Revenge of Card Shop Life # 24 = Behind the Scenes Magic PROJECTS


The Largest UNAPPROVED / UNSPONSORED / UNCONTROLLED Magic The Gathering Channel in the world filled with Greed Monsters, Evil Investors, and 3.3333333% Women.

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Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

April 2018 Special – Final Fantasy 1,2,3,4,5 package

MTG – Dominaria
MTG – Masters 25
MTG – Iconic Masters
MTG – Rivals of Ixalan
MTG – Ixalan
MTG – Hour of Devastation
MTG – Amonkhet
MTG – Aether Revolt
MTG – Kaladesh

Force of Will – Time Spinning Witch – SOLD OUT
Force of Will – Advent of the Demon King
Force of Will – Ancient Nights

Final Fantasy Opus V
Final Fantasy Opus IV
Final Fantasy Opus III

Pokemon – Crimson Invasion
Pokemon – Guardians Rising
Pokemon – Burning Shadows


Kutschbomb says:


omniviking says:

Peace of Mind

Energy says:

Do you sell any Dragon Ball Super cards in your stores and if so how are they selling?

Chris Perciavalle says:

Yo, Rudy, are those vanguard cards for sale? I’d like to collect the set of all of them. I think there were 3 sets? I don’t have any.I also need/want to buy an unlimited gauntlet of might if you’re willing to sell any. My local game store surprisingly doesn’t have any, only beta, and I’d like to buy from someone I can trust online.

Nicolas Bauer says:

Rudy you are a humble and honest person, best of luck

Zack Hodge says:

Channel Comet Storm?

Ace n says:

this is the videos I like to see! Well I like to see any videos you upload but I favour card shop life videos. Keep up the good work Rudy!

josh00498 says:

I love card shop life !!

Greg Brehm says:

Rudy….Always enjoy your videos.  Your sense of humor always makes me laugh.  If you ever plan on expanding out to the West Coast, let me know.  I’m thinking of retiring (OG here) and if you are looking for an employee to trust, I am knowledgeable about the older cards.  I have my own collection and very few wants these days for me.   Been playing Magic since 1994, but these days mostly a collector and I do enjoy helping others out.  Hope to come out to Vegas and meet you and buy you a beer (if the weather isn’t blistering hot).

Jose Miranda says:

Hi, new subscriber here. How could I get a Sarkhan binder from you? My LGS never got any..

Joseph Jewett says:


Truk Stich says:

That’s why I sold you my boxes. No hassle, no scam. Thanks Rudy.

Ara Ara says:

You pay 1100 for a 2000 collection??? Fuck guys, at this point just sell it to me, I’ll pay you 1500 cash we can meet half way and I will also pay you a blowjob from a hooker and a beer.

MilkJugg24 says:

Why don’t you buy a Taco Truck?

The Turtler 31 says:

Rudy lost a female viewer :O

JohnSmithKing says:

I would be a child on Christmas opening all those booster boxes 24/7. Jesas!!

Luke Olsen says:

I know you’re still getting setup but you need some more organization in there, you could have like one messier area and then everything else just be nice and neat, just my opinion

Paul Stewart says:

Hey Rudy I have a black bordered demonic tutor in french but I can’t find any info on it, looks like 3rd or 5th ed but it’s black border? Anyone know what the deal is with this card?

ian welle says:

How do I go about selling a collection to the store? Which pricing does Rudy go by?

Sutekh94 says:


ajpipp says:

How can you purchase from Rudy on ebay?

Joshua Pasternak says:

Rudy how can we come into contact with you about maybe selling you our collections ?

Shawn Wallace says:

Rudy what are you charging for merfolk vs goblins duel decks individually?

glennfk says:

Hyborian Gates has amazing art – Valejo and Bell did great work. I saw that and my heart fluttered <3

Jeremy Ward says:

So much WANT!!

jone her says:

glad you’re doing well and that you were right about wizards being put for sale. now people wont doubt you

william luxon says:

I like the new intro.

Frank g says:

Laminate the posters and make them playmats

Spartacus547 says:

In 10 years all the magic card shops will be quick stops, I hope everybody gets their own Jay and Silent Bob to bring in customers lol

Joey Garibaldi says:

Hey Rudy,

Do you have online store? Or are you straight eBay? Can I get a link to either one.

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