R&D Plays MTG – Paul and Melissa draft Guilds of Ravnica!

Sit down and watch Paul Cheon and Melissa DeTora battle with the latest Magic set on MTG Arena!

Catch their stream every Monday from 2-5pm Pacific


Big Guy says:

Warboss in pack 2! And passed a risk factor!? All these legionnaires!

Absolutely crazy deck

Raphael says:

Narcoamoeba … I got in the dimir booster. wtf… why is even rare? awfull.

Stuart Reed says:

All I’m hearing on social media is Golgari is unplayable. Say it ain’t true!! Because of that I’d like to see you guys force Golgari and talk about it.

Youtubefan2017 says:

Is this coming to Xbox Live?

William Simkulet says:

Maybe try to make more cards constructed playable? I mean between 2HG, Commander, and various other formats and themes, it seems inexplicable why you’re printing a Vanilla 3/2 for 2R after just printing a 3/2 with Menace and a better creature type for 2R in the previous set. These cards feel REALLY, REALLY BAD. That they exist is you saying “Here is something we know you’ll never use. Now give me some more money.”

And yes, I echo the sentiment that rare-shifting Narcomoeba feels terrible. It’s clearly not too complex, as you have a black non-permanent that exiles itself to “play” it (IE, more complex) at (U). And they payoff, while constructed playable in older formats, is not (R) Worthy.

PS – No (C) equipment to let Mentors mentor each other is just mean.

mindless monk says:

boros doesn’t let you win Melissa gives me hope for MTG R&D also thank you for putting up content & guilds has been great. the guy who shows up at 2:11:23 should be fired

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