Rudy shows his $30,000 Magic The Gathering Artifact Deck from the 90’s

Perception : a way of understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression; possibly fabricated.

I didn’t think Rudy knew how to play Magic!? 🙁




Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223


Itstrue mammanon says:

you dont love the game, long time since you did.

yosh4321 says:

I dont play magic. Never played magic and dont even know anything about magic except what I’ve seen in this guys video. Dont hate me I just enjoy this guys videos some reason.

George Z says:

You are completely insane

TheMasterplanter says:

I wonder how many people didn’t pick up on the satire?

milos jones says:

This dude is spending 1000$ and 1000$ of dollars on mtg
I love you

Brian Bernstein says:

what about those three lands that create 7 colorless when all are in play? I had an artifact deck myself in the 90s, and I used to use those in conjunction with fireballs and other direct damage. I think there are some Goblins that also compliment the deck well, but it’s been so long I don’t even remember, Goblin mechanic or something I dunno

Sage Smukler says:

Rudy cheats with mirror lol

LowBudgetTV says:

I should have spent money on Magic cards in the early nineties instead of hookers and blow.

Eins. Wanderer says:

wtf is this. Is that a joke. You opened it with gloves ? xD lmao

L U L M A M G A Y 1 says:

the valvue is 60k

soulassassin0g says:

This is how you flex in MTG!

Thynqikan says:

I had a similar deck but I also had Chaos Orb in the deck. Argivian Acheologist + Chaos Orb was nasty. I once dropped 5 Chaos Orbs in a single turn and removed my opponents entire cards in play. I was pretty accurate with my orbs.

Radavvadra says:

Interesting so thats where Pentivus comes from its a modern version of Tetravus.

Knight of the Disciples says:

I use to have a black lotus when i was in the 2nd grade. It was given to me when i was first tought how to play magic. The only reason i dont have it now was because a school bully took my cards and ripped them up.

cattycats4 says:

lifeblood…. blood moon

Michael Woosley says:

You sleaved all your cards like that when you first made that deck? MMMMKKAAYYYY BUUUUUDDDY

tasss550 says:

just WOW

blue diamond gem says:

I enjoyed more simple rules than now.

Joe Ruark says:

Disliking this video means you’re either poor and mad or don’t understand satire. And maybe one begets the other.

Christopher Hensley says:

Rudy, how much money would I need to get you to come off of that deck?

Jimmy P says:

Will someone explain how does painted card board worth so much? Im not hating, i say the say thing about shoes.

stoned gamer says:

I only play with friends, proxys are the best

Phillykiller777 says:

what do you do for a job to afford all this.

Joshua Boucher says:

Can you post the decklist, Rudy?

Nick Prince says:

“Not allowing proxy cards”

Alright, this proves you’re a goddamn fucking piece of shit. Fuck rich fuckers denying people the ability to play based on economic standards.

Joost says:

You were cheating, if you plowed your own creature and then get it back with archeologist.

Jason Lynch says:

Really want to know what the hell I was thinking buying pogs instead of Magic cards way back then.


the TCC opener lmao

ryan GREEN says:

Love those card cases, never seen them before. What’s the product name or website?

Sir Mutantenkraken says:


Bryan Black says:


Beef Stroganoff says:

I ran tooth and nail with platinum angel and darksteel colossus. It’s a 3 play win with the insurance of not being able to lose.

Witchaphon Amkham says:

1second in the video

Me: sh*t!! Wrong video

NeoAxiom says:

Why don’t you sell like 1 mox then build 5 decks and start playing

Christopher Hensley says:

It’s so crazy that you can have either that or a camaro.


When I’m in a really big battle, I supplement my $5 and succumb to KFC for their $5 Fill up. I take poison damage, but not a lot of players know that if you take a dump mid-meal, you can save yourself the struggle later and eliminate those counters. Afterwards, you an deal X direct red/green damage to any target. Enjoy the bisquits afterwards and you are now a legendary hero.

Michael Benoliel says:

This was cringe af to watch. Was like when your nephew draws on the way and tells a 10 minute story trying to explain how it wasnt him

Minh Huynh says:

i see why you dont play that deck anymore…

Hyperion5182 says:

This deck was broken as FUCK in the day it was played. You had nowhere near the artifiact destruction capabilites back then. Blue decks were the only things that could stand a chance if that thing got rolling. A lot of instant kills had yet to be found. Costs of cards aside this is a thing of beauty based on what things were like back then.

Alex K says:

I wish you played the game lol

anonymous 765 says:

Donate to the power impaired please.

Richard Kocksworthy says:

Autism strikes again

Djinn .b says:

Swords removes creature from game. Can’t bring back with archaeologist

Thomas Kolter says:

I Proxy Deck things like this its far cheaper and I only play for fun, don’t trade unless I’m honest, same for selling the cards and stamp a silver ink PROXY on each one when I first get them in the bottom center to be sure everyone knows. But I am fine with that in fun decks not for tournaments. But what if the opponent plays Shatterstorm? And my counter since I followed only the core rulebook game rules which were canon was 15 Mountains and 25 Lightning Bolts and well it hit so fast setting up a position wasn’t an option. *Pointing out in friendly game that was 100% legal.*

Silo 101 says:

How can they be rare if they aren’t even foil?

Apocalypse Chime says:

Lol sick burn at the Professor

BTRBT says:

Cool combo with the coffins and Trisks / Tetras, too. Can bounce one with the coffin at the end of the other guy’s turn, untap the coffin and it returns to play triggering additional counters. Though something tells me that the rules back then probably didn’t allow for this.

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