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This video is a step by step guide into how to effectively sort and organize a collection of Magic: The Gathering Cards. Thanks for watching!

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Azathoth Cuetlachtli says:

I want to buy the cardboard dividers to make things easier for me cause this is how I organized my cards; block- colour – card type – mana cost – alphabetical. I find it easier this way even though I have my standard divided by block instead of having them all together, I find dividing them by block – set a waist of time since blocks are pretty much the same thing, awesome video by the way

changeXchange says:

i only use the penny sleeve tactic if i have 4 exactly (or multiples of 4)

Mikael Bloomqvist says:

Smart and efficient. I like your advice and your video, but I sort my cards in a totally different manner. I prefer to have them in binders. If your cards are stuffed away in boxes, you can’t see them and then it just feels like they’re forgotten. I like mine in ultra pro pages, sorted by color in a colored binder that matches the color of the card. I further sort them by creature, instant, sorcery and enchantment… keeping legendary and planeswalkers up front. I have about 18,000 cards and I think it makes finding things easier when you just flip through pages. Basic lands are the only thing I feel comfortable stuffing into a box. I put all my nonbasic lands and foils in a binder as well. I paid enough money for all these darned things, I want them where I can look at them! 😛

KitchenTableMTG Forums says:

Some good advice here, although sorting by number would drive me insane lol. Great video!

BatmanVsSombies says:

It’s funny that you have thousands of cards, only to use dozens of it.

Christopher Collins says:

I like your method, and it is how I began my storage, back a decade ago. But I find that storing anything that isn’t in standard by collectors number takes more time than I am willing to give. Although your method rocks, i’ve decided the best method for me is to organize in a 800 count box by set color and rarity, keeping the rares in a binder.

AbileneAugie says:

I learned what those numbers mean….. thanks!

mrsgrievous says:

this is great. my husband only likes to keep 5 of thankfully. I never thought to use a sleeve :O I have a template for dividers on Google drive, I can share it with you if you want.

mrsgrievous says:

this is great. my husband only likes to keep 5 of thankfully. I never thought to use a sleeve :O I have a template for dividers on Google drive, I can share it with you if you want.

William Causey says:

Love the video but to save the squinting of the eyes for the collectors number. It’s always the same as alphabetically, separated by color. So colorless. Then WUBRG(white blue black red green) Multicolored all together. Next is artifacts and lastly lands.

Christopher Black says:

Yeah, I’m sitting here with 5k+ cards out in the open. Appreciate this vid.

ShadowcasterZero says:

@4:14 color sort? nooooooooo… don’t go down that rabbit hole! unless you have a small collection, color sorting is a waste of time and energy. Think about it. When you make a decklist, do you write down every card’s colors? Nope. Every mtg card has a unique name. Some cards are reprints, but no one ever asks if you have a black lightning bolt. Why? because it’s always red! So when you’re looking for multiple cards, you’ll waste a LOT of time remembering what set, what COLOR, and then finally trying to find them by NAME. So let’s cut that time down to 1/3rd, and just sort by NAME. Unless your whole collection can fit into only one box. Then you can sort it however you want.

Amy Paige says:

Late to the party. But thank you thank you thank you!!! Hubby’s card collection is getting out of control.

Murrauder says:

Sure I find this video the day after I organized all my cards by set, color, then alphabetically

Chalice Bailey says:

Love your video! Two questions. Do you use the penny sleeves for any amount more than 1 card? Is putting your cards in numerical order also alphabetical? I don’t think I could abandon alpha for tiny numbers on the bottom of the cards, but who knows? I was already using the foam squares, so excellent tip!

Anathema Nu says:


This will be a MONUMENTAL task for me, as I have over 25k cards. Yes, 25,000 cards. Many of which are still in booster boxes, commander deck boxes and so on. Still, I really like your method of organization.

ODIRGO says:

luckily i’m left handed, so I don’t need to use the first trick. the sponge trick was the most useful to me.

Adam Rankin says:

Pretty girl…js.

Oliver Fries says:


Christo Lupo says:

Instead of upside down just switch hands and push the other way. I can’t believe I even had to say this…

Genya Arikado says:

Why not just build edh decks of all the good cards you are not using?

Drew Jackson says:

just found your channel. this is the first vid i’ve seen of yours. it showed up in my recommendations. nice job!

RebootThis says:

Thanks for the cardboard box link, I really need some so I can sell my yugioh collection!

Spinelicker5 says:

Wow, the upside down trick in the beginning is awesome! Thank you! Glad I stumbled upon this vid!

Shadow Knight says:

Tell us Magic Players or Collectors something we don’t already know lol.

BeAk MaN says:

Im glad I am left handed, no need to flip it upside down 😀

ShadowcasterZero says:

@2:17 YAAS! Always support your FLGS! It not only helps to keep money in the area, instead of being syphoned out by Amazon, but it helps to grow the local player base in that store as well. One other plus: card boxes on ebay and Amazon I’ve found have grossly inflated prices and shipping costs. You should find them for only a few dollars at your local card shop, and no waiting in most cases.

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