AND all of the 1/1 flyers you get from Afterlife have vigilance and lifelink, that could be insane. So when your guy with Afterlife 2 dies you get FOUR 1/1 flying vigilant lifelinkers? Sign me up! P

sebastjan kosec says:

Vanifar is nice I can see myself killing a three drop to get frilled mystic out to counter a spell then killing that to chupacabra something then killing chupacabra and getting a ravager wurm out and kill something else

Bryan wheat says:

I so wanted warrent//warden to be good. What ended up being better was depose//deploy….at least in a jeskai list. Can cantrip if need and save damage or put 2 blockers on the board and gain 2 life. If you expantion deploy, u get 4 fliers and 6+ life.

Rash says:

How could anyone hate on you? <3

Chris Curry says:

Dev, love your decks brews and videos. If you brew around rhythm of the wild please play rhythm by of the night by corona.

Kristelle Watkins says:

I know you like Aristocrats, but what about Bureaucrats? Did some homework and testing on your spoiler card Persistent Petitioners and this is what i came up with. It’s not perfect. but imagine splashing another color? What do you think Dev?

3 Psychic Corrosion (M19) 68
19 Island (RIX) 193
2 Divination (DAR) 52
2 Patient Rebuilding (M19) 67
2 Sift (M19) 72
1 Chemister’s Insight (GRN) 32
4 Fountain of Renewal (M19) 235
10 Persistent Petitioners (RNA) 44
2 Reliquary Tower (M19) 254
1 Drowned Secrets (GRN) 39
1 Clear the Mind (RNA) 34
4 Thought Collapse (RNA) 57
1 Wall of Lost Thoughts (RNA) 59
2 Homarid Explorer (DAR) 53
3 Blink of an Eye (DAR) 46
1 Essence Scatter (M19) 54
2 Essence Capture (RNA) 37


1 Fleet Swallower (XLN) 57
1 Navigator’s Ruin (XLN) 63
1 Millstone (M19) 242
2 Curious Obsession (RIX) 35
2 Chart a Course (XLN) 48
1 Clear the Mind (RNA) 34
1 Tezzeret, Artifice Master (M19) 79
2 Prying Eyes (RNA) 46
1 Vanquisher’s Banner (XLN) 251

Lexi Steyer says:

30:00 can someone explain the math for a retard like me

Darleen Shannon says:

LOL getting in trouble with the wifey, how cute

Gregory Grill says:

make a turn 0 based modern deck with leylines, sphinx, and serum powder

sebastjan kosec says:

I just had an idea what if I made an adapt agro deck

Charley Eastman says:

“I think I’m done for this one…” Oh, you’re done alright. You’re done. 😉 
Seriously though, great video, now get your foot out of your mouth and let us know how to build more great decks.

Zak Vargas says:

lmao wifey at the end congrats

CÓLaocha says:

15- Seinfeld is a mono-blue control deck in Can-lander, It’s the deck about nothing.

PsychotherapistDH says:

I got angel of grace in a sealed event and I think it single handly carried me.

Andrey Protas says:

Is Kaya really that bad? I mean, she has a lot of stuff she can do very well. First of all, she is natural aggro deck staller. If she hits the battlefield and is not removed instantly, she heals for 2 and she is a 4 toughness bar that will either go on with healing every turn or will soak up 4 damage. So she can effectively heal for 4-6 or more.

She is especially good vs monowhite, since she can remove all the annoying 1 drops, such as Healer’s Hawk, Dauntless Bodyguard, flying 2/1, and all the tokens (Including History of Benalia tokens). She also works very well vs Izzet decks, can work with Kaya’s Wrath to kill Rekindling phoenix if she doesn’t get killed, can exile jump start card from graveyard and reanimation targets, beats undergrowth (even if it’s unpopular). And her ultimate is uncounterable damage to the face vs control, that also heals you if she survives long enough vs aggro decks. With -2/-2 exile card it’s not too hard to fill the exile vs a lot of decks for her ultimate to deal sizable amount of damage, and all of that for just 3 mana. I think there are very few cards that are so versatile, and she seems on par with Tocatli Honor Guard in terms of sideboard power. I can’t express how gold she actually is vs Izzet, I can easily envision putting 3-4 copies of her into the deck against them, and suddenly all the 3 mana dragons and phoenixes become useless, and they don’t even have a way to remove her, all you need to do is to be careful with crackling drakes and Niv, and she will singlehandedly win you a game.

I can even see 1-2 copies bring viable in main board, as she is never a dead card in any matchups. Even vs mono green she can remove Llanovar elves at the very least.

Umcaran Lockdeath says:

Nice video, gratz for the 100k plate!

sebastjan kosec says:

Lol electrodominance grull spellbreaker out when your opponent tries to settle hahaha that so funny……. I think this might not actually be funny

Chris Black says:

Either I missed it or I’m bad at card evaluations, but where is Skarrgan Hellkite?

Dobby the Turtle says:

I got gutter bones in my prerelease as a promo and was so pissed… turns out he won me so many games with the artist with constant spectacle on my turn and two damage ever turn

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