PROOF DEFECTIVE Magic the Gathering Cards in Masters 25

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Jmob T Raw says:

This is ridiculous haha

Geoffrey Draws Comics says:

I’m skipping this set after buying some packs and seeing what they are. I’m not pleased as a new convert to this game.

jon callow says:

i remember when you wanted mis cut or misprint they were worth somthing now that its happening more there no value any more

chapapanga says:

man , when you call the actual player base idiots for buying the game they like , its hard to be on your side.
As i see if rudy being a mass opener doesnt report misscuts or missprints then it isnt an issue.
you can get 12 reports of misscuts or missprints and that wouldnt be an issue beacuse , the reports comes from all over the country, maybe all over the world.
also, “Portal Three Kingdoms was specifically designed for the Asian market and was not sold in North America. It was mainly printed in Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, but there was also an English printing, sold mostly in Australia and New Zealand. As a result, the English versions of the cards are amongst the rarest in the game.” one of the most popular set, right?, thats a pretty asian set.

Aging Reversed says:

Well, if there is demand then the poor quality will continue.

ErroneousClique says:

I no longer buy sealed product. I only buy RL. If I need cards for a deck I buy singles from the oldest set possible while keeping the cost/card relatively similar. Its Wizard’s game to ruin. All we can do is watch and hope Hasbro rights the ship before it flounders. The SJWs working there are so greedy they will never be appeased by any amount of concessions and only when they are fired or the game dies will they move on. They are way too entrenched to change, thinking that they are moving the game in a progressive direction but all they are successfully doing is alienating fans and long time supporters of the game. Keep pushing ideology down people’s throats and after a while, no amount of new mechanics or reprinted cards will dig you out of your hole.

As a side note, I feel that this lack of card quality and increased number of reprints will eventually create a “division” in the market if it continues. At some point, the older cards of better quality will become more desirable, commanding a higher price than their newer variants regardless of artwork. At some point, people will get tired of Wizard’s lack of quality control and quality card stock and those feelings will be manifested in the form of lost revenue for WotC as demand for new product continues to decline.

brian a walton says:

Personally not bought a single card or pack from any of the new sets with the current level of quality. It is a shame cuz I’m missing some good cards but I aint spending my money on what amounts to toilet paper.

MTG LION says:

A good point was made. If a counterfeit in his parents basement in one day can make better cards than a multi BILLION dollar company specializing in toys…. you would be foolish to believe the multi BILLION dollar company couldn’t if they tried.

Alan Hillard says:

I really don’t connect the social correctness to bad card stock. It is clearly them being greedy. Being capitalist. What does being progressive have to do with card stock? Fuck the republicans for sure. But MTG lion. What your saying makes no sense. Its the company fucking us to make more money!!!! Not the SJW shit.

LuisSa1994 says:

can’t we sue them for stalking if they ban you based on information from does private investigators?

jevry says:

playing at 1.25 speed cuz else 2 slow for me XD.
but yah hope sets n cards get better soon.

james jefferson says:

Also if you don’t cure paper properly and printing ink and QC is not a priority its happens.

Caleb umbreon says:

I agree…they look awful, I grew up on Yugioh, Magic, and Pokemon. While I fell out of love with Yugioh and Pokemon, MTG stayed around, I bought the 25th anniversary exited to see the old cards get redone…but apon opening my pack, it had miscut, damaged, and above all my foul got a slit though the side…I hate this, and I refuse to buy any more of this set. For the longest time my only miscut card was my Myr Galvanizer, it was slightly cut near the top. I play it because I felt amazed at pulling it, this card is from 2010, and I use it to this day, it lays flat and still makes me happy to see it because personally its special to me, but seeing how bad MTG is getting with this SJW rhetoric recently, I frankly don’t want to buy any more cards. I hope this was a one-time thing and it stops.

Jonathan Copperfall says:

No one ever gives a shout out to Tahngarth.

James Wiggs says:

Hit the nail on the head, I’m not buying any new product until quality is restored…

mack lethal says:

Fix your cards WIZARDS!

Rocket Bronson says:


SonictheBedHog says:

Mtg Lion is my fave youtuber…

radip says:

Well, nowadays thanks to WotC a flat foil is an oxymoron 🙂

Dave Kot says:

From a financial perspective, what’s likelihood of getting an M25 foil graded at a reasonably high score, noting warp issues?

Yurikan says:

This has been all over the MTG reddit lately. The card stock appears to be slightly higher weight, but the problem is the curling on the cards, not the weight of the paper. There’s probably something wrong with the cutter heads putting too much pressure down or the cutting edge is dull. If not that, if the cards are multi-layered pressed paper they could be having a goof up there.

L' Aristokrato says:

I saw some people playing with some Dragonball card game, and there were plenty of shiny/metallic, or otherwise with fancy looking effects cards; all of which appeared to have no problem with remaining completely flat.

blinkingred says:

man the card quality has really killed alot of my enthusiasm for the game. When I got back into the game with shitty quality I didn’t really care because I sleeved them but now they still obviously curved even while sleeved. I use to like to play draft unsleeved but I can’t really anymore. Shuffling these cards unsleeved is very difficult and will practically destroy the cards. For a game where the large amount of the appeal is having an item with financial worth the poor card stock is devastating.

leimad13 says:

Weatherlight, Tempest. The most fun I had in magic, loved the story to bits. Karn was my favourite:) Also no one, absolutely no one paid attention to what race or color the characters were. They did cool things and we loved them. That was all.

mike madorma says:

Gosh damn MTGLion this video was savage. WOTC should be ashamed.

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