The 5 Best New Magic: The Gathering Modern Cards from Guilds of Ravnica

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Goncalo Alegre says:

named forest in stomp, named swanp in zombies, named moutain in goblins

PALIGames says:

I’m sad that we have to wait until the next part of the block for simic because they are my favorite guild

Alan Yuan says:

Snapcaster Mage is the best card ever printed in modern

Time Painter Tune Bird says:

You are all sleeping on Doom Whisperer. It’s not a 6/6 with upside; it’s more like a mini Gristlebrand.

Grasshopper says:

Great video Professor! I went ahead and pre-ordred 2 copies of each of the cards you showed just in case they go up in price and I need them for a deck later on down the road.

zotha says:

You didn’t mention Burning Inquiry for Nullhide Ferox.

Colin Burnett says:

You should talk about the return of seeded boosters in pre release

Noah Rankin says:

Mission briefing is budget snappy and thats good enough for me

tin costa says:

risk factor might be a fun of in burn, legion warboss in place of rabblemaster, runaway steamkin in zoo, notion rain in place of painful truths/read the bones in grixis/sultai ctrl, these would be my suggestions for top 10, from the once you mentioned i do not think mausoleum secrets will be played as it only tutors BLACK card, steamkin is much more likely to see play than that

jAce sVen says:

How much for that dank tie Prof?

K4yr4h says:

im glad you improved on your eyecontact with the camera. much better!

Tom Najera says:

Mousamalikum Secrets should have been the honorable in that special case. It is clearly stronker than the other card.

Just another Mtg player says:

Professor I need your help. I come from a family who doesn’t like card games and believes that it is a waste of time. And to add to that my siblings pick on me for liking card games. I just want to make a mtg deck and have fun at some fnm. But there is a bright side, my dad did play magic when he was younger so I am allowed to ask for mtg products and that’s why I’m here. I have had some ideas but all have led to different videos telling me to not do that. So I’m coming to you personally what is the best way to make a deck besides buying singles.

iceiceninja says:

Hey TCC! I am thinking about getting into magic and was wondering if you have any recommendations on where to start. I have messed around with Magic Duels and found it rather enjoyable. A product that could help me start a collection and get some decent card would be nice. Thank you for reading!

Kain Ariylius says:

Legion Warboss is going to be another Rabble Master, and might replace him.

Oliver Dowling says:

4:59 “The card I really, really wanted reprinted””

It has a Rakdos watermark, wait until the next set smh…

Sumeme says:

Any card that has options is basically automatically good, being able to react to different situations is too good

Mario Bajec says:

What about Risk factor in modern burn?

Hugo Paiva says:

Tajic!! In boros humans kkkkkk

Smart Alec says:

Before I’m watching, I’m calling that he’ll say “besides Assassin’s Trophy.”

Zacker says:

Pelt Collector is Experiment One on steroids, so I guess it’s also a nice addition to MonoG Stompy

Pete Z says:

that bitterblossom print is beautiful

Fatninja479 says:

Risk factor should have been a honorable mention. It’s gonna see play in burn, possibly in the main, definitely on the sideboard.

MusicAnime4Ever says:

Since October is right around the corner, in the spirit of Halloween could you do a Reaper King commander guide!? 😀

eric smith says:

Can u do a deck tech for this new harden scale affinity deck plz plz plzplz

Christian Heesch says:

Give us pauper or give us death

Tristan Campbell says:

I believe you on the magic cards stuff but why tell us you made that ionizer. That plastic casing is clearly store bought. A person can’t be good at everything, you don’t need to tell us that you built that ionizer.

Trevor Jesse says:

Bg rock > Jund

Nathan Campbell says:

Infernal Tutor has a Rakdos watermark. It could still be reprinted in the next set.

Gta 500 says:

you need to start quad sleeving cards

Nj Njhjh says:


Rylan Cromer says:

I feel like all the “assassin’s trophy(and I guess unmoored ego) will kill tron, tron is dead” talk may be a little premature. Sure, are they going to be more viable answers then stuff like damping sphere, yes. But the big thing about tron is it’s very good at protecting its key pieces. Will tron be the exact same as it is now? Probably not (except maybe mono-U tron). But don’t think Tron’s dead by a mile, it’ll adapt and then be back with a vengeance.

Kattywagon29 says:

I don’t play modern, but I love the professor so of course I had to check out his video! That said, I am definitely considering running unmoored ego. I destroyed people at FNM by running infinite obliteration after studying the meta and taking note of the key cards for people’s engines. Of course. that card didn’t let people draw, so I’ll have to combo with some hand destruction or mill as well…hmmmm. Lots to consider.

Travis Daharsh says:

Love the videos, Prof! Keep up the excellent work! A+

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