Must-Have Commander Cards + Masters 25 Previews | The Command Zone #199 | Magic: the Gathering EDH

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Show Notes:

There are certain cards that any Commander player worth their salt needs in their collection. On this episode, we run down the list of must-haves and format staples while discussing which offer the most “bang for the buck”. Do you have all the essentials covered? In what order should you acquire the stuff you don’t have? Take a listen and find out.

PLUS we’re unveiling our exclusive Masters 25 preview cards (yes, we have more than one).


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N S says:

No the most powerful thing in Animar is any Morph card

Yut0kun gaming says:

I have a question why is Jimmy on Parker plays

B Smith says:

Based on the cards that Ive put into my decks, here’s a couple of colorless picks I think you missed-

Ashnod’s altar
Scroll rack
Library of Leng
Mishra’s factory
Command tower/sphere
Prophetic prism/chromatic lantern
Basalt/grim monolith
Burnished Hart
Howling mine
Sword of the animist
Mask of memory

David Pearce says:

Has there been an episode about setting up a league and what types of rules are good for a league?

julian bullock fernandes says:

i think you guys should make a video on how to fight and beat different play styles/archetypes although you guys have talked about combo, but how do you fight combat, aggro, control and whatever other types of decks there are

Arbit says:

18:06 that’s some top top discussion. Looking at the top three then topping to put top on the top drawing the top card to top your opponent’s top plays to top the topping topiary topographic topic top top top top top

Aran Cox says:

I do not think fetches are worse without shocks. Fetches can get all kinds of lands, not just shocks, including the lands you named with basic land types on them.

Mike Untalan says:

I like all of the cards talked about on your list. Well done and thought out. A few staples I like that weren’t mentioned are Terminus, Black sun’s zenith, merciless eviction, duplicant, spine of ish sah, swan song, evacuation, sudden spoiling, triumph of the hordes, blasphemous act, song of the dryads, dig through time and elixir of imortality.

Isatis Snowfox says:

I would put Fields of Ruin way over strip mine, the fact that you are not down a land is HUGE.

Beezy says:

Command Zone content has been pretty lacking recently aside from Game Knights. They basically keep talking about EXTREMELY broad things like top tens and staple cards instead of something that has been widely requested like Deck Doctors (was their last one during episode 120-something?) I already know that Cyclonic Rift and Vedalken Orrery and Solemn Simulacrum are good, what else can you offer me? It seems like every episode they put out lately is assumed to be half the audience’s FIRST episode.

TheoddonesNOTout says:

i was thinking of a token commander deck with liliana, the last hope and xenagos the revvaler and itlimoc with mana ramp fo days

BlackRider Bob says:

Necropotence if I’m running black and ironically it’s cheaper to buy than phyrexian arena

Nic Hotte says:

hmm what about command tower?

xakuyer says:

Maybe in green, genesis wave and ofc lifecrafter’s bestiary

pablosotopower says:

Explore in green: 2 lands in one turn and draw a card fpr 2 mana cost

CastañedaFrancis says:

Tutors. You forgot about tutors

Eliminator says:

What do you think about Thematic Compass for mana ramp?

musngikd says:

You know what’s better than Lightning Greaves in a Mizzix deck? Diplomatic Immunity. The blue Lightning Greaves lite (because you lose haste but Diplomatic Immunity is also hexproof!).

Laya Monarez says:

Hedron Archive can pretty much go in any deck it’s budget and it’s amazing!!! Also Seer’s Lantern and Magnifying Glass are so underrated. The problem with rocks is they don’t do anything late game but these guys in a 1 or two color deck are amazing super budget and can go in any deck. Lastly I don’t always play red but when I do I play Blood Moon lol.

nikos wolf says:

Sylvan libary for green and mono green or general non-blue green combination can be amazing and it is almost top like or brainstorm at your upkeep

James Granger says:

I don’t like watching your videos anymore. Each one ends up costing me about hundred bucks in new cards.

Ryan Gates says:

Guys, Ash Barrens is expensive because it sees a ton of play in Pauper, not Commander

Crongnak Punch says:

I think that bane of progress deserves an honorable mention as well

Isatis Snowfox says:

Vedalken Orrery + Rashmi + Seedborn Muse, man that’s good.

