MTG Unpacked – Unboxing a 2017 Gift Pack of Magic: The Gathering cards

Unpacking a 2017 Gift Pack of Magic The Gathering cards. Is it good value, a waste of money, or somewhere in-between? Let’s find out!


FifthMoonMTG says:

Holy crap! You did good pulls wise, but that $0.75 mythic hurt me a bit. Those Shooting Star lands are sweet, Mark Pool did a great job! The poster is nice to have and a spindown never hurts. I’d say this is a B+ product and I’m planning to pick one up!

Ashley kitchin says:

I didn’t know these were out yet, been keen to get one. Great video awesome pulls.

MTG Good Deeds says:

Dude great opening!!!! yours blew mine out of the water!!!

Arghore says:

No it’s a sad product, in which wizards is trying to copy their biggest competitors, one being quite obvious, the other will be when you get this:

Durf MTG says:

Congrats on the Carnage Tyrant! Did you see MTG Purple’s crazy pull in his packs? Grats to both of you on your pulls!

Trashfire MTG says:

You should get many views for this upload.

Christopher Brown says:

U forgot to mention all the lands have shooting stars on them

J Shing says:

Wow it’s not even the holiday yet and they have already pushed this product into the market?

Video-Game_Terminator says:

Guess I’ll buy it now.

Cardologist says:

100% no, horrible “value”.

Bad Boy MTG says:

Hey, you opened one too! Neat but the product isn’t all that great

MixMyMusiq says:

my favorite is that u can play like lots of different modes. (Commander,Archenemy,Tournaments and like two/three headed giant)

MTG Purple says:

just wow. cash grab ripoff product

Affinity for MTG says:

Seems pretty bad, especially when compared to the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit. 1 less booster for the same price, and no storage box? Meh.

Mike Böller says:

Absolute amazing product. Pure awesomeness including. My verdict solid A. Worth buying and hording them to get a lot value in the future.

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