MTG Top Ten: Expensive Cards

Seiben goes down the list of the top ten most expensive cards currently found in Magic: The Gathering. Would you pay these prices for these cards?

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Andreas Waldahl says:

Wow. I have a shivan dragon at home.

Erik Johnson says:

Not as good as Blacker Lotus..

Andrew Geary says:

what about force field its worth like 4k its the forth most expensive in alpha and black lotus is worth 20k max the 100k ones being sold on ebay are a con

_ _ says:

Alpha dual lands, shows volcanic island

slimdab says:

you can retire at $100,000?

Meowgic D says:

They’re so new version of shivian dragon that costs almost nothing

Alex Mendoza Archdemon of Burgers says:

I love katty perry

Aaron Glanville says:

No Summer Magic or Celebrations cards? Those can go well into the thousands.

RobotNinja says:


C Killian says:

Did he say copies of black lotus can be 100,000….? the most expensive copy I have found was about €6000

Lance Laurente says:

i have mana vault and shivan holy shitt

Pickle Panther says:

The black lotus costs 30,000 not 100,000. I did the research.

Kim Bach says:

If you going to make a video like this, at least show the correct version…. Also, $100k for lotus? Yes, if it is rated, mint and edged correctly.

Abinchex Intel says:

i got 1 shivan..

Marcel Huss-Nielsen says:

I had Ancestral recall, and two mana vault cards, from back when i played in 95, I sold all my cards in 2002 for 100$.. /cry

FeminismIsBad says:

5:18 possibly

Cheddar64 says:

I have 5 and 10 and i got them for free from my uncle 🙂

Audrey Klein says:

omg i HAVE shivan dragon! swear to god i am so happy

Noloviden Noloviden says:

the number 10 card.. i think i have it

Nik says:

Who would make an opponent draw 3 cards for one mana. hmmmm what possible reason.. oh wait RUNEFLARE TRAP

This is says:

I have shivan dragon. But it’s the new one

Russell Ne says:

Some retard from storage wars tv show got the black lotus, mox pearl, and time twister, and the savage who knew a lot about magic bought all 3 cards off of the retard for 600$

Sean Clements says:

i hate that he’s putting cards that are only expensive because they’re alpha i mean Shivan?? really

Legend of Eon says:

Prices are way off…

Mana vault is like $15
Shivan dragon is like $2
Time twister is about $1000-2000
Mox’s is about $2000-3000
Ancestral Recall is about $2,500-3000
Black lotus…. It always changes. It’s about $20,000-50,000.

Black Lotus says:

Of Course i am number 1. What did u expect?

*puts sunglasses on*

Hunter Mullen says:

You forgot the 1996 world champion card

Bacon Pizza says:

I though away black lotus not knowing it worth so much since I’m only a stater and I only collect not play

Vishal Varsani says:

I have the shivan dragon message me

Parker Bell says:


The-Jaded says:

This list misses a few things like Summer Magic duals and Blue Hurricane, I think. Blue Hurricane always was $6000 ish and more, Summer Underground Sea was on for 15000 Euros or such last time I checked

mason knop says:

y did i watch this?

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