Ravnica Allegiance | My Top Cards [MTG]

Ravnica Allegiance’s release is fast approaching, let’s take a look at some of my favourite cards from the new set! Subscribe for more MTG Arena: http://bit.ly/2PuJoCn

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argurion1 says:

for anyone who wants to see some crazy combos possible with prime speaker Vannifar: reddit.com/r/badmtgcombos

Michael Wallace says:

The best part about Ethereal Absolution is that you don’t have to do it in anticipation, you can do it in response to someone targeting it with find or eldest or whatever.

John Walsh-Wadlegger says:

You think spectacular raids may work, combining some Rakdos spectacle with some rakdos/grixis pirates?

Aaron Fye says:

Super excited to play a shark octopus crab!

MrAgentIncognito says:

I hate Spawn of Mayhem so much. He’s going to make limited such a chore. Who the hell thought a 4/4 flying trample for 3 was a good idea?

I’m hopeful for Vannifar making a decent deck, but I don’t have high expectations. Even just with G/U, there are a lot of good ETB triggers, mostly thanks to Ixalan Merfolk, and the high end isn’t half bad either. However, she’s got negative synergy with most of Simic’s other cards and basing a deck around a creature can blow up really easily.

Merchant says:

Oh and I know it’s Vannifar not Zannifar, English is hard and I can’t read ok I just pretend.

Dan Thorelli says:

Love Hadanas Climb

Binary Jack says:

Thanks for giving some context on cards in Standard and constructed with Ravnica Allegiance.

Austin Schmidt says:

I am having a problem with my mtga game in which some of the cards are not available to purchase with wildcards because they just don’t show up. Any advice.

Brian Jimenez says:

No love for Gruul. Rhythm of the Wild is beautiful

William Bowen says:

*me watching on mobile* “I know some people will be watching on mobile.” “:o”

PearlOfDragons says:

Build revel in riches board wipe tribal

Ve1amont says:

Vannifar should be banned.

Phoenix Fire says:

Wilderness Reclemation is gonna be insane, time to switch from Jeskai to Simic control

Shawn Davis says:

I also think that Theater of Horrors would synergize really well with a Flame of Keld deck.

Cameron Wood says:

Temur, use the gruul riot enchantment t3, prime speaker on 4 w/ haste or +1 vs red to dodge lava coil

sheepblack69 says:

I prefer reading the cards on my own to be honest, you could have made the card like half the screen ! Apart from that everything is great , thank you for giving us your point of view

SoulSlayer Knight says:

Would love to try out Orzhov and Rakdos when the new set comes out :).

Josh Targo says:

Not sure if you mentioned it, but ethereal absolution stops both kinds of phoenixes too.

Kevin Morris says:

I’m most excited for Seraph of the Scales. I wanna see how it fits into the current Boros angel core, or even just an Orzhov angels deck.

Jeremy George says:

Ethereal Absolution is gonna gut graveyard decks in that matchup.

Alex Luff says:

I’m keen to try and break wilderness Reclamation into turn 4 Electrodominance for 6 to face and free carnie T or other shenanigans

Sz_oszkas says:

Theater of Horrors… It exiles this card and Only YOU can See it right?

Ian Burns says:

I am excited for spawn of mayhem, judith,scourage diva, Skewer the critics, and blade fire artistian. I think bladefire artistian is definitely an underestimated card.

smlevin75 says:

I like the possibilities you’ve suggested for vannifar here. I’ve been wanting to make a good helm of the host deck for awhile, this card could be a major piece to making that work

John Brewer says:

Prime Speaker Vannifar would be nice in a legendary focused deck I have. Guildgates for mana, Guild Summits for draw, Circuitous Routes for ramp, Thran Temporal Gateway to get to the big stuff quick, Urza’s Ruinous blast to clear board, and Kamahl’s Druidic Vow to get a big board presence or Primeval’s Glorious Rebirth to get everything out of the graveyard for the same reason. It can be fairly slow but it’s fun.

Chris Stevens says:

totally agree on theater of horrors. rakdos is going to be top teir I really do think.

James Devenberg says:

I think Theater of Horrors will see play. Aggro/burn’s biggest weakness is running out of gas and having to top deck. Cards that help them get around this have always been good. We had Bomat Courier, now we have Experimental Frenzy. I see this *easily* replacing Frenzy. You can cast it a turn earlier and you can cast it even when you have good things in your hand. It doesn’t let you dig as deep each turn as Frenzy obviously, but it comes with the benefit of not literally shutting down your hand *and* it has a Spectacle enabler on it for when that matters.

P Nussbaum says:

Ethereal Absolution is awesome for Limited, I don’t think will see any play in Standard. It does nothing if you’re behind, so it has no place in midrange decks. Its activated ability looks like it belongs in a control deck, anyways, but betting on an Enchantment as your top end in one of those seems more than optimistic – and the effect isn’t even that good. Maybe as a 1-off in an Orzhov or Abzan Tokens deck, if those are a thing… but you’d have to convice me to run this over yet another Carnage Tyrant or Doomwhisperer. Likewise, Theatre of Horrors and Smothering Tithe should be too slow to justify the opportunity cost of not playing, say, a Risk Factor.

I expect Domri, Chaos Bloke to make the most impact and enable all sorts of shenanigans. Turn 4 Carnage Tyrant with Haste, for example.

Mountain Man Magic says:

What guild are you most excited for? I ranked Simic the highest in my prerelease video but Ravnica Allegiance seems so hard to judge atm

Ian Burns says:

I feel like azara the awakener now has a place in aggro rakdos too

LeapFrogNinja says:

Theatre of Horrors being face up shouldnt matter too much, as opponents should be able to identify you very early anyway. Red mana down, mono red? Black goes down, Rakdos burn, done. I cant imagine too much variance between burn that youd need hidden cards. Frothing to burn some face with BR!

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