Opening A Random Walmart 3 Pack of MTG Cards

I found a old dusty 3-pack of magic the gathering cards at a wal-mart in KY so I picked it up and decided to open it up here on the channel. Check it out! Subscribe To Our Channel Here-Its Free

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Christian Vargas says:

You wanted to get into talking about what pack that card was in xD i was wondering which pack it was

Jake Pratt says:

I got a starter pack from Walmart and it came with two booster packs and one of the cards I polled was a archangel avacyn

Brad Gefroh says:

I found a few packs WAY older than this at a little family gas station while driving through I think Oklahoma. They had been there so long that the wouldn’t ring up at the register anymore, so they just gave them to me. It was all junk, but it was still nice to have a little fun for free!

Matthew says:

You paid $2 for that? The Rite Aid near me sells those for $12! Then again those are pretty new, but still.

Andrew Thomson says:

Ordric screwed me over in a match -_-

MrSlyxx says:

does he keep saying “uni-vault” or “mana vault”. The second one is worth money

Eldrazi Sypathizer says:

I bought one of those once, I pulled a foil avacyn angel of hope.

idol hands says:

i just picked up a factory sealed alpha starter deck box from the flea market for $15

M&GDubstep M&G says:

That angle of glorys rise is an op card.

Ryan Baggett says:

i started playing this game on saturday so fun. i have a group of friends i play with at job corps. not much to do here so why the hell not. anyway fun game cant wait to get my first deck built today!

Mobama Mbushladen says:


jon hillman says:

I live a few hours away from lusivelle my any MTG place that you could recommended for me

LivingEnd says:

man, I love these. the promos are always interesting, and I always have fun pulling from them. last week I opened a foil Ugin the spirit dragon from one that also had a RtR pack in it (which I got nothing from, but it’s when I started playing and it is one of my fav sets so I’m always happy to see a pack)

Dr Benzedrine says:

lol 2,50$ for three pack in finland its 4,30$ for 1 pack wtf!

Finnigan and Caleb says:


God Fire Inferno says:

those things are like $12 here.

Hybrid_ Cuber says:

That music in the outro is flipping awesome!!!

Paul O says:

Were do you get these things?

Page Nelson says:

I just bought a 3 pack from Target, and found a Zendikar pack.

alisa343 says:

it’s interesting how this guy buys these Walmart scams without realizing what he’ll end up with

Kali Andrews says:

Bought one of these once and cracked a mind sculptor

Mario Joia says:

2.5 bucks for a 3pack? kitchen-table draft much? 😉

Kasey George says:

ive got 17 flip cards i started 2 week ago

therealgodofwar says:

I got a liliana the last hope from a 3 pack

Zach the Savage says:

Keep on making huge fan of u! Do u think u could do a quick vid of how to play

joss mcalister says:


FlipperJones75 says:

$2.50? DAMN!!! Those sell for like $12.00 around here today. (6/1/16)

Zairus7 says:

2:16 whenever odric and at least 3 other creatures attack, it becomes HEARTHSTONE

blake conn says:

do you have any plain walkers whats your favorit and best card

Nick Stelzer says:

Pulled an Omniscience out of one of those.

p wilmott says:

I have 2 legendarys and planeswalkers

zgamer100 says:

In my first 2013 starter set, I got 3 planes walkers including one that is worth $150

Vaska Vloes says:

Drogscol captain is actually pretty good

daan meulendijks says:

Nice, but it is realy evolving WILDS

Mr. Sneakerhead says:

I live 1:30 to Louisville I’m starting a mtg channel

Thomas Sweeney says:

I got an odyssey pack out of a Walmart 3 pack

Gloggles says:

HOLY SHIT! Doubling Chant is awesome if you got the right deck. “Googles price.” WOW high grade foil is 3 bucks. I will pick that up later.

Veronica Clephas says:

I’m from that city

whiskey jack says:


MistaZiggy says:

for $2.50 not bad

That Ronald Smith Guy says:

My local Walmart stores only recently began carrying these, and I am sooooooo glad that they did! I’ve been getting them and pulling good or great cards like crazy. The packs in them now, however, are from Return to Ravnica, Khans of Tarkir and Battle for Zendikar. Regardless, the pulls are worth it imho.

Btw, you definitely need to be getting the core sets, if you have still chosen not to at this point. They’re 100% worth it.

Justin Giroux says:

Yeah I noticed

Bach Frog says:

how did you find these for 2 bucks

wiley935 linux says:

I pulled a God of the Forge out of mine

gavinbrashears says:

its my first time playing magic i love your channel and i look up to you

Geisha Normatte says:

Could you please send me some of your cards…. I just started playing and it is expensive…… my son play Pokémon and I struggle playing magic.

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