Chance the Fox says:

Grafted exoskeleton is my commander staple

LokNWykLeer says:

Craig edited this? So that’s why my fingers started withering away after I clicked on the video!

Matthew Martin says:

lifecrafter’s bestiary…????? Anyone else agree???

PROXiE says:

How do you guys get those animated card arts? They are amazing

MadMage86 says:

Would you be agreeable to using the ‘checklist’ proxy system, but using a photocopy of the original card instead, with a binder of all of the cards used this way off to the side?

Thomas Smith says:

You forgot very important cards to ramp like, Thawing Glaciers, Myriad Landscape, Krosan Verge, Blighted Woodland, and Sakura-Tribe Elder. All are very affordable, and most fits in most decks. I am very disappointed you two guys for this. Ya’ll usually do better than that.

voltagetoe says:

Not very fond of this video – so many unentertaining cards that everyone should use ? I don’t understand why you’re proposing Rampant Growth in many videos – If you’re after maximal power just compare it to Sakura-Tribe Elder and you’ll see.

Timothy Ray says:

lol I play in France they have a very harsh view on sensei diving top^^

Kevin Murrell says:

Skull clamp

Parker Savoldi says:

You forgot Lim duls vault

Rosskred11 says:

One thing I do, I put a piece of paper in my sleeve for decks that share cards, but it only works with two decks. But I like the way you guys have presented, seems MUCH better.

Willian Kadekari says:

Animar is by far my favourite commander deck, it is all about combo! Forget Swiftfoot Boots, rush for Purphoros + Ancestral Statue, Cloudstone Curio + Morph creatures, Earthcraft + Shrieking Drake/Dream Stalker/alike…Cloudstone Curio + Oblivion Sower + Ulamog… Animar is the sweetest commander I’ve ever seen!

Fabrox Fabrox says:

Full list:

Sensei’s Divining Top
Strip Mine
Solemn Simulacrum
Lightning Greaves
Maze of Ith
Shock Lands
Fellwar Stone / Signets
Vedalken Orrery
Sword of Feast and Famine
Ancient Tomb
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Path to exile / Swords to Plowshares
Elspeth, Sun’s Champion

Cyclonic Rift
Rhystic Study

Demonic Tutor
Phyrexian Arena

Chaos Warp

Eternal Witness
Cultivate / Kodama’s Reach / Rampant Growth / Farseek

Aura Shards
Supreme Veredict

Mana Crypt
Gaea’s Cradle
Cabal Coffers / Urborg, Tob of Yawgmoth

N S says:

Vedalken Orrery is decent in my decks due only to the fact that it allows me to reanimate Eldrazi Titans due to boosting traditional reanimate to instant speed so that one can respond to a shuffle trigger. This being said, Orrey doesn’t go into all decks. It’s decent

Steven Su says:

I use foil proxies I make myself instead of a checklist card. Rather than have an ugly written on card, I can just have a foil card with really cool art I like on it.

Gabriel Marasca says:

In one of my last game I chaos warped my own kaervek that someone had control shuffle him into my deck and then flipped him from to the top to the battlefield

that_loser_john says:

i use maze of ith with my commander horobi because why not make people hate you

David Berg says:

Two cards on your list are even more awesome together. You can Land Tax without getting a land just to shufffle making Sensei’s Divining Top rock.

Sarkhamy says:

Ashnod’s alter is not on the list and I swear to god if I don’t see mystic remora…

creature2711 says:

The no land destruction thing is horrible. I ultimated Ajani to a mate of mine (first and only time in my life)… just for the laughs because he just kind of forgot to attack Ajani and kill him… a year ago… he still targets me first almost every game.

Leandro Esperanza says:

There is a “secret combo” with chaos warp, if you target your commander the deck is not suffle, you just reveal the top card. With vampirc tutor or stuff alike you can give a surprise

Terry Griffis Jr. says:

Hey guys I enjoy your show, also I was wondering if you guy had a list of the best hatebears for edh

Chris Trensey says:

Who’s Terry?

Paul Payne says:

Nice this really helped me for 6 or 12 commander decks. Thank you for all your hard work

Cody Watson says:

Thanks for clearing that for me Jimmy- I was thinking off-color fetches were off-limits. You guys did not mention the Panorama cycle for fetchlands.

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