NO ONE is collecting NEW Complete Sets of Magic The Gathering in 2018

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Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

July 2018 Unique Item
Creepy Case / Lottery Case – 4 Out of print Boxes + Challenger
444.44 Shipped

MTG – Core 2019 – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Global Series – 19.99 Shipped
MTG – Battle Bond – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Challenger Decks 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Dominaria – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Masters 25 139.99 Shipped
MTG – Iconic Masters 139.99 Shipped
MTG – Rivals of Ixalan – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Ixalan – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Hour of Devastation – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Amonkhet – 79.99 Shipped

Force of Will – Winds of the Ominous Moon – SOLD OUT
Force of Will – Advent of the Demon King
Force of Will – Ancient Nights

Pokemon – Forbidden Light
Pokemon – Crimson Invasion


StealthElectronVIP says:

The bubble has burst. Go back to playing the game instead of thinking it’s an investment. The reality is that each card has like a 5 cent cost price, and you dumb ass guys somehow thought they were worth more.

Gaming Bros says:

I was a standard player back when a block was 4 sets. Now the blocks are 2 sets. This means the retention and playability of your standard cards in your deck have to be replaced every time you perfect your deck practically. This also means spending less time with the cards and buying more- more often. It’s a marketing scheme. I enjoyed buying fat packs and boosters, but now people buy only the cards they specifically want in their decks from online stores. It’s cheaper for the fact you know what you’re getting. I also want to point out that cards are being banned from tournaments as soon as they print them.

Charles says:

There is no point in complete sets, just buy the deck you want in singles.

Tony Rivers says:

My guy, everything you said was my childhood MTG experiences. Buying a booster pack, collecting cards and slowly filling up those 9 pocket sheets was the most satisfying, money spent as a kid. Unfortunately, I came from a very poor family so I gave up the collection right about time of Urza’s Legacy.

I remember my first booster pack ever, my friend and I rode our bikes 2 hours to BUYBACK games, and my first rare card from 1st booster ever was Shiva’s Dragon of the 5th edition. I went on to collect Ice Age, Mirage. Man, those were the days. In my 30s, and I would love to buy complete sets for nostalgia’s sake. Thanks for sharing. And if you are selling or know where to grab up complete sets, lemme know.

Diego Duran says:

I’m really into Yu-Gi-Oh but I’m moving now to MTG looks so cool too

Reginald Singleton says:

I think the fact that the current political era is so hated and unstable is a good reason to collect things from it. You won’t find any Nazi memorabilia on the cheap. Won’t find a “plantation style” home on the cheap. You won’t find anything from Mao Zedong’s era on the cheap, etc. etc.

leslie woods says:

hi my name is les woods i am 64 years old just had a triple bypass i have been collecting sets of MTG sins 94/95 i have sets from Revised right up to present i have well over 20,000 cards and am in the process off putting 2019 core set together i am a collector mor than a player and i do watch some of your vids i do like them and are very informative i thank you for this .

Will says:

It is hard to complete a set when you have so many foils now of each card type.

Jake R says:

Man I’ve been looking for a full set of the theros block, for a cube I’d love to make.

Jindorek says:

I had complete sets of 4th edition, ice age, fallen empires, the Dark, 5th edition, mirage, visions, weatherlight, and the whole tempest block. Sold them all about 12 years ago for about $1000.

Caitlyn Puhse says:

i played for about 3 years when return to ravnica came out, but I was younger (about 11 or 12) so when I stopped playing I sold off all of my cards. Now that im older and have started playing again, i regret not holding onto them. Maybe I will start making complete sets from here on out.

MegaChaseface says:

Get your sets now, it’ll come back once redemption goes away after MODO goes away

Chico Tuck says:

The old school art work is really somthing to consider, its better, looks older. Even the print pattern is more obvious to the eye.

Adam A says:

Some are, sadly.

Rodolfo Antonici says:

I think its about competitive decks taking the main place and the easy way were you can buy and sell cards online, so people can just buy a complete set from these sites, you don’t need to open boosters anymore.

Lite619 says:

Im about to begin a fftcg full set collection why? I love ff and as a kid i wanted to collect all the pokemon cards, but pokemon is a bit too expensive.

Kenny Perkins says:

I recently started collecting fulls sets and i am starting with m19 and m14

Bleach187Mex BBS says:

Stop spreading lies

Knut Knusprig says:

I actually wanted a full set of Amonkhet for the theme and if it wasn’t for those stupid Invocations, I would be done already! *raises fist and shakes it* Damn you Invocations..!

jeff erlsten says:

Well Rudy it’s because “full sets” is a social construct. See we now like to think that even if you have 1 MTG card then you have a “full set” that way we don’t trigger anyone that ya know doesn’t have a “full set” and actually if you believe you have to have “complete sets” then you are bieng racist homophobic transphobic bigot facist white privilege male!!!! So stop because your violating peoples safe spaces!

