Opening A $800 Card In a $30 Pack Of MTG Cards!!

We crack open a fat pack from worldwake to show you everything that you get inside including opening all 8 booster packs, will we find that $800 Jace? You’ll have to watch and find out! If you have any questions at all, post them up down below, or visit our website at

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bob jhon says:

7:19 just a peak and we all know while he sits there completely oblivious even with his first person perspective.

Matlock 90065 says:

The Jace is actually worth 325$


sleeve the death shadow it is worth as much as jace aaaahhh

Expork Playz says:


cornxx3 says:

that anowan looks sick on the poster side of the wrapper! he’s a staple in my vampire commander deck, absolutely loving it haha.

The Best Jarjar Binks says:

How dare buzzfeed dare copy this mans idea

Woodchuck12 says:

Filthy luck sack .w.

Blu3Stallion says:

“Oh wow, this is really exciting guys” *He says in a monotone voice*

charlie tolmie jr says:

Also where is the 800$ card?

Los Jukes says:

so staged…. Peeking out the entire time, then “wa-hoo!” this is just dumb.

Norman Rucker says:

fake as fuck

halo 5 tips and clips says:

800$ card… woo hoo -_-

Swiftube says:

So the jace was peeking out the whole time XD and remember kids- “don’t go chasing for the jace”

Stupid Stuff says:


Mark Vs. Games says:


Cole Rubens says:

I would’ve been fine just getting the full art lands

Jesus says:

Sleeve it ur triggering me

Mark Cooper says:

This is really exciting guys. *monotone voice*

Dawson Wylie berube says:

you got this for 30 $ previously owned?

hamishd2010 says:

Was anyone else just sitting there for like a whole minute seeing that last 6 letters of the foil jayce exposed and just waiting for him to notice it.

Provenom100 says:

I was just waiting for that classic Maxmoefoe, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE!!!” When you packed Jace

They call me adam says:

Was jace the only planeswalker in world wake, and is it centered around him

Ange Lobia says:

the Asperger’s is strong with this one.

Corey Fellows says:

30 bucks isn’t bad even without nailing a Jace.

Adam Darrar says:

Ok screw aqua mentus man or whatever the hell your called. Your probably a professor get of the internet and teach your middle school kids biology you freaking weirdo

overly used meme here says:

wahoo? fuck you

Calaen says:

Sees deaths shadow “meh its cool i guess” (1 year later) best deck in modern lmao

Alissa Ivie says:

Dude. Be gentle when opening the packs.

MerpyDerp Studios says:

pulls a death shadow “eh its alright”

David Capano says:

nice pull dude, I pulled a foil baneslayer angel from a fat pack as well as 2 other mythics

Carmen says:

to be honest I would be excited about jace but because of the card not of his monetary value. I do collect magic cards but not to put them in a foiled shrine but to play.

Flying Sloth says:

That moment when he just “meh it’s okay” to death shadow but now it op

Alex M says:

Isnt that card only worth 40$

Chris Carlton says:

Way to go

Sean Allwang says:

Mythics and foils are not in the back tho

Oculus Rifters OR&GAMING says:

I never say this, but thats a reseal. This is so bogus and set up. He’s not even fussed. An the fact he stalls before he notices the foil. Common, yeah right. But Hay he’s made $1000 in clicks so he, give no shits LMOA

justin redak says:

Way hooooooooooooooooooooo

José Appleton de Melo says:

extremelly overpriced? try Yu-Gi-Oh and then we will talk

dawson is cool says:

The demon on the top of the poster thing sucks a lot

BackOffMehMemez says:

So fake omg

Sidney LeVine says:

Nice pull! Raging ravine is also nice!

Finnawizard117 says:


J Torres says:

How the FUCK is this a $800 card?

TheTwoPunchPrincess says:

Fat pack comes with 10

Aaron Jessome says:

It’s weird that Raging Ravine is 13$ CDN but the foil is 93$?? that’s an unusual mark up from normal to foil

Loris Bernard says:

Fear friend hour eghwbq given her tongue typical.

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