Michael Sammy says:

A big part of this is the fact that back in the day, if you had a full set it was cool because it was hard to do. now you can just go on eBay and get the missing cards that you need. plus the new cards are way over printed and counterfeits are just too good.

20JK10 says:

I’m thinking the same thing happened to MTG as did with sports cards and many other collectibles: ebay killed values. Before the wide use of the internet, collectors had to physically go to a convention or show to acquire items and that’s where you would see the really rare items. Now, you can get everything with the click of a mouse.

Habeev07 says:

Hello, Iam 29 and wanting to get into magic after collecting cards in the year 2000 and then not long after, giving my all my MTG cards to my cousin. From what I can remember I had a lot of black bordered cards like at 8:32. Looks familiar. I wish I still had cards but dont. Anyone wanna help me with a starter deck? I dont know where to begin. I wanna play casual again but I dont like how the game is so dependent on pumping out card sets. I wish you could play old stuff now in standard tourney play. I’m kinda nostagic. Don’t game stores that sell cards give away a deck to beginners? I thought I heard that mentioned in a MTG video. Cheers!

Fangschrecke says:

I would love to get into collecting cards again, but I just cant stand the new art. There are some that look nice, but not enough to spike my interest enough.

Mr LMMO says:

I hope you bought those sets your throwing around and abusing

John Davis says:

I’ve been collecting full sets, 4 copies of every card since Shards of Alara. Don’t care if it’s profitable or not. It’s like a side hobby of my mtg hobbie. Feels satisfying completing a 4x copy full sets.
Next to step it up with full foil sets hahaha

GrófAzUhl says:

They need new stories and worlds with new land cards and also new game breaking cards they’re scared of ruining the game but whit doing nothing they’re destroying it instead. Its the Changes the game breaking, completly new, meta shaping things wich holds value to it not generations of the same cards. I hope they will do better in the future.

Larry Quach says:

This guy the way he handles people cards is completely rude he throws them around flicks them and runs his finger roughly over them shoves them no respect at all for anyone but his own then talks shit about everything they have

Fullmetal Mexican says:

Only reason why nobody is buying sets is because paper magic is dead and online play is where it will be going

Dave The Knave says:

This has inspired me to go back and try to finish the sets I really like/started with.
Khans (save for the fetches, ain’t nobody got money for that), M15, Shadows and Eldritch.

LopsidedMoz says:

Just collect all the good cards…most of the new cards are just filler trash/reprints anyway

RedScarGaming says:

I collect sets and I have a fair few nearly full collections. With online purchasing though there is no real challenge in it so the ‘rules’ for me state that I have to trade with LGS’s or players. Makes it much harder and feels so much better when you complete a set.

EL JOTT says:

Every edition contains extremly shitty cards…
Main reason why complete sets aren’t collected…
Cuz: who wants shitty cards?

Sheep says:

Only 1 place to buy cards in my country and at 3x msrp it gets kinda pricey to try and collect a full set.

Lucid says:

is there a consideration how the electronic / pc versions of magic affecting collecting? Why collect paper when you can play online?

Jason jason White says:

How much is a complete mtg set

DinDinDunDun says:

What are the chances Wizards saturated the market when they saw a lot of new players coming to the game, which decreased not only perceived value but actual value, too, as they kept pumping out new sets, new modern eternal masters anniversary 3000’s?

Rankin 11 says:

I had bunch of older cards I looked up some common in the some what new ones 12 cents it is horrible

joe47771 says:

Rudy has 3,703 complete sets of every release

Genma Saotome says:

I play the game… instead of collecting all of the cards for a set.

Ravenous Pathogen says:

I just restarted collecting/rebuilding all my sets. I’m starting with getting my playdecks tuned and my encyclopedias, then I will restart my revised, 4th and IA full sets. The reason I see people don’t is because of MOL

Nozdormu1982 says:

From the comments it looks like its a combination of art and lack of cards that remain playable outside standard. Maybe in addition to a foil a chance for a full art card would make the game more collectible.

jesse lopez says:

I’m still pretty new started playing on at off when fates reforged and siege rino and battle for zendiker and oathwatch came out I really enjoy the game and how it’s like chess and you can customize decks so I just play for fun but hard to find ppl to play with that’s why I love MTG Arena bc I can just play the game to play and enjoy the game. I’ve been watching Rudy a lot lately and all I see is ppl don’t care about MTG or enjoying the game they only care about making money so it loses its fun when you treat it like an investment and not a card game maybe that’s why no one cares anymore

n/a n/a says:

I wouldn’t dismantle the sets,take the loss,and collect all of the sets as one of my goals.